Happy New Year!! and some info update


First thing first, Happy New Year to you all.
Yeah, I know some parts of the worlds are not celebrating new year yet. But It’s already new year for me, it’s already 2018 here.
Once again, Happy New Year! I hope this new year will be a great year for us.

And, so. What we, I will do in this year? Well, I hope I could doing better at anything, better at translating, better (faster) at updating, or at least I could regain my speed at updating like two months ago.

Well, this is what happened to me two months ago.
I got sick for couple weeks and couldn’t leave the bed. Once I recovered, and tried to do some translate things, my PC exploded, literally. Well, at least I didn’t loose my data since the hard drive is fine. So I need to enslaving my self to buy new PC. I hate working, really hate it.

Somehow it’s hard for me to do things not in my PC, laptop just made me want to play some games, watch anime or read manga. Tablet made me want to read some novels, read, not write. So, finally I got new PC yesterday. Well, actually it’s not new, it’s used one. as NEET, I can’t afford new one.

Okay, for this year plan, still working on current series. I won’t add new series at least until Hentai maid Vampire finished, it’s short, only 36 chapters or so. So, maybe tomorrow (2nd Jan) I’ll start to update again.

Thanks to you whoever read this…
Happy new year!

From your translator, Yuriko Aya


What’s next? Yuri Necromancer Girl!

Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough
Nekuromansa Shoujo no Nishuume Saikyou Geemu
[TN: Literal translation sounds weird]


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
Link: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n1424ez/


Just because the other members thought she was disgusting, Nene, 14 years old necromancer was kicked from the Hero party. In order to revenge and to get brilliant future, she kill herself and return to two years ago. She decided to play her strongest second playthrough.

Manipulating undead swordswoman and dragon corpse with necromancy magic, and using knowledge from first playthrough to trigger the events ahead of the Hero party. Because it was her second playthrough, she can save people and town that she can’t save before.

Before one knows, the immoral hero party fell down and Nene was adored more than the heroes.