The Girl’s Undesired Heroic Tale


The Girl’s Undesired Heroic Tale
Shoujo no Nozomanu Eiyuutan


Author: Hifumishigoro

“… Cliche-sama, are you not afraid to kill people?”
“…? Yes. Because Cliche doesn’t get hurt.”

Blessed with talents, the girl was lack of empathy.
The society was just advantage and disadvantage. There were no affection or love.
Understanding everything with mathematical logic, judging everything in the world by logical calculation, cold and inhuman.
Return advantage with advantage, and return disadvantage with disadvantage.
The girl stayed true no matter where she was but it was obvious she was something else—

What she like was cooking, eating and sweet things.
What she good at is murder.
—A girl with a slightly funny head surrounded by gentle people.

I still uncertain whether I will translate it or not.
If I do, then may be after the Necromancer finished. The problem is each chapter very long but the story is not really heavy. I can say the story is good.

May be I will give teaser, 1st chapter like usual.


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