Aiming For Harem Queen In Different World 01

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Aiming for Harem Queen in Different World! -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World-

When took a nap on the school roof, I, Ichijou Unagi had been brought to different world without realized it.
I went to adventure guild with wizard-like blond girl and confirmed my skill, it was mysterious skill that getting stronger as became friend with girls.
And then, shocking truth was spoken from the heaven.
Eh!? I was yuri?
And doing cute thing with cute girls?
There is no other way. If it became like this, I’ll started over and aimed for yuri harem!

Chapter 1

I Was Saved by Wizard Girl

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 02

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Chapter 2
What, I Have Weird Skill!?


Flying in the sky less than two hours. Finally, what seemed to be a city came into sight.

I get off the ground near the town.

“Nagi, we got it on Lirs”

“Finally arrived …”

I was getting mentally ill.

It was fun at the beginning to fly in the sky, but I got scared on the way.

It is horrible if you think carefully that living human beings fly in the sky. If I fall, it will be the end of line.

“Sorry, Ruina. Let me rest a moment”

“Well, it can’t be helped”

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 03

Chapter 3
Harem Queen

“It’s my first time seeing <Harem Queen> skill~”

“So do I. I have never seen nor heard anything like this before. Even though usually if there is unique skill, just by looking at its name, I can tell what kind of skill it is…  And level also not displayed, I’m worried about that.

Ruina and receptionist-san are complaining. I want to complain too.

When I thought I was suddenly brought to an unknown place and have weird skill without knowing.

Un, I want to cry.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 04

Kono shou nagasugi!!
Here you go… a long chapter this time…

Chapter 4
I Already Crossed The Line…


“House of Cat Ears”, as the name says, all employers were girls with cat ears.

What is this? Heaven?

“How is it? In here all employer are only cute girls with cat ears, right? When I got tired I always came here to be healed.”
“Yeah, this is the best!”

I get too excited and feel like to have nosebleed, but somehow I could suppress it. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 05

Chapter 5
Declaration To Get Closer With More Girls


“You seemed to be having fun yesterday,”

When heard such words while eating, I and Ruina simultaneously spout out our breakfast.

“Wow, dirty, please wipe it properly”

The voice that we heard was come from Noire-san, a beautiful woman with cat ears who is also the master of “House of Cat Ears”.

I heard she is in her thirties but no matter how you see, she looks like in her twenties.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 06

Chapter 6
First date with Ruina


Since we no longer need to go to the adventurer guild so I decided to have a date with Ruena.

The town that we are in now, Lirs (TN: should I use Lirus?) , is quite popular town.

Many shops are lining up and crowded with many people.

“Lirs is also famous as a tourist destination.”
“Hee is that so? do you have any recommended shops?”
“Then I recommend Cranberries shop on this street, their pancakes are exquisite. Go there?”
“Pancake huh, that’s nice. Yosh, let’s go there. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 07

Hah… I’m back from hell….

Chapter 7
What!? My Status Become Weird!


“Hey, Nagi-chan, why you accepted to have duel?”

As soon as we left Cranberry, Ruina forced me to do dogeza.

“That, because I don’t like how that girls saw us and I don’t like that Ruina is being ridiculed…”

I answer her with confusion.

“I am happy that Nagi-chan  got angry for me, but duel, especially when the reason is personal it’s fine to refuse.”

Eehh, is that so? I thought that I must definitely respond if I challenged to get a duel.

“Oh well, you won’t be able to withdraw anymore. Since you already declared to accept that duel in front of such many people.”

Ruina staring at me.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 10

There were mistakes in chapter 9 translation. It’s not the received damaged is transferred to barrier, but the one who received damage is transferred outside barrier. and more…
Next chapter, we will meet the Goddess.

Chapter 10
Duel Part 2 ーーーAnd I Got to Attend Magical School


“Nagi-sama, Irene-sama, here is black tea”
“Thank you”

After the duel ended, I and Irene, who is actually Ruina, were guided to a large room inside Akade Academy ーーー a faculty room.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 11

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Chapter 11
Idle Story: The Goddess Wants to See Yuri Harem


This story will answer why Nagi was brought to different world.

This story is from The Goddess’ point of view.

Hm~ hm~ hm~

I hummed a song while watching a certain picture.

In that picture there is a figure of beautiful girl with black hair.

The name of that beautiful girl is Ichijou Unagi ーーー the girl who I brought to this world from another world.

“Lirus-sama, are you looking at that girl’s situation again? Are you not getting tired doing that?”

The one who asked me is an angel with pure white wings. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 13

Chapter 13
Let’s Bring Linde Back to School Part 2


“Eh..? Linde wasn’t coming to school since that duel?”

I was shocked by what Myurei-sensei talked about.

It seems since Linde lost to me in that duel, she absent from her class.

Ah, that’s right, there was one empty seat in classroom but I never thought that was Linde’s.

How should I put it, the one who I defeated in duel became my classmate? Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 14

Last part of Bring Linde Back.
Next time, we have another story…

Chapter 14
Let’s Bring Linde Back to School part 3


In the end, since already late night, we decided to go to Linde’s place tomorrow morning.

It seems Linde lives in students’ dormitory alone.

And because tomorrow is a holiday we have relax talk with Myurei-sensei.

“So, Nagi-chan, how is your plan to persuade Linde-chan?”
“It’s not like I plan something to persuade her. I just want to become her friend. When that happen, I’ll do something.” Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 15

Little edit everyone…

Chapter  15
Ruina’s First Teaching

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

After I and Linde became friend, we went out to play in town.

Since my date with Ruina was ended prematurely because Linde challenged to duel, we intended to continue it.

And because Linde also there, it was not date two people date, but it was three people date, it was very romantic.

We also drank couple juice with three people in Cranberry.

The shop’s clerk was watching us with a strange look, but i ignore it.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 16

Chapter 16
Welcome to Student Council of Akade Academy


ーーー A certain day, afterschool

Two weeks already passed since I enrolled at Akade Academy.

At first, my classmates were scared of me, but thanks (?) to be beaten by Ruina, my scary image was gone and gradually became friend with my classmate.

And also Linde wasーーー

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 17

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Chapter 17
Ruina’s Real Intention

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Heeh, Nagi-chan and Linde-chan joined student council huh.”

The night after we joined student council, we told that matter to Ruina in “House of Cat Ears”.

“Student council huh~ it’s so nostalgic. The works is hard, but give your best.”

“Ruina also joined student council?”

“Yup, it’s unforgettable good memory in my life.  It was busy everyday but so fun.”

Ruina muttered the truth.

“By the way, what position?”

Since Ruina skipped class and graduated in 1 year, maybe secretary.

“I was the president.” Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 18

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Chapter 18
What is Meant to be a Wizard

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


ーーーNext day.

“Good morning. Hooam~”

“Good morning, Nagi. You seem sleepy.”

Last night was rare occasion that Ruina so hustled and won’t let me sleep.

That was my first time seeing Ruina so aggressive.

“Nagi-san good morning.”

“As always, you are so beautiful today.” Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 19

We have 3 chapters of Ruina’s past here…
and somehow, lately, this series getting harder to translate… idk why…
or maybe just me who getting lazier…

Chapter 19
Ruina’s Past part 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


After Ruina left student council roomーーー

“Fiuh, that was scared me~”

“As expected of Ruina-sensei, honestly I thought I’ll die there.”


Three girls of student council (loli + puppy + glasses) were sat down on the ground after released from tension.

Elenoa kept thinking with a difficult face. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 20

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Chapter 20
Ruina’s Past part 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


“Already over~? Onee-san disappointed.”

After few hours since the battle was started….

The only one who still standing was black haired woman who grew two horns like sheep.

She looked at collapsed “Cat Works” with a bored face. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 22

This one is short!

Chapter 22.
Eh, Summer Camp Arc is Starting?

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— The day after I heard Ruina’s story

Ruina apologized to student council members for being too much.

“About yesterday, we are fine with it. We know that Ruina-sensei do that for our sake. I also realize my own incapability, so do the other members. I’d rather to thank you.”

Elenoa said that and the other three girls (loli, glasses, and puppy) also didn’t mind about yesterday, so it’s fine right?

Linde also scared at first, but in the end she back to her usual self when interact with Ruina.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 23

Chapter 23.
Swimsuit Department is a Paradise Right!?

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— A certain day off

I and student council members (+Ruina) were headed to cloth shop together.

It was to buy swimsuit for summer camp.

“Hey, Ruina. What kind of swimsuit this world have?”

“Well, there are alot of kind. Like one piece… which is connected all over or bikini. Ah, I remember there is also extreme swimsuit that only made from string.”

What the hell!? That was outrageous!

Let’s make Ruina wear it tonight. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 24

Chapter 24
Summer Camp is Starting — and It’s Time for Swimsuit

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— The day of summer camp

“Good morning everyone of Acade Academy. Have everyone gathered? I would like to start the annual summer camp from today. Roughly, the schedule is…”

Phil headmaster started to give her speech.

Well, according to guide book… the schedule of summer camp will be three days long. The first day is free time. The second day is for practice magic the whole day. On the morning of the third day there will be mock battle to test the result of our training. We will back to Acade Academy in the afternoon.

So, the first day is free time for a whole day huh?

Yosh! Let’s play with all of our heart! Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 25

TN: Sorry, I got flu last week and not fully recovered yet. It’s hard to concentrate since my head hurt so much.
And this chapter is quite long…

Chapter 25.
After All, Night Time at Summer Camp Means Love Story Right?

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— The first night of summer camp. Inside one of lodge room.

“Nagi-chan, please don’t angry anymore~”

It was unusual for me to be angry.

“No. I won’t forgive it. Everyone is swimming when I’m being scolded right?”

Yeah. when I was scolded by Myurei-sensei, Ruina and the others were playing and swimming in the sea without me.

Well, I won’t that they shouldn’t play but… after all, the shock is too big.

“I wanted swim in the sea too…”

“Ah, right! Let’s go to the beach next time with just two of us. With my transition magic, we could go there immediately.”


“Really. Ah, right, in addition, I’ll make reservation of it.”

A beach with only me and Ruina huh, it sounds good. Continue reading

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 26


Chapter 26.
Hey, Am I not Thieving Cat For You? -What The Three Girls of Student Council Really Think-


— Morning of second day of training camp

At the breakfast table.

“Nagi-chan, what happen? Your face is red.”
“I-it’s nothing!”

I continued my breakfast to hide my embarrassment.

Ah~ it’s no good.

Yesterday’s thing won’t leave my head.

Last night I was attacked by Elenoa’s surprise kiss (very good kiss). Continue reading