The Adventure of Miko 01 – Prologue

Another yuri (harem) story here…

Chapter 1


“Stand, bow, thank you very much.”

After finishing after school gratitude, one by one students left classroom. They left with spirit for after school part time job or going to do club activities. Among them, there was a single girl – Sousuke Miko – who leaving classroom since her preparation was done. She left classroom and changed her shoes in front of shoe locker. In 20 meters gap between entrance and school gate, there were a lot of students. When Miko walked half way to school gate, one student boy called her. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 02 – The World After Death

It’s short!

Chapter 2
The World After Death


“…Haa… Where is this?”

Miko woke up in a place that she didn’t know. In that place there is only whiteness as far as can be seen.

“Certainly, I’ve stabbed by Akiho and should be dead right?”

Miko checked her abdomen to confirm, but there is no trace of being stabbed. When she looked at her surrounding, in front of her, appeared a person whom hidden by dazzling light.

“The soul of the dead is confirmed. With this, movement procedure will be started.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 03 – Explanation About The World

Chapter 3
Explanation About The World


“Have you calmed down?”

Goddess-sama keeping her eyes on Miko.  Well, that was normal reaction after saw Miko’s behavior.

“…I’m very sorry. I’ve showed my unsightly side.”

Miko was having seiza in front of Goddess-sama meanwhile Goddess-sama was seating on her throne. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 05 – In The Forest

Chapter 5
In The Forest

“Here is, Stride?”

The place where Miko transferred was inside thick forest. Sunlight filtering through leaves gap and illuminating the ground. At least vegetation that growth there was nothing like in Japan.

“…This is indeed impossible, for leaves to have square shape. I really came to different world.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 06 – The First Town

Chapter 6
The First Town

After struggling for awhile, Miko finally found gap on wall where people gathered. In there there were three line of people waiting inspection for entering town. Miko also join at behind one of the line. Seeing around, there were some people who had pointed long ear and who hand animal ears. Lining for a while, finally her turn came. The reception was a young man.

“Next person. Welcome to Latia town. What is your purpose come to this town?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 07 – Town Strolling

Yuri road is long and hard, prepare yourself!

Chapter 7
Town Strolling


While walking inside the town, Miko observed every building there. Because Miko looked like this world resident, even when looked from short distance, no passerby concerned about her. For first, Miko tried to look at clothes. As she thought, there were a lot of of plain clothes lack of culture. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 08 – Explanation About Clan

Chapter 8
Explanation About Clan


“Excuse me. I want to become explorer, which entrance should I use?”

The merchant-like woman was,

“Hn? You, I haven’t see your face around here. If you explorer, then use the leftmost entrance.”

“I understand, thank you very much.”

Miko headed to entrance which she was told about. There were about 30 people lined. Miko’s turn came after about 50 minutes joined there. Receptionist staff who handle Miko was very beautiful girl with pink hair tied into two. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 09 – Explanation About Explorer

You know, actually, there are four series of “The Story of Drifted Girls in Different world”
The adventure of Miko (100+ chapter) which I translated.
The adventure of Claire (12 chapters) it’s yuri, and I have interest in it.
The adventure of Ayumu (6 chapters) yuri but I have no interest.
The adventure of Miwa (7 chapters) not yuri, unless the dragon transformed into girl.

Chapter 9
Explanation About Explorer

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Then about explorer, basically it can be said they are doing various things. Request that explorer do is called mission, the contents are various things, starting from cleaning house to monster subjugation. Explorer divided by its rank, Starting from H-rank to A-rank, there are also S, WSDouble S, and TSTriple S-rank. Also each rank have different color, Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 10 – Explorer Registration

This chapter is short, but somehow hard to translate…

Chapter 10
Explorer Registration and Goblin Trade


Document that Aria took out looked like registration document. There were some space for wrote here and there.

“Well then, please give this document a drop of blood.”

Miko gave a single drop of blood. After that, on the blank space of paper, Miko’s personal information appeared. Name, age, and level,  were recorded in there.

“Here is, optional status, please enter your skill here. There is no problem to not write any skill that you don’t want anyone to know.”

Miko wrote her skill status honestly. When she wrote her skill one by one, Aria’s face dyed with surprise. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 11 – Explanation About Slave

Chapter 11
Explanation About Slave

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


“…Slave huh…”

The word that Aria grumbled over was nothing if the one who heard it was other person, but for Miko, that one word triggered her past memories.

“…What’s wrong? Your face is scary.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Just remembered some bad things on my past. Since child, I was treated like slave by my father.”

Miko answered with gloom, but there was rage in her eyes. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 12 – Lodging

Chapter 12

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


“The Peace of The Wind” that Miko found is a big wooden building with lamps that gave a gentle light. There was a little girl when Miko entered that building.

“Welcome, are you alone?”

(What with this girl? She’s extremely cute!)

Miko managed herself to calm down from excitement.

“Yes, I’m alone. Is there any free room?”

“Yes, there is. How long are you going to stay? It is 200 luks a night.”

“The, I’ll stay for three nights for now. Here’s the payment.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 13 – Skill Concealment

Chapter 13
Skill Concealment

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


In the morning next day Miko came to explorer clan’s receptionist.

“Excuse me, is Aria-san here?”

Yeah, she came here today is to meet the one who took care of her yesterday, Aria to confirm her skill. She was the only receptionist who knew about Miko’s extraordinary status.

“For now, she is dealing with another matter. If you do not mind, may I take care of your business?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 14 – Clan Branch manager

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Chapter 14
Clan Branch Manager

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

After returned from their lunch, Miko and Aria immediately process needed document for Aria to become Miko’s exclusive receptionist. The document must be finished to appoint exclusive receptionist to explorer.

“Firstly, here, also here, and then please put your name here. Now this is ok. Then, let’s come to branch manager’s room.”

“Eh? I come too? Could you somehow do it with only documents and…” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 15 – Slave Purchase 1

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Slave Purchase 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“By the way, It’s fine to appoint Aria as your exclusive receptionist, but what will you do from now on? You won’t say that you will leave this town in few days will you?”

Even though Ayano gave permission, because it was special permission, the effect is gone when Miko left the city.

Otherwise it would be waste of time.

“Well, for the time being, I’m planning to work in this town. Since I just came here, I’d like to broaden my view.”

After talking about what she will do after this and have small chat, they left Branch Master’s room.

“Oh yeah. Miko, if you have any troubles, ask me everything. You can come even if Aria not here.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 16 – Slave Purchase 2

Chapter 16
Slave Purchase 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Even though the girl who the man called Yuuna seemed to be little frightened, her appearance sharply cut down Miko’s spirit. Yuuna who dressed with kantoui (simple type of clothing consisting of a large piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head​), her beauty was on different level compared to slave woman who waited behind. Her deep crimson hair was about a shoulder long, like her hair, her eyes also crimson colored. She was little short with about 150 cm, but her chest was too big when compared to her age. That gap keep attacked Miko’s spirit.

“Her name is Yuuna, the race is dhampir. Her age is 13 years, she is little bit young but seeing her status, there won’t be problem is you take mission with her. The price is 50 silver coins.”

When the man explain about Yuuna’s selling point, Miko finally calmed down.

“Why she is so cheap?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 17 – Slave Purchase 3

Chapter 17
Slave Purchase 3

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Yeah, of course it’s impossible… eh, what are you said just now?”

“I said, that child, Yuuna, I will buy her. It’s fine right?”

The man lose his sanity for a while, but quickly return.

“Are you sure? Even though it was forgotten, and the number of vampires were reduced after the war, but the ones who hate them were not few. There is possibility that your livelihood will be disrupted you know.”

“Is really fine? I’m vampire and succubus you know. If it was leaked out, your livelihood will become sorry you know?”

“I don’t mind. Look at you normally, you just like normal human girl. Beside, I will never blame such cute kid, I will protect her if someone try to take her. She is 50 silver coins right?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 18 – Slave Equipment

Chapter 18.
Slave Equipment

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Leaving weapon shop, Miko and Yuuna came to armor shop, of course to buy armor for Yuuna.

“Yuuna-chan, which one do you like? Metal or leather?”

Miko asked when she looked at lined metal armor in the shelf. Meanwhile Yuuna looked at leather armor shelf.

“Yeah, for me, I prefer leather armor. Since I use dual dagger and darkness magic, it would be hard to move if I use metal armor. That’s why light armor is eh-, as I said before, Master, originally you don’t need to worry about armor for slave, just cheap second hand things were enough you know?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 19 – Yuuna’s Clan registration

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Chapter 19
Yuuna’s Clan Registration

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Uuu, my cheek still numbing.”

“It’s because you’re bad, calling me weird.”

Yuuna walked behind Miko while rubbing her both cheek. Miko was smiling when she saw that with sidelong glance. In meantime, they arrived at Clan branch. Aria who saw Miko entering Clan branch, waving her hand and led Miko to private reception desk.

“Welcome, Miko-san. It seems you immediately buy slave huh. Congratulation. This time, what kind of business would you do?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 20 – Eating with Yuuna

Chapter 20
Eating With Yuuna

Tranlated by Yuriko Aya []

Entered the room, the two of them started to take of their equipment.

“I just remembered that we didn’t buy casual clothes. Well, tomorrow should be fine. Yuuna-chan, let’s get some food.”

Yuuna who took off her wolf leather series dressed in tunic and short pants.

“Master is unexpectedly forgetful. I’m sorry, since I was apologize, please don’t pull my cheek. I also hungry. Let’s have dinner.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 21 – Yuuna’s Blood Sucking

Finally… we have some good scene here…

Chapter 21
Yuuna’s Blood Sucking

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Yuuna requested with voice that likely to vanish.


“Yes, the truth is even in “Slave” I was given blood. It seemed It was cattle blood, there is no problem in maintenance body condition, but the hunger-like feeling couldn’t disappear. It’s inexcusable to ask something like that to master.”

Yuuna was likely to vanish at any time, from her eyes, fright could be seen.

“Why did you have such face?”

“Even though you ask why, it’s blood sucking you know, isn’t it scary? Isn’t it disgusting?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 22 – First Mission with Yuuna

Chapter 22
First Mission with Yuuna

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The next morning, Miko woke up while hugging Yuuna.
“Fufu, if just like this, you are just beautiful girl.”
Miko kept watching Yuuna’s cute sleeping face until Yuuna woke up. After doing that for a while, Miko’s eyes meet with Yuuna’s who just woke up.
“Oh my, good morning Yuuna-chan. Did you sleep well?”
“Good mowning, eh, could it be?”
“Un! Yuuna-chan sleeping face was so cute.”
Yuuna buried her reddened face into the futon. Miko just smiled seeing Yuuna like that.

Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 23 – Latianus Meadow

Chapter 23
Latianus Meadow

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The two of them left the town and came to 「Lanianus Meadow」 which spreaded at eastern side of the town. In here there were goblin specified by the mission, herbivore docile cow-like 「Frenzy Cow」 or 「Black Boar」 which they aate yesterday also live here. Again, medical plant which use as potion material also can be picked here.

“Waaah~ the wind feel nice~”

“You’re right. If there is no monster in here, I can picnic with master though…” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 24 – Goblin Stampede

Since I translate this while listening to Hatsune Miku’s song, sometimes, I write Miko as Miku…

Chapter 24
Goblin Stampede

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko and Yuuna continued their wait and see the goblin stampede situation. But there was no single sign that indicate the goblins will move.

“They aren’t moving, there is sign of hobgoblin too.”

“Well, master, I have question but?”


“Do master have appraisal skill?”

“Ah, now you mention it, I haven’t talk about my skill composition right? Language understanding, card sealing, and appraisal values are max.”

Miko said it like there was nothing, but Yuua was blank in amazement for few seconds. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 25 – Trampling Down

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Chapter 25
Trampling Down

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko stood up before the goblins with two daggers, red copper and black silver in her hands. Released bloodlust. There were some goblins which feared her bloodlust quiver. However, the hobgoblin wasn’t scared, tightened its fist again, and like using thrusting technique, the hobgoblin thrust it fist.


When the hobgoblin thrust its fist, terrible shock wave strike Miko. Saw nothing, Miko blown 3 meters away.

“I see, this is pulse wave skill which blow Yuuna away huh. Skill activation requirements is to thrust attack with empty hand huh. If it’s like that, I wonder if there is some way.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 26 – Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

Forget to release this…

Chapter 26
Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

Translated By Yuriko Aya []

Received knife from Miko, Yuuna went to goblin near her.

“The location of magic stone is different depending on that monster. Basically, it’s in the core of that monster, in other word, in about the heart part.”

Said that, Yuuna thrusted her knife to the goblin chest. Gachin, there was such metallic sound when she do that. Yuuna put her hand into goblin chest and took out marble-sized purple crystal.

“This is magic stone. I think it will sold for 50 luks for this size.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 27 – Stampede Report

Chapter 27
Stampede Report

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

When the sun already inclined, Miko and Yuuna, the two of them returned to the town. Since there was no monster appeared on their way home, they could arrived at the town relatively fast.

“There was no monster on the way home huh?”

“I think it’s because of stampede. Since there were 20 hobgoblins, they were threat for other monsters in this meadow.”

“So it was like that huh. If they were threatened just by that hobgoblins then they weren’t threat for us.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 28 – Mission reward

Chapter 28
Mission Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya

“Wha-wha-wha-wha-what do you mean!? Please explain!!”

“Yeah! I don’t want to hear lies!”

Aria and Ayano were very flustered.

“Look, aren’t they troubled when you didn’t explain it properly? I’ll explain it. First, we were headed to Latianus meadow. At first we were just hunted goblin, but when we got around 30 goblins….”

“Wait, the mission you take is for 10 goblins right!?”

“Well, when we kept walking in the meadow like that,we confirmed that there is goblin flock leaded by hobgoblin which have skill.”

“Eh? Hah? Have skill!?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 29 – Receiving Reward

Chapter 29
Receiving Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko and Yuuna were in agape when they heard Ayano’s word.

“…master, I want to confirm it but, you registered with clan the day before yesterday right?”

“Yeah, right. And Yuuna registered in the next day. Can we really rank up in such fast time?”

“Normally you can’t. However, brought 8 defeated goblins when registered at clan, out of norm status and skills, become master of dhampir, and annihilated stampede in next day. I think there are more than enough qualification for rank up.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 30 – How to Use Reward

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Chapter 30
How to Use Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The two of them walked toward inn after leaving clan branch.

“But it was really unexpected income huh. Ten thousand luks huh? My pocket is swollen, what should I do?”

“Master, please stop your impulse purchase. Explorer income is unstable. If you let your guard for once, you will immediately become debt slave you know.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 31 – Eating with Yuuna and Aria

Chapter 31
Eating with Yuuna and Aria

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“You two, jeez, how can you missed your own inn?”

“We are sorry. But you’re fast Aria-san.”

To Aria who looked at her with scornful eyes, Miko apologize and tried to make conversation. With that, Aria could only sigh once.

“I just normally left clan building. So, where we should eat?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 32 – Yuuna and Bath 1

Chapter 32
Yuuna and Bath 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Is that so? Then there’s no problem.”

Miko’s expression brightened when she heard what aria said.

“However, depending on the slave, they might be become burden when you bring them along. It would be fine if it other explorer instead of using slave, but you won’t do that right? That’s why, please be careful. If it Miko-san alone, then you could get over any situation, but with slave there, there would be situation where you could do nothing. You will lose everything when you die.”

“Yeah, I understand. Aria-san. I’m planning to safely capture the towers.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 33 – Yuuna and Bath 2

Chapter 33
Yuuna and Bath 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

While grinning, Miko take some soap in her hand, and take Yuuna’s hand.

“Ma-master? It’s fine, I will wash my own body. And so, why don’t you use towel?”

“You better use the towel after damp it at the end. If you use it to wash your body as is, it would hurt your skin. It’s not like towel in this place is bad, but women’s skin is delicate.”

Said that Miko started to wash Yuuna’s body with her hand, and Yuuna let Miko did as she like.

“Master, ah, it’s ticklish there…” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 34 – Visiting Slave Dealer

Chapter 34
Visiting Slave Dealer

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Next morning Miko woke up before Yuuna and watching Yuuna’s sleeping face again.

(I wonder if she still unable to cope with me. Her habit to treat herself as my thing didn’t fully disappear yet. Well, something like that will be solved by the time, I have no choice except for waiting.) Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 35 – Two Slaves

Chapter 35
Two Slaves

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

What Karua brought were two girls.

“First, this one is capable to do long distance attack, white wolf race, Alisa.”

Alisa who was introduced by Karua was a beautiful girl no matter how she was seen. On her head, white hair that could be mistaken as silver hair and sharp pointed wolf ears. Her slanted eyes with aqua colored pupil gave strong-willed feel. From lower back of her slender body, elegant tail grew. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 36 – Miko’s Purpose

Chapter 36
Miko’s Purpose

Translated by Yuriko Aya

When Yuuna made her preface, Alisa and Shulyn made a serious face.

“First, it seems master’s purpose is to live in this world safely.  And so she became explorer in this town. However, master wants to capture the towers. If the towers were left alone, that will create calamity in this world. Honestly, I still half doubt it. But if that is master’s purpose who had saved me, I will support her. How about you two?”

“You right, if I will be bought, then I won’t hesitate to follow but, why you so trust her?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 38 – Clan Registration and Template

Chapter 38
Clan Registration and Template

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“First, let’s go Clan to register Alisa-chan and Shulyn-chan as explorer. We also need to retrieve our Clan license.”

Miko left the inn with three of them. Alisa and Shulyn who curious about the town were went here and there. Miko and Yuuna who saw that looked at each other while giving warm smile.

When they arrived at Clan, there was Aria who waved her hand from inside.

“Welcome Miko-san. But again, for someone with trained eyes there are a lot of things to say about your party. Wolf and half elf after dhampir?”

“They’re cute right?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 39 – Clan License and Aria’s Scolding

Chapter 39
Clan License and Aria’s Scolding

Translated by Aya Translation

“Last time I already told you right? If your skill discovered by surrounding, that would become trouble. Knowing that why you always like to mendle in trouble!?”

Aria scolded Miko inside explorer Clan’s branch manager room. After having dispute just now and gathered some attention, Miko and Yuuna also her follower Alisa and Shulyn brought by Aria to branch manager room. That situation make more attention to a lot of people.

“But that guys scared Yuuna.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 40 – Brand New Weapon

Chapter 40
Brand New Weapon

Transalated by Aya Translation []

“Huh? Isn’t it love birds from the other day? Bringing new slave, you guys surely lovey dovey.”

Right after entering the weapon shop, the shopkeeper already make fun of Miko and Yuuna. It seems the shopkeeper still hold a grudge since they flirting in the shop when they came before. However Miko ignore it. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 41 – Alisa Equipment

Sigh… I think I return too fast…
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Chapter 41
Alisa’s Equipment

Translated by Aya Translation []

The shop owner surprised seeing how quick Miko make decision.

“You, are you fine with this!? At first I thought you just some with some hobby, but to buy good weapons like these for slaves, normally it just unthinkable.”

“Well said. But, more or less, I’m their owner, I’ll be troubled if they die right. Just by this amount, it’s just cheap investment.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 42 – Shulyn Equipment

Chapter 42
Shulyn’s Equipment

Translated by Aya Translation []

“Wha!? Master, are you okay?”

Yuuna ruched in panic to Miko who suddenly crouched while having nose bleed. Alisa also immediately run to shopkeeper to get some clothes.

“Sorry, my bad, Shulyn equipment is, how is it, too dangerous. I can’t hold it.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 43 – Preparation Finished at General Store

Chapter 43
Preparation Finished at General Store

Translated by Aya Translation []

Miko and her slaves went to the general store, the first store which Miko entered once she come to the town. The shopkeeper also still the same female worker as before.

“Welcome. Ah, customer the other day huh. Wait, who are there behind you?”

“Thanks, I came back. These girls? They’re my slaves.”

With Miko introduction, each of them give self-introduction.

“Well~, you really amazing. Less than 5 days since you become explorer and already have 3 slaves?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 44 – 4 People Meals

Chapter 44
4 People Meals

Translated by Aya Translation []

“Okay the, I’ll take Frenzy Cow roast beef and consume soup this time. How about everyone?”

“Pasta with minced orc meat for me, Master.”

Miko and Yuuna immediately decided what food they want, meanwhile Alisa and Shulyn still unable to choose. As expected, from standpoint of slave, eat same thing with the master was something unheard of. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 45 – 4 People Bath

Chapter 45
4 People Bath

Translated by AYA Translation []

As always Sokra was in the counter whenever the girls went to counter.

“Sokra-san, the bath please. Is there any room for 4 people?”

“Waai, bath isn’t it? Of course. It’s cost 500 luks though, is it fine?”

Miko give nod and took out 5 silver coins to the counter. After receiving the money, Sokra give 4 towels to them.

“Well then, please use room number 44. Enjoy your bath.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 46 – 4 People Bath 2

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone…
And see you next year…

Chapter 46
4 People Bath 2

Translated by AYA Translation []

Heard Miko’s remark, the three of tem stiffened. And after a while, Yuuna was,

“…. Master, did you learn anything from yesterday?”

“That, you know Yuuna-chan. About yesterday, it’s not I didn’t like it. Such thing is somehow it was fun.”

Yuuna could only hold her head with her hand hearing Miko’s reply.

(This master, something must be done quickly.) Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 47 – Tower Rush

Chapter 47
Tower Rush

Translated by Aya Translation []

“Good morning master.”

In the morning, Miko who was woken up by Yuuna started to move. Alisa and Shulyn were already woke up and finished to wear their equipment. They all left the inn when Miko finished her preparation.

“Master, what we will do first?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 48 – The First Layer Part 1

Chapter 48
The First Layer Part 1

Translated by AYA Translation []

When four of them entered the tower, there was only meadow as far as they can see. There was not even small wall, but spiral stair could be seen, may be that was in the center of the layer. And behind them, there was a door. Only door with its frame alone without wall or anything.

“Uwaa, just like any***** door that used by cat robot somewhere. But, this world is really breaking the law of physics. From that appearance, there is no way it could be this wide inside!” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 49 – The First Layer Part 2

Chapter 49
The First Layer Part 2

Translated by AYA Translation []

“Everyone seems to be fine with this layer. From now on everyone will join the battle.”

Even though Miko talk to them with bright face, the expression of three of them were stiff. When she thought that was weird,

“Ano, master. Originally, clucker is a monster where you need 5 people to defeat one. Not with beginners like us. And how can you cut clucker’s neck with one hit?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 50 – The First Layer Part 3

Chapter 50
The First Layer Part 3

Translated by AYA Translation []

The other three were surprised when Yuuna return to where they were waiting.

“Yuuna-chan fighting style surely nasty one. Well, you’re dhampir after all.”

“Yuuna-san, are you former assassin or something? You seemed really get used of it.”

“Yuuna-san fighting style is scary.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 51 – The First Layer Part 4

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Chapter 51
The First Layer Part 4

Translated by AYA Translation []

“Alisa-chan and Shulyn-chan haven’t defeat any tower’s monster yet huh…. Shulyn-chan is healer so it’s fine, but I want to see Alisa-chan real strength.”

Miko wasn’t talking to anyone, just mumbling by herself.

“Even though you said that, my skill is long distance attack. Oh, may it’s good for attacking them.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 52 – The First Layer Part 5

Chapter 52
The First Layer Part 5

Translated by AYA Translation

Miko and the others immediately encountered other monsters after walking for a while. It was bee with half-size of human named “Giant Bee”. There were ten of them coming. When look at them, there was long needle as big as human arm protruded from their huge body’s end. On the tip of that needle, deadly poison that could kill human in one hour was secreted.

“Hey, what should we do with that?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 53 – Return Report and Material Trade

Chapter 53. Return Report and Material Trade

Translated by AYA Translation

When the four of them left the tower and headed back to Latia, the sun already inclined to the west, shining a bit red.

“Uwaa, already this late huh. I didn’t realize we already went that long.”

“The brightness inside the tower is always same. That confuse everyone’s perception of time on their first time entering the tower.”

They encounter no monster on their way back to the town. After showing their Clan license to the gatekeeper, they safely arrived at Latia town. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 55

Chapter 55
The First Layer, Again Part 1

Translated by AYA Translation []

In the next morning, Miko was the one who woke up first. The other three beautiful girl were still peacefully sleeping side by side. She carefully get down from the bed so she won’t wake them up and do her preparation quietly.

“…Un, na…”

When Miko doing her preparation, on the top of the bed, Yuuna started to squirming and opened her eyes. However since she still half asleep, her sight hasn’t focus yet.

“Good morning Yuuna-chan, did I wake you up?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 56

Chapter 56
The First Layer, Again
Part 2

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Entering the tower, just like before, there were only meadow beyond the door. and at the distance the spiral stair could be seen.

“Now then, let’s go.”

While Miko drawn her ocean ore sword, Yuuna also draw her red copper and black silver dagger. Alisa also took out her crimson dagger and take position to protect Shulyn. like when they take down the giant bee, this time they move with Miko in the middle. On their way they encounter four goblins. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 57

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Chapter 57
The First Layer, Again
Part 3

Author: KOUTA
Translator: AYA Translation

Looking for another hunting spot, Miko and the other walk towards a place when there are some trees growing. However, on their way, they encounter some troublesome monsters. It’s monster named “Gremlin”. This monster which commonly referred as devil race is different from the other monster, in some cases, some of them have magic skill. Their height is about 120 to 150 centimeters with big wings as long as their height. A 30 centimeters long horn grown on their forehead and their nails are 10 centimeters long. Its whole body is covered with green body hair. There are two of them, and when Miko examine them with her appraisal skill, they have “Darkness Magic” and “Fire Magic” skills. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 58


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Chapter 58
The First Layer, Again
Part 4


Author: コウタ (KOUTA)
Translator: AYA Translation


~Yuuna POV~

Ah, after all, Master’s blood is delicious. And I can feel the power surge from the depth of my body too. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 59

Chapter 59
The First Layer, Again
Part 5


Author: コウタ (KOUTA)
Translator: AYA Translation


After Yuuna and Miko finished hugging one each other, four of them continue continued to walk to their destination. They encounter goblins and kobolds on their way, but they can easily defeat them. And then they finally arrived at the place where some trees grown.

“Hn~ there is nothing huh. Did we miss it? Well, let’s get some rest here.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 60

Chapter 60
The First Layer, Again
Part 6


Author: コウタ


Translator: AYA Translation


“Naa, Master. I want to try something a little but, is that okay?”

Alisa suddenly asked Miko after she ate two fruits.

“Hn? What you want to try?”

“Ah, it’s one of my skill,  Woodcraft. Simply put, it’s skill to use magical power to process tree to make arrow or some wooden items.” Continue reading