Yuri Empire – 000

000 Intro

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Horaiji Yuri lives every day while hiding her character of being homosexual. Yuri exposes her propensity only in the MMO-RPG called “Atros Online”. In the game, Yuri presides over a guild called “Yuri Empire”, a guild consisting of 359 very cute NPC girls under her. After finishing her daily work, interacting and healing time with the girls every night in the game was the happiest time for Yuri.

However, one day, Yuri is hit by her car and moves to another world.

(If possible I wanted to stay with my beloved children a little more)

In her fading consciousness, the last wish of Yuri is fulfilled. The next time she woke up, she was beside her beloved “wife” in the game.

Yuri’s heart is naturally pulled by the tendency of the in-game character “Yuri”.
For their beloved master and bring their guild name “Yuri Empire” into reality, the 359  NPC subordinates, the “wife”, implicitly deepen their collusion. Overwhelmingly strong people with max level and pay to win equipment start to move in the different world.


E.D Note:
Yuri real name is 百合, and her game character is ユリ, both are read Yuri.

Yuri Empire – 001

1. Atros Online

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/1/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


  1. Anonymous <Knight of the Holy Guard>

Everyone, good job for 36 hours guild war endurance
As usual, this week’s [Aerial Castle (Atros)] Occupation Guild List will be posted.

Atros Northern Snow Mountain – Occupied by “Erticia”
Atros Northeast Icefield – Occupied by “Hien”
Atros Western Ash Soil – Occupied by “Leisure Chamber of Commerce”
Atros Western Grassland – Successful defense of “Kronos Gaze” (2nd week)
Atros Eastern Desert – Occupied by “Ascard”
Atros Eastern Islands – Successful defense of “Yuri Empire” (620th week)
Atros Southwestern Wilderness – Occupied by “Donbei Shokai”
Atros Southern Glacier – Successful defense of “Sagittarius” (1st week)

Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 002

2. Horaiji Yuri

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/2/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


I — Horaiji Yuri is a homosexual “Lesbian”.
The first time I fell in love … I think it was when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school. The other party is a girl in the same class who sits next to me. I remember she was being a quiet child, like reading a book all the time during breaks. I often looked at the profile of the child who was absorbed in the book quietly from the side.

I learned “love” because I knew that I felt happy just by that. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 003

3. Yuri

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/3/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Yuri is a good morning person.

It wasn’t so when she was young. At a certain time… maybe since she was a high school student, when she woke up, her consciousness was clear and able to get clear thoughts. But right now, Yuri is confused by the sight she saw immediately after waking up, even though she had normal thinking ability.

(Where am I…?)

First, unlike the usual awakening, the surrounding scenery was different. It is a completely different building from the 1K room where Yuri usually lives alone. No … It looked more like a large tent room that was likely to be used for glamping (glamorous camping), rather than a building. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 004

04 Changes in The Subordinate NPCs

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/4/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


After receiving explanations from Hera and Parfe, Yuri grasps the general situation. All of them have been living for years as the “Yuri Empire” guild which occupied an aerial castle (Atros) in the eastern islands of “Leangard” which is the setting of “Altros Online”, and then transferred into this different world.

The destination of the transfer was a large grassland area, so for the time being, they set up a simple tent carried by the maid unit “Nadeshiko” and stationed there. Right now they are trying to get as much information about their surroundings by spreading to all directions.  Fortunately, at the moment of the transfer, all the members of the “Yuri Empire” were in the aerial castle (Atros), so no one was missing and all of them came to another world. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 005

05 Action policy in a different world

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/5/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Around five days have already passed since everyone in the “Yuri Empire” moved to this different world. At this point, what all the guild members have done is to “take a sneak peek at the surrounding reconnaissance,” and nothing else. In particular, the fatal thing is that despite knowing the fact that they have “transferred to another world”, nothing has been decided yet regarding their future course of action. Although they are doing the minimum act of collecting information. It’s almost like spending five days in vain.

However, it would be terrible to blame everyone for it. The “Yuri Empire” is an organization consisting of 360 members, and in order for the organization to function, it is necessary for those in the appropriate position to take command. Of course, the “Guild Master” of “Yuri Empire” is Yuri, but the position of “Submaster” who can act for that right is vacant. This is because “Yuri Empire” was a solo guild run by one player named Horaiji Yuri, so there was no need to appoint a submaster. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 006

06 Supreme Dragon Ladra Gruff

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/6/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


In “Atros Online”, there are many skills called “quest skills” that can be acquired regardless of occupation by performing quests. The most famous is the skill called “Summoning a valet” that can be acquired by a quest that can be accepted at level 180. This is to summon a “servant” who literally acts as the player’s minion, and it is very convenient to use it by letting the party participate as an additional force different from the subordinate NPC, or asking for chores such as shopping.

And — The next most famous skill is the “Knight Summon” skill that can be acquired at level 150. The effect of this skill is literally that you can summon and use the “knight” who will carry the player. The player can freely choose from about 60 types of knights, but the overwhelming majority of players chose knights that could “fly in the sky” because they were convenient to move. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 007

07 Nildea Invasion (before)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/7/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The “dragon” is an illusionary monster, and it is doubtful whether it actually exists.

At least — He certainly thought so until yesterday.

“… What is this …”

Isaac Delbruch, a knight who holds the status of “Baron” in the Kingdom of Eldard and is in charge of the East Gate guard of the important city of Nildea, mourns while looking up at the heavens.

There is a legendary monster that you can only hear the name of in the fairy tale. ――― “tenma (Pegasus)”, “phoenix”, “cockatrice”, and above all, “Dragon” is in front of Isaac’s line of sight. Surely existed. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 008

008 Nildea Invasion (after)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/8/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

When exercising “Area magic” of “Atros Online”, the range of magic effect can arbitrarily expand by increasing the amount of magic power consumed. For example, if a magic has a range effect of “circle with a radius of 1 m” by exercising normally, the effect radius will be expanded to a circle of “2 m” if the magic power is doubled. Of course, if three times the magical power is consumed, the radius will be “3m”, and if consumed five times, the radius will be “5m”.

For those who are familiar with it, they’ll immediately notice that this expansion of the range of effect is a really “profitable” deal from the perspective of magic efficiency. The reason is that doubling the radius is equivalent to quadrupling the effective area.

However, of course, it’s not all good. Expanding the range of effect will increase the amount of magical power consumed by the caster, and at the same time, the casting time when exercising will also increase. While chanting for magic, the caster is completely defenseless. In order to safely digest a long casting time, it is necessary to have a reliable ally protect them.

“…they really are not learning their lesson.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 009

09 The Case of Abandoning City Immediately After Occupation

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/9/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Master. I think it’s better to abandon this city.”

It was in the morning, when Yuri left the room after getting up from bed and changing clothes, there was Hotaru, the captain of “Koubai” so she invited her to have breakfast together in the dining room.  Hotaru of <Tamayorihime> was wearing shrine maiden clothes, which can be said to be the uniforms of their profession (class), making a soft noise while fluttering their proud fox ears, which usually stand up. Said the words as if about to vomit.

“In the end you said that too Hotaru?”

The words  unintentionally made Yuri laugh. It’s been the third day since they entered Nildea, a key city occupied by Yuri, and started living in the lord’s building in the center of the city. Over the last three days, more than 10 people have suggested that Yuri do something similar. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 010

10 The Lord’s House Meeting (First Half)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/10/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


One week after the occupation of the important city of Nildea, a meeting was held by the “Yuri Empire” in a room of the lord’s building in the center of the city. Attendees were Yuri, the guild master, and 12 people who are the captains of each unit. And the dragon Ladra Gruff was also attending the meeting. Of course, if it is a dragon, it cannot fit in the room of the lord’s building, so it is magically transformed into a human figure.

The first agenda of the meeting was, of course, about “building a new city”.

A new city will be built immediately in the vicinity, and all the citizens living in the important city of Nildea will be relocated. ――― The concept proposed by Meteora, the captain of “Kikyo” a few days ago, was naturally taken with surprise by everyone who attended the meeting. However, everyone would have thought about the “bad smell” problem in the city. The city construction is approved with unanimous approval without any dissenting opinions.

“Meteora, can I just add one request?” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 011

11 The Lord’s House Meeting (after)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/11/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Thank you, Virelai”

“I’m honored.”

Yuri thanked “Nadeshiko” for giving hot tea to the meeting place, and Deputy Director Virelai bowed down and responded. She thought it would be unavoidable for the discussion to take a long time, so Yuri asked Virelai in advance to brew a hot drink one hour before the meeting. She’s glad that Virelai also took care of her, and that she added baked sweets beside the tea. she had a lot of thoughts during the meeting, so she just wanted a sweetness that would refresh her mind.

“Next agenda, is it okay for me?”

“sure. Go ahead”

“Thank you, princess”

When Yuri gave permission, Hera, the captain of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, stood up on the spot and began to express her opinion after giving a light bow .

“As we all know, we killed about 1600 civilians during the recent invasion of Nildea, of which 1400 were civilian employees and the remaining 200 are sweepers — a so-called “adventurer”-like person. ” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 012

12 After meeting

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/12/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Then that’s all the agenda to discuss at this meeting. Thank you everyone.”

After discussing some agenda items from that point on, Yuri said so and decided to close the meeting. Because the city was conquered without any preparation period, they know that various problems are piled up. Even so, there is a limit to how many things can be solved at once, so in the end, there is no choice but to do the most important ones and the ones that seem easy to handle one by one.

“That, my sister”


There was a voice hung on Yuri who was stretching her whole body after the meeting.

She can imagine who was talking to her when she was called “sister”, so she looked back on that intention. Not only Parfait, the captain of “Himeyuri (Patia)”, but all 12 people who participated in the conference stood there.

“…? What happened?” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 013

13 Even Become A Sadist Person

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/13/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Currently, the base of “Yuri Empire” is using the building of Nildea previous lord,but there is a room in the building that Yuri has exclusively used. It is a room with a sufficient size of about 8 tatami mats. Everyone in the Yuri Empire advised Yuri to use the larger room in the lord’s palace, but she thought it would be uncomfortable if it was too large, so she used this room. There is only one small round table, four chairs, and one sleeper in the room. In the first place, Yuri doesn’t stay in her room very much except when she sleeps, so she wasn’t particularly dissatisfied with the current equipment.

Normally, someone would want at least furniture to store clothes such as a wardrobe and closet. Yuri, the player character of the game, has a storage area called <Inventory>, and a certain amount of items can be stored there. In addition, Yuri, who has a profession (class) of <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>, is good at “space” magic, so if there is something that won’t fit in the <Inventory> she will put it in the space created by magic. You can also store a lot of items. Although it is not as convenient as the large-capacity storage skill of “Warrior’s bag” possessed by the children of “Nadeshiko”, the storage capacity is quite good.

“For the time being, this time is this” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 014

14 Agriculture Is The Cornerstone Of The Country

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/14/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Yuri and Teres, who moved to the balcony of the lord’s building, soared into the sky. Since they left the room, the hands of the two have remained connected. Teres said it was a “date,” so she wouldn’t let it go.

When jumping out above the dome-shaped [purification barrier] that covers the building of the lord’s building, a foul odor begins to attack the sense of smell of Yuri. However, she could hardly feel it when gained a little more altitude.

“There is a lot of wind … Thanks to that, the smell doesn’t come at this height.”

“I asked “Enclaise” to get rid of the scent from the city as much as possible, and I asked them to use the magic of [Wind Manipulation] to create the wind.”

“Is that so? Yuri is smart.”

“But it’s not very effective, though …”

“…… the wall?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 015

015 Rostine Shokai (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/15/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Rostine Shokai” is a company that operates in the three nations, the Kingdom of Eldard, the Principality of Silesia, and the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, and has always advocated as “will trade everything if requested” since it was founded by the first chairman…

Because it is such a company, the items sold are quite diverse. Starting with daily necessities such as groceries and clothing, medicines and spirits, armor and travel gear, carriages and harnesses, furnishings, paints, wood and stones, slaves — a list of business industries registered in the commercial guild If you look at it, there are probably few things that “Rostine Shokai” hasn’t touched.

Because of its widespread business, “Rostine Shokai” is recognized by the world as one of the major trading companies. At least in the kingdom of Eldard, where it is based, everyone knows its name, and the Rostine family, who had been chairman for generations, was also given the status of “baron” by the king of the kingdom of Eldard.

Rubetta Rostine is the 4th chairman of “Rostine Shokai”. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 016

016 Rostine Shokai (Middle)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/16/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The commercial guild ranks its members according to the “rank” system.

This rank is basically based on contribution to the country, that is, the higher the tax payment amount, the higher the rank is given. Since the commercial guild itself is an organization that operates across national boundaries, it does not matter where the taxpayer is.

Of course, in the case of “Rostine Shokai”, the amount of tax paid to the Kingdom of Eldard, the Principality of Silesia, or the Holy Kingdom of Nimun is evaluated equally. Therefore, Rubetta, the chairman of Rostine Shokai, was naturally certified as the highest grade “A rank”.

On the 3rd floor of the commercial guild, there is a special room called Social Room (Salon), which is available only to members of “C rank” above and their servants. Inevitably, the users of the social room are only merchants who run multiple stores. The social room is the best place for merchants who have begun to have a considerable influence on society to obtain information to expand their business, and ambitious merchants tend to use it more frequently.

However, the taste may be a little different for the past week. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 017

017 Rostine Shokai (Back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/17/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Even after the telepathy from “Emperor” was over, the silence was still filling the social room (salon) for a while. Eventually, when someone began to sledge their words, it became an invitation, and the room became noisy as if it had been struck.

Meanwhile, Rubetta stands up from her seat.

“Sir Rostine?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Tormark. I haven’t brought anything to take notes … I’ll buy it at the reception of the commercial guild soon.”

Because there’s a notice in advance, the “telepathy” that Empress Yuri will do after this will be a long story.  There may be some things that are important to Rubetta and should be recorded. It’s a good time now, so she wanted to prepare what she needed to take notes.

“I see … Certainly there may be something to record in the continuation of the telepathy from the ‘Empress’. If you don’t mind, could you buy me too?”

“I understand” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 018

18 Rostine Shokai (EX1)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/18/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


That day, Yuri has been in perfect condition since morning. Physical strength, energy, and everything else is sufficient. No matter what she does now, it seems to work, and even if there are difficulties, her will will not be discouraged.

Of course, the reason for the liveliness is clearly known. ――― It’s Teres.
Yuri spent a hot and long night with Teres last night.

Yuri, who has a profession (class) of <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>, is good at handling “Bond (Link)”. Simply put, this “bond” is the ability to establish a connection with “someone” other than themself so that it can interfere with or influence each other.

For example, you can freely talk in “telepathy” to the person who has established “bonds”, and you can also attach “video” if necessary. Not only one-way conversations but also mutual conversations can be made possible. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 019

019 Rostine Shokai (EX2)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/19/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


There are more than 10 locked private rooms on the 2nd floor of the commercial guild, and anyone registered in the guild can rent them regardless of rank. Of course, there is a charge to use, but it is not so expensive. Considering that the soundproofing equipment is solid, it is rather cheap.

After completing the procedure at the reception of the commercial guild, Rubetta rents a room in it. It is a conference room that can accommodate up to 12 people, and is the second largest among the private rooms on the second floor. Actually she wanted to rent the largest room, but unfortunately it was already rented.

“I’m sorry I can only prepare a small room.”

“…? It’s just too wide for four people.”

Empress Yuri naturally tells her, without compromising her position. If you look only at that, it seems like a common word. On the other hand, even now, she still feels the dignity of a ruler from the Empress Yuri. How to say it — Rubetta thought that she was a little sloppy.

“Rubetta-san. I will pay the fee if you like.”

“Oh — no, it’s not a big amount. Here I…” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 020

20 Don’t Need Money

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/20/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


There is a magic called [Space Grasp] that can be exercised by Yuri of <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>. It is a magic that was also used when invading the city of Nildea, and it has the effect of “grasping the space within the effective range”. Yuri, the caster, can get all the information about people and articles that exist within the range, and can also display a map.

Yuri hasn’t released this magic yet since the day of the invasion. In principle, magic that can maintain its effect in “Atros Online” will continue to be maintained unless the caster voluntarily “releases” it.

Of course, Yuri will continue to consume some magical power while maintaining the magic, but since the total amount of magical power is quite large and the amount of natural recovery is also large, the amount of recovery far exceeds the amount of consumption. Therefore, no problem has occurred. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 021

021 “Occupation” and “Vocation”

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/21/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Basically, Yuri spends most of her time working every morning.
However, it does not mean that the amount of work is so large that it can be taken for hours. There are some documents that Yuri herself has to approve or read, but for those that aren’t, the children of “Nadeshiko” have cleaned them up in advance.

In the lord’s building, there was originally an office for the lord to work, so Yuri was allowed to use that room. It’s a room with only one heavy desk, but it was enough for office work.

However, recently, the child of “love duty” has come to stay with Yuri as an escort all day long, so an extra chair is installed in the current office. It was a seat to be right next to her so they could directly talk to Yuri. In some cases, Yuri often consults with them about the cases to be settled and receive opinions.

“No way, total destruction… This is unexpected.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 022

022 Underwater Breathing on the Ground

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/22/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The Nildea lord’s palace, where the “Yuri Empire” is currently based, is surrounded by the [Purification Barrier] developed by the children of the “Kobai”.

This has the effect of “automatically purifying the inside”, so as long as you are inside the lord’s palace surrounded by barriers, you will not be bothered by the stench that prevails in the city of Nildea.

Because it was very comfortable, Yuri would like to wrap the entire city of Nildea with a [purification barrier] if possible. Unfortunately, [Purification Barrier] is difficult to operate on a large scale because the cost of deployment and maintenance is high.

So, of course, if she had something to do and needed to leave the lord’s house, she should have been prepared for the stench.

―――― Until yesterday. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 023

023 Street Food Tasting Party (front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/23/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

In a hurry, Yuri prepares a telepathy to speak to the surroundings.

It seemed that there were about 150 people in the plaza now. Of these, only 110 people came for the “tasting party”, so the remaining 40 people are just rubberneckers. Perhaps they were wondering why many people are gathering in the normally quiet central square today.

Of course, Yuri won’t drive them away just because they are rubbernecked. Since the purpose is a “tasting party” today, it is desirable that there are many customers who eat it.

Activating the ability of the “Kurobane shoes” that she wore in advance,Yuri emerges into the air for a few meters on the spot.

The height of Yuri is not so high, so under the current situation of the plaza, the figure is hidden behind the crowd and the stalls. Unless it emerges in the air in this way, the people around Yuri will not be able to see her.

“— Hello, everyone of Nildea citizen” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 024

024 Street Food Tasting Party (back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/24/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


From the conclusion, the “tasting party” was very popular and became very lively.

The attempt to gather a lot of food stalls in the plaza and serve different meat dishes seems to have greatly satisfied the curiosity and tongue of the citizens of Nildea.

To tell the truth, Yuri was a little worried, (what if all the stalls were just cooking meat …). From the conclusion, it seems that it was an unnecessary worry. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 025

025 Another world YouTuber

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/25/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


―――― The 23rd of Spring Moon.

Two weeks have passed since the “Yuri Empire” occupied the city of Nildea.

For now, it seems that the management of Nildea city can be done without any problems. The security situation is quite good, and the children of the servants summoned by “Nadeshiko” who is guarding the city say that they have almost no work, so it seems that they feel like walking around the city. The fact those “maids” were walking around as a guard was initially taken as a surprise by the people living in the city. Nowadays, it is completely accepted, and it seems that there are many chats between the children of the servants and the citizens.

Of course, Yuri thinks that’s a very good thing. Yuri does not want to be intimidating to the citizens. If they can build a friendly relationship between the ruler and the citizens, it would be better. She hopes that the pretty maid girls who are the followers of Nadeshiko will be a bridge between the “Yuri Empire” and the citizens of Nildea. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 026

026 Mousetrap

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/26/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation



As usual, Yuri spent the morning in the office of the lord’s building and read some documents. Suddenly, she raised her voice with a slight surprise. This is because one notification was sent from magic of [space grasp] which constantly maintains the monitoring of the city. It is set in advance so that the caster will be notified when the information that can be confirmed in [Spatial grasp] meets specific “conditions”. Apparently that condition was met.

“…? How was it, lord?”

Looking at the state of the Yuri, Kiri, who is with her as today’s “love duty” and escort, asks suspiciously.

Kiri is the deputy director of “Sakuraka”, and has the occupation (class) as <Swordsman (Talha)>. it is easy to understand if you imagine a character like a so-called “samurai”.

A dark blue hakama on an eye-catching bright cherry-colored top. She has two, large and small swords on her waist. All of Sakuraka’s children are dwarven with a height of less than 150 cm, but once in battle, they lightly swing their swords, which are about 1 meter long, including their handles, and lightly twist their enemies. Sakuraka is a unit of children with a fairly high individual fighting power in the “Yuri Empire”.

“It looks like a mouse has invaded Nildea.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 027

027 The Choice of Water Lilies

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/27/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“How is the monster ‘Destroyer’?”

“It’s good. We have already started to subdue monsters in the forest as well as on the flat ground. The level of monsters is still low, so we haven’t had a hard time.”

“Forest huh… By the way, there was a vast forest on the north side of the place where we were first stationed.”

“Yes, that is exactly the forest I mentioned. It seems to be a place where many monsters in the shape of “deer” and “snakes” inhabit, and now we have a large amount of materials from there.”

Yuri spends time in the office even after finishing work in the morning.

This is because the appointment for a visit is waiting after this. While enjoying the tea and baked sweets that Nadeshiko prepared a while ago, she will hear from Kiri about the recent “destroyer” situation.

“I’ve never eaten venison… I wonder what it tastes like.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 028

028 Offerings and Benefits

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/28/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


As usual, Yuri left the lord’s building after being given the spirit magic of [underwater breathing] as a countermeasure against bad odors. In addition to Yuri, she also brings Kiri, the escort, Sera, the captain of “Water Lilies”, and three children who belong to “Water Lilies” selected by Sera.

Needless to say, the purpose is to get those three children to acquire “vocation”.

In this world, anyone as long as they have an adult can get a “vocation” by visiting a temple facility and undergoing a ritual.

She doesn’t know if the children of the “Yuri Empire”, who are residents of the in-game world “Leangard” and, after all, from the different worlds, will be able to get a “vocation”. There is no doubt because none other than “Water Lilies” themselves want it.

So, the destination of them is the cathedral in the city of Nildea. Both the lord’s building and the cathedral are located near the center of the city, so it won’t take long to move on foot.

“… Ceres, Garnet, Euclase. I’m sorry to make you imitate an experimental body to get a ‘vocation’.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 029

029 God Statue Room

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/29/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


When High Priest Badantere opened the heavy door and stepped into the cathedral, they immediately entered a fairly wide space, and it was cool.

The amount of light shining through a simple and small window is small, and the room is a little dim. However, perhaps because of the thorough cleaning, Yuri couldn’t feel the gloominess of a dark place from this space, which was kept sufficiently clean.

(I thought it was a more gorgeous place, but … it’s a simple and pretty good place)

Looking around, Yuri had a good feeling.

The cathedral has an atmosphere that seems to suit the word simple and sturdy, and although the decoration is poor, it makes the entire space simple and good. At least, it seemed to be a place that was frankly favored, much more than the lord’s house, which was lined up with a lot of expensive furniture at the beginning of the occupation. No extra splendor is needed for faith. ――― It seems that this space itself is appealing. A glimpse of the will of the priests who work at this shrine could be felt.

“It’s a good place. I have respect.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 030

030 The Regained Miracle

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/30/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The fresh green was dazzling ――― was the first impression when Yuri opened my eyelids. Yuri who regained consciousness was in a place like a garden. In the space surrounded by greenery, one small circular table with a little height is installed. The three chairs that were placed together had a slightly higher seating surface to match the table.


Yuri looked back when her name was called with the same voice that she heard in “God Statue Room” earlier.

There stood a woman with long, silvery hair. A woman is holding one tray with both hands. There was one expensive teapot and two cups on the tray.

“Are you —the  “Healing God Lydina”?”

“Yes, I’m called that way. You’ve finally come, Yuri.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 031

031 Tardiness Lifestyle

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/33/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Recently, Yuri has come to be late for the time promised to others.

Of course, this is intentional. Yuri, who has the memory and experience of living as “Horaiji Yuri” in modern Japan and living as a member of society, is imbued with the spirit of come before the time.
However, there is only one reason to be late. Whether it’s an appointment or a meeting, if Yuri arrives before the promised time, the person to be associated with it will have to wait there earlier.
In short, it’s like the harmful effects of the status of “Emperor”. If the person with the highest position appears first, the position of the person who is behind it will be worsened. Therefore, Yuri must not keep the promised time as much as possible and appear in the field later than anyone else.

―――― It was only recently that she noticed this fact.

As is often the case with RPGs, in the in-game world of “Atros Online”, the frequency of day and night is much faster than in reality, and there are only 4 hours a day. So, in the actual day, 6 days will flow in the game.

Despite this, there was a concept of time in the game with a “24-hour clock”. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 032

032 The 8th Pillar of Gods

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/34/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Simply put — I took faith and became a god.”

“Took faith…?”


Yuri nods to Ados who repeats her word. Then put her fingertips on the chin and slowly organize the thoughts for explanation.

“Well, where should I start talking from? Well, there are seven gods in this world right now. Well, just two weeks ago I joined, and now it has increased to eight pillars. You can see that there were only seven gods until then, right? ”

“I know.”

“That’s right. However, this situation of “Seven Pillars of God” was the result of one pillar of God falling to zero, that is, no longer being a god, a little over a hundred years ago. Lydina said that it was normal to have “eight pillars”. ”

In this world, one week consists of ‘eight days’. The reason is that “eight days of the week” were established because there are eight pillars of Gods at the time when the calendar was established. Therefore, each day of the week has a name related to God. For example, the day of “healing” associated with the healing god Lydina.

“I know that too. I was actually alive at that time.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 033

033 Rubetta of Silence

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/35/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Then Yuri discusses some agenda items.

“Let’s put off the kinky topic and discuss it from the domestic affairs first.”

Yuri said so, the first agenda was about “cleaning the city”.

At the lord’s building, where the “Yuri Empire” is currently based, the building itself is surrounded by a [purification barrier] to deal with the stench. In fact, the magic of the effect of “cleaning something” is a territory that water lilies are better at than red plums’ barriers. The magic of [purification] used by the water lily children can be transformed into a clean environment in a much wider range than the [purification barrier].

Of course, [Purification Barrier] also has a clear advantage in that it continues to exert the effect of “Purification” within the barrier. However, unlike [Purification Barrier], which consumes valuable materials, [Purification] used by water lilies can be exercised simply by consuming magical power. In that case, even if it is only a symptomatic treatment, there is no way not to take advantage of this.

“Can Sera [purify] the entire city of Nildea with a single magic?” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 034

034 Training Cost

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/36/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Um … I’ve silenced Rubetta, so I wonder if Ados will talk about it instead. Maybe you know more about the treatment system of the temple organization than we do.”

“I understand. Well, because of my wife’s chronic illness, I had many opportunities to consult about treatment at the temple, so I think I know more than ordinary people.”

“I’m sorry for your wife who had a hard time, but I’m grateful for that knowledge now.”

Yuri proceeds with the story while looking away from Rubetta, who is still lying on the desk.

Even if Yuri tried to comfort her, it will probably be counterproductive now. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 035

035 There are Many Rare Materials

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/37/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Then next. Regarding the case where the merchant has requested that want to buy the devil’s meat. There is no other reason to give the merchants convenience … I will reject it if there is nothing in particular. Does anyone have an opinion? ”

“It’s not an opinion, but if the only place where we can eat meat is only at the food stalls, people who don’t live near the square may be in trouble.”

In response to Yuri’s words, the captain of “Red Plum (Kobai)”, Hotaru, said so.

Nildea is a circle-shaped city, but there are only three squares where food stalls are located in the center, east, and west of the city. Therefore, for those who live on the north or south side of the city, the three squares are all a little far away. It would be difficult to walk for tens of minutes on a round trip just for meals.

“That’s right. If we want to increase the satisfaction of the citizens, should we expand it to some extent?”

This time, Primula, the captain of “Red Rose (Enclaise)”, expressed her opinion.

Yuri is, aside from merchants, she doesn’t mind giving the meat to the citizens.

“Hmm……” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 036

036 The Dragon is a “Disaster”

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/38/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“That … Why do both Yuri-sama and you know that the other party is attacking just because the spy is no longer sent?”

It was Sera, the captain of “Water Lily (Suiren)”, who asked that question. The character of Sera, who has the profession of <Saint (Adela)>, is in the opposite of the fighting scene. It may be natural that she doesn’t understand.

“In the first place, the reason why the kingdom is sending spies is ‘preliminary investigation for war’. How many troops of the ‘Yuri Empire’ stationed in the city of Nildea,  and what is the quality of the equipment that is being used by them. they want to know the information about that before actually fighting.”

“Hmm… if you just say the number of people I think there are only 360 people in total in the Yuri Empire…?”

“Well, what Sera says is true, but the other person won’t get that information, because our counterintelligence is perfect.”

“I am sorry”

In response to Yuri’s words, Partita bowed a little. Nildea’s counterintelligence is carried by her unit, “Nadeshiko”.

“Rather, because the spies sent by the kingdom don’t come back,  they might be guessing that the soldiers in the city of Nildea are a bigger army than they expected.”

“Is that so? Even though there are only 360 people …”

“Yeah, there are only 360 people.”

It was funny and Yuri laughed while nodding to Sera’s words. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 037

037 After The meeting

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/39/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Then, excuse us for this.”

“Thanks to Ados and Rubetta for today. Thanks to the two people attending the meeting, I got a lot of useful knowledge. I’m sure I’ll thank you for this.”

“Your Majesty Yuri, it’s useless to thank me and Ados. Rather, I would like to thank Your Majesty for listening to our opinions. We are just merchants so far. There was no nation that would treat well like this”

“You say something weird. It’s natural because we called you to come.”

After the meeting was over, Yuri went out to the front door of the lord’s building and saw off Ados and Rubetta. It’s only natural for Yuri to treat them with respect and give thanks because they called in and asked them to come all the way.

The two are the chairmen of the company, and they are busy and come to her for some time. How can you treat someone like that gratefully?

After seeing off the two, Yuri returned to the meeting place again. All the captains of the “Yuri Empire” are still sitting and waiting there.

Yuri had asked everyone in advance to stay in the guild chat, saying, “I have another thing I want to talk about”.

“Is the story we’re about to talk secret to those two?”

“It’s not so secret” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 038

038 Summer 1st

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/40/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Two days have passed since the meeting inviting Rubetta and Ados, and today is the first day of “summer moon”.

In this world where one year is only four months, changing the moon has the same meaning as changing the season. Moreover, unlike Japan’s four seasons, which change slowly over the course of days, climate change comes at once in this world at the “moment of crossing seasons.”

So, until yesterday, which was “Spring Moon 32nd”[1], the climate was “Spring”, but today, one day has passed, “Summer Moon 1st”, the climate has completely changed to “Summer”.

Which means, it’s hot.

It was already hot in the morning. It’s not as damp and unpleasant as summer in Japan, but it’s still hot. Thanks to that, Yuri was forced to act busy in the early morning. Contact “nadeshiko”, collect the items with “heat and cold resistance” that they have stored , and distribute them to everyone in the “Yuri Empire” who is still in the lord’s house.

It’s hot even in the morning, so it’s not hard to imagine that it will get hotter in the afternoon. Today, when the moon has changed, many children go out of the city to “destroy” the resurrected monsters, so she wanted to prepare for them before they went out.

Yuri, who is currently being read in the office, is also given <heat / cold resistance> which she fits into her right little finger. <Hot and cold resistance> has the effect of greatly reducing the damage of “high heat” and “cold air”, and with this grant, the degree of heat and cold does not matter at all.

Thanks to this, even if the world suddenly gets hot, she doesn’t need an air conditioner. Rather, it’s more than an air conditioner for Yuri since it also keeps the body to stay cool..

“It will be hard for everyone in Nildea to work in this heat.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 039

039 Let’s Make a Working Beast

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/41/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Hamar, can I ask for a little [clairvoyance]?”

“I’ve acknowledged”

Yuri, who soared high in the sky on the back of the Wyvern, had Hamar, who was riding in the back, cast the magic of [clairvoyance]. Hamar seems to have continued to cast the magic of [clairvoyance] by herself.

This is a spirit magic that borrows the power of the spirit of light, and gives the effect that “the distant scenery can be arbitrarily enlarged and displayed in the field of view” as if using binoculars. The magnification can be adjusted freely to some extent, so it is a magic that is easy to use.

“Everyone is doing their best”

In Yuri, who looked down from the sky, the appearance of everyone in the “Yuri Empire” who was busy moving around the city of Nildea and hunting for monsters was clearly visible thanks to [distant view].

The monster should have just revived when the calendar entered “Natsutsuki”, already disappeared within 5km of the city of Nildea. Farther than that, there are still many monsters. If everyone continues to hunt at this pace, all those monsters will disappear in a few days.

“Well, everyone seems to be working very hard on “destroying”. It became clear that hunting monsters can still grow, so I can understand the feelings that everyone is trying to do. If I’m not in “love duty” tonight, I would have been absorbed in it too.”

“Oh, Is not like I’m going to force you on duty today?” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 040

040 Shogi Match with a Bet

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/42/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“It’s not uncommon for changes to occur as you move around the world.”

As a matter of course, Lydina, who bears the name of “Healing God”, said so.

“… Is that something like that?”

“That’s what it is. What was “natural” in the old world is no longer the case in the new world. Or conversely, an event that was not defined in the old world is recognized as “natural” in the new world. If the world changes, the rules change. It ’s not that unusual. ”

The place where Yuri and Lydina are now is the garden of the “sacred area” where the fresh green is dazzling. It was a place she visited before when Yuri became “God” for the first time.

Today’s Lydina is wearing a cool blue dress and her back hair is half-up. The neatness of the lady’s clothes and hairstyle seemed to match the atmosphere of Lydina herself.

“This is a check. I get the silver”

“Wait —”

“It’s okay “wait”, but this will be the third time, so in that case, as agreed in advance, will I can take take Lydina’s lips?”

“……………… Please continue” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 041

041 Messengers From Two Countries (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/43/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“My Lord. A messenger from another country is hoping for a ‘visiting the landlord’.”

Today is “Summer Moon 3rd”.

Yuri, who was enjoying Hamar’s sleeping face in bed, headed to the office at around 10 o’clock in the morning, a little later than usual. Today’s “love duty”, Popuri of “Nadeshiko” was already waiting there, and she told Yuri that way.

“I wonder if it corresponds to the letter that Ladra Gruff delivered to neighboring countries.”

“I think so. It seems that the ‘dragon’ is a very feared existence in this world, so I think it couldn’t be ignored as an opponent.”

“Which country did the messenger come from?”

“They are from the Principality of Silesia and the Holy Kingdom of Nimun.”

“… Yeah? Does that mean that messengers from two countries came on the same day?”

“That’s right” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 042

042 Messengers From Two Countries (Middle)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/44/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Somehow — it’s like a ‘throne room’.”

A particularly large room in the lord’s building. When Yuri visits the room that 72 people of “Nadeshiko” should have used for sleeping until just this morning, it is reminiscent of the most important “Throne Room” in the royal castle.

It is still nice that the room is covered with fluffy carpets, the walls are lined up in a slightly subdued red color, and the entire room is becoming more luxurious. It would be nice to have a three-step staircase in front of the throne, and the side where the throne is placed is higher. To be honest, Yuri already expected that this kind of renovation would come.

However, the ceiling of the room is about twice as high as before, isn’t it overkill? Why is this room just like a stairwell? It was obvious that the renovation work of the room was done with the help of “Kikyou”, a professional group of architecture, without confirmation.

“If it looks like that from the eyes of my Lord, it was worth the effort. We set up the room aiming for the ‘Throne Room’.”

“……so” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 043

043 Messengers From Two Countries (Back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/45/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The door of the “Throne Room” was opened wide in response to the voice of Yuri.

The figure of the messenger was visible over there. There are a group of priests and two knights wearing sooted breastplates. The former would be the messenger from the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, and the latter would be the messenger from the Principality of Silesia.

Behind that, you can see the figure of Badantere High Priest. Yuri had asked in advance that she would like him to be present at the interview, so it seems that he came in at the same time.


The door was already opened to the maximum by the hand of the guide, Popuri but for some reason, the messengers do not seem to enter the room at all. Yuri was waiting with suspicion. Eventually, with a terrifying step, only a group of priests entered the room and knelt in front of Yuri. However, the knights of the Principality of Silesia still refuse to enter the room at all.

When she had no choice but to look at the two knights with the skill of <appraisal>, they both fell into an abnormal condition called “atrophy”. For Yuri, this is the first abnormal condition she sees. At least during the “Atros Online” game, there were no abnormal conditions such as “atrophy.”

  • —- +
    《Atrophy》 ――Mental condition abnormality
    Abnormal condition that occurs when receiving mental attack skills such as [intimidation].
    The movement speed and action speed will temporarily decrease.
    Especially when someone with a different level or position is set up, resistance becomes difficult, at the same time, the effect will increase. At worst, you may get stuck at all.
    The higher the [attractiveness], the easier it is to resist << atrophy >>.
    The higher the [Protection], the faster the natural recovery from the << atrophy >> state.
  • —- + Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 044

044 Saintess

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/46/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Yuri and the other move to the reception room in the lord’s building. Compared to the previous “Throne Room”, the room is quite small. There are only 6 guests on the other side, so there is no need for a large room.

In the reception room, two sofas for three people are lined up across the table.

Yuri and Badantere high priests sat on the sofa on one side, and Saintess Estoa, Leonard high priest, and Roan high priest sat on the other side. Three of the Holy Knights stand behind them.

“Yuri-sama. This is the case of the Principality of Silesia, but… was it really good that you received it as a “declaration of war” from the other country?”

“Yeah? What does that mean?”

Yuri tilts her head because she doesn’t understand the meaning of the words asked by Estoa. The high priest Badantere explained instead.

“Here, Nildea was originally a city in the Kingdom of Eldart. The kingdom will soon launch an invasion to Nildea, as they will forgive that their city is taken away.”

“Yes, I know that …”

“In other words, Estoa-dono is worried that the ‘Yuri Empire’ will be at war with the kingdoms of Eldart and the Principality of Silesia at the same time.”

“—ah I see”

It was explained so far, and Yuri finally understood.

War is the ultimate “diplomacy” for the nation, and if it loses, it is also important for the survival of the nation. So it’s only natural to make the utmost preparation to minimize the chance of defeat.

The city of Nildea is adjacent to both the Kingdom of Eldart and the Principality of Silesia, so if you wage war at the same time, you will have no choice but to face two fronts. At that stage, the “defeat” of the war would be confirmed.
―――― Normally, though. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 045

045 Friendly Country

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/47/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Anyway… Why did the Principality of Silesia declare war on a country that has a ‘dragon’?”

With a slightly regrettable look, Estoa said so while carrying the last piece of chocolate tart in her mouth. Of course, Yuri, who saw it, looked at Partita on the side and arranged for her to be served a second tart immediately. By the way, Badantere High Priest has already entered the 4th serving. Apparently there is no refrain word in his dictionary. Even though he is a priest …

“Certainly, I wonder. Did they believe they could win?”

“I don’t think that’s the case. Even if they can win, it’s inevitable that they’ll suffer enormous damage against a dragon. It’s as if they have no idea what they’re thinking.”

“Well, I don’t even know.”

Not only Yuri, but also Leonard High Priest and Roan High Priest tilt their heads. Then, the high priest Badantere, who finished eating the fourth chocolate tart, told Yuri, “I can tell you in my opinion.”

By the way, since it is an 8-cut tart, he ate 1/2 hole by himself. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 046

046 Memorable Chocolate

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/48/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Five days have passed since the messengers from the two countries arrived. Even so, the messenger from the Principality of Silesia returned immediately and the messengers from the Holy Land of Nimun are still staying in the city of Nildea.

Today is “Summer 8th”.

If Rubetta and Ados expectation is correct, the army of the Kingdom of Eldart will come between the 15th and 20th of this month. In a week at the earliest, and in 12 days at the latest, the Yuri Empire will have a fight with the kingdom.

The number of troops is definitely expected to be a large army, and it is expected to be 40,000 or 50,000. The sound of military boots can be heard at any moment. However, if Yuri’s schedule was met, the word “one battle” would not be appropriate, and the war with the country should be over in an instant.

“Hmm …!”

In front of the desk in the office, Yuri raises her arms and stretches her body.

The letter addressed to the Pope of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, which she wrote little by little every day, was finally written.

It is a long letter that spans 6 stationery sheets. It may be difficult for people to read this amount, but she’s not willing to accept complaints about this because the other party sent in a letter with a sentence amount of as much as four sheets of paper in the first place.

“Thank you for your hard work, my lord”

“Thank you, Caprice. Now that the letter has been written, I wonder if you can tell the messengers from the Holy Land of Nimun that we would visit in about an hour.”

“We know” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 047

047 Holy City Farrata

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/49/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


After chatting with Estoa for about an hour, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan, and the two paladins who were escorts, returned to the mansion.

“I didn’t think Yuri-sama was there, and I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.”

“No need to apologize because I’m so bad that I came suddenly. If the two and the Paladins are ready, I’ll send them to Nimun Holy Land with transfer magic.how  about that?”

“I have already packed it, so there is no problem. I will pick up my luggage from my room, so please wait for a while.”

“I’m not in a hurry, so please check slowly for anything left behind.”

While the two high priests and the paladins were preparing their luggage, she had a little more chat with Estoa. Estoa’s luggage bag had already been prepared at her feet.

“By the way, I’ve heard before that transfer magic can only fly to places I’ve been to once. Maybe Yuri has already come to the Holy Land of Nimun. Is there? ”

“No, I’ve never been, but a big dragon came to deliver the letter for me, right?”

“Yes. A dragon named Ladra Gruff has come to the capital before.”

“If so, there is no problem.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 048

048 Spring Sword

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/50/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Yuri who arrived at the palace got off the carriage. Yuri, Caprice, the escort, and Estoa have cool faces. In contrast, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan seemed to be quite in the heat. There may be heat like a steaming basket in the carriage running under the scorching sun. It should still be easier to walk outside normally as the wind softens some of the heat.

“This ring is very comfortable, but getting used to it will make you weaker …”

With a slightly bitter smile on her face, Estoa leaked so much.

In fact, as she said, if you depend on a ring that has been given <heat and cold resistance>, it may be difficult to live in the desert if you lose the ring.

The ring that ruins people — may have a bad word.

While being guided by Estoa, Yuri enters the large stone palace. It is a palace with no decoration, but a sturdy construction. I think it’s very similar to the atmosphere of the cathedral in Nildea. The area inside the building with small ceiling paintings depicting the gods may be a scene like a national palace with a strong religion.

“The figure of Yuri will be drawn now.”

“I think it can’t be helped to draw such a little girl …” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 049

049 Won’t Let You Go

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/51/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


After that, Yuri exchanged various stories with Pope Altorius.

Although the purpose of the visit was to send messengers, as long as she was able to meet with the landlord of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, it has exactly the same meaning as bilateral talks. In terms of deepening friendship, trade will be activated in the future, so there were many stories that should be discussed with the partner country.

―――― However, first of all, you have to digest what you should do.

“Pope Altorius. Actually, Estoa has asked me to develop a [temperature control barrier] in the palace and the cathedral. What should I do?”

“Hmm … I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the barrier, so can you explain it?”

“Of course”

Yuri exercises the skill of [Summoning subordinate NPCs], calls Hotaru, the captain of “Red Plum (Koumei)” who is good at barrier art, and explains what kind of effect the barrier has.

[Temperature control barrier] is a barrier that keeps the internal space at an arbitrary temperature. In the space protected by this barrier, a comfortable temperature is always maintained even in the desert.

“It’s okay to create a barrier not just for the palace and cathedral, but for the entire city.”

“… Are you sure? It’s difficult, as expected.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 050

050 Restless With The Death

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/52/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Three days have passed since the meeting with Pope Altorius, and today is “Summer Moon 11th”. As usual, Yuri spends the morning in the office of the Lord’s Building. Today, instead of getting rid of her duties, she sits in a chair and has a hollow gaze.

Iguazu of “Kikyou”, which is today’s “love duty”, was just quietly looking at the expression of Yuri. She knows what Yuri is doing, so she’s not particularly worried. However, there aren’t many opportunities to see Yuri’s face up close. She thanked God for the unexpected good luck. However, the god Iguazu gives thanks to is also Yuri.

Eventually, about 20 minutes passed. Finally, the focus returns to Yuri’s eyes.

With both arms extended above the head, yuri stretched the hardened body. Meanwhile, Iguazu poured tea from a teapot kept warm and cozy into two cups and offered one to Yuri.

“Thank you, Iguazu”

“No. How was the state of the Kingdom Army, my sister?”

“At the latest, it looks like they are going to be dispatched in an hour.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 051

051 The Day Before Destiny

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/53/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Today we will have a night camp at this place! Set up a team before the sun goes down, burn a fire and eat! Except for those who are in charge of night guard, take a rest immediately after meals!”

The voice raised by Garter is diffused by the magic tool and transmitted to the entire army.

Although 3,000 soldiers immediately started to act in response. On the other hand, the other 52,000 soldiers, and the Logistics Officer, just lowered their back sack and sank into the ground.

(There is a certain amount of weak soldiers…)

Looking at the situation, Garter Castall sighed unintentionally.

It must be a pleasure for the general to have more soldiers than expected and to have a large army of over 60,000 in total to regain the important city of Nildea.

In the war, number is everything――― he doesn’t say that though. After all, it doesn’t start with the lack of troops. It also affects the range of strategies that can be taken, and the inferior army is quick to break down mentally. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 052

052 Kingdom Army Interception Battle (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/54/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The next day, Yuri dances from the balcony of the lord’s building to the sky with Raquel of “Kuroyuri (Nostia)”. As usual, Yuri wears “black wing shoes” in advance. There are several ways to fly in the sky without using this, but it’s quite easy to fly freely with just shoes.

On the other hand, Raquel’s race is “Blood-sucking race(Carmila)”, so she can fly freely with black wings on her back without using “black wing shoes”. However, it does not mean that the wings are flapped to gain lift and fly. Flying ability is like the inherent ability of the “winged race”.

“Raquel. Let’s hold hands first?”

“Yes, Yuri sister” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 053

053 Kingdom Army Interception Battle (Back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/55/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Garter Castor is also a “warrior” before being a “general”.

Although he is good at commanding, he is just as good at fighting with a sword directly. He has experienced many killings of people and monsters, and he also once continued a fierce battle for over an hour against “Troll”, a monster far superior to himself, and finally defeated it.

He has never had a weak heart in the battle in his life until now.

No matter what inferiority he was forced into, Garter’s spirit was always uplifting, and his spirit never failed. So even if he didn’t brag to anyone, Garter even inwardly understood himself as a “brave man.”

―――― But how about that now?

There is a girl in a black costume (dress) that floats far above the sky. Even just looking up in this way it feels severely tight under the pressure that the girl releases. Drops of cold sweat are transmitted down the garter’s cheeks. Although he still has a strong will now, If he knelt even once, he would probably just succumb as it is — he even had such a feeling.

“Sir Castor! That is …!?”

“… Probably the “Yuri Empress”of the “Yuri Empire”.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 054

054 Army of The Dead

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/55/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Thank you for your hard work, Yuri sister.”

As soon as the kingdom army was annihilated, Raquel flew nearby and thanked her. Before Yuri knew it, Raquel’s appearance became normal. Perhaps she intentionally used some skill to remove the “transparency” state.

“Thank you, Raquel. Did you contact ‘Rindo’?”

“Yes, I told them in the guild chat that it’s all over and can be collected.”

Summoning a meteorite into the sky and dropping it [Star Fall <<Meteor Strike>>] is a “Ultimate Mystery” that attacks an ultra-wide area with a shock wave by a falling meteorite. This summoned “Meteorite” is crushed into several rock fragments by the impact, but remains near the impact point, so a large amount of extremely valuable ore called “Iron Meteorite” is produced from there can be mined.

Smelted iron meteorite ingots and alloys made by mixing with other metals can be conveniently used as materials for armor and ornaments. Since it is best to secure a large stockpile, “Rindo” had been told in advance that she would like them to collect the ore as soon as the Kingdom Army was cleared up.

It seems that Raquel has already contacted them, so maybe 10 minutes later, the children of “Rindo” will come to collect the iron meteorite.

“By the way, Yuri-sister. The technique of collecting the “horse” of the enemy army was also wonderful.”

“… Well, you know.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 055

055 A Peaceful Day

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/57/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Three days have passed since the day when the Eldard Kingdom Army was annihilated. Today is “Summer Moon 19th”. It’s early, and half of the summer is about to pass.
―――― Rather, each season has only 40 days, so the cycle is actually too fast. Yuri’s mood still gives the impression that it’s just summer.

“Good morning, my sister”

After waking up in the morning and having only breakfast, heading to the office as usual. The girl who seems to be the busiest in the “Yuri Empire” was waiting there.

“Isn’t it Meteora? Maybe you’re on duty today?”

“Yes, my sister. Finally, the day of my “love duty” has arrived, and I’m very happy.”

While telling that, Meteora happily squints. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 056

056 Advance Migrant

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/58/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


In the evening of that day, the first team to move to the “new city” in advance was gathered. There are 10 single men from the farmers. There are also 16 single men from “Rostine Shokai” and “Tormark Shokai”. The total number of migrants in the first group is 26.
As you can see, this time around, the main focus is on single men. This is largely due to the fact that there were only single men who had few household goods so that they could move on the same day.
Therefore, single women and couples will be relocated in advance from tomorrow onwards.

Apart from that, Rubetta and Ados will also move their living bases to the “new city” from today.
However, they are successful as merchants and live in reasonably large mansions, and they have a lot of household goods, so the migration is not complete as of today. It will take a few days to move the luggage to the new city side. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 057

057 Skeleton Soldiers

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/59/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


It has been four days since the advance migration to the new city started.

Today is “Summer month 23rd”. In this world, summer seems to be “the heat is the real thing” from the time when the calendar is over half, and it seems that this is the hottest time of the year. From the perspective of Yuri, who always wears a ring with <heat and cold resistance>, she doesn’t really feel like it. The fact that the heat in Nildea has become considerable can be seen from the fact that the report delivered over the past few days states that “the number of customers to the street food stalls is falling.”

By the way, it seems that the number of customers at night is increasing on the contrary. Because there is not much appetite during hot days, it seems that many people enjoy food in the streets at night when it gets cool. Yuri thinks that’s fine.
Also, She’s received a request from the street food stall before, saying “I want to serve alcohol at night”. Recently, on the contrary, she has received the exact opposite request, “I want to keep the alcohol prohibition continuing in the future.”
Apparently, there are many people who take their children at night and use the street food streets with their families these days. From the perspective of family guests, it would be better if there were no “drunks” in the street food streets. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 058

058 One City and Three Villages

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/59/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The next day, “Summer Moon 24th”, after the village of Notoku belonged to the “Yuri Empire.” This time, the head of a village called “Shirin” in the east-northeast direction from Nildea visited the lord’s palace and offered to belong to the “Yuri Empire”.

“Shirin” is a village located just beside the forest, north of the point where Yuri first came to this different world and was stationed. The population is a little over 300, and the scale of the village is normal. Needless to say, the main industries are related to forestry. However, it seems that there are not many opportunities to exchange wood itself because transportation is difficult in this world. There are lighter and more expensive forest products than that. For example, the village can make charcoal made by baking the wood, or trading fruits and resins collected from forests, mushrooms, edible wild plants, and medicinal herbs with other cities.

While being surprised by the strange event of the village allegiance from there for two consecutive days. Yuri accepts the offer of attribution. It is because it is not possible to imitate such things as accepting Notoku and refusing others. As a result, the land of the “Yuri Empire” was further expanded. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 059

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059 The Collapse of The Kingdom

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/61/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“…What? What did you say?”

Involuntarily, Yuri reflexively asked that question. It was too unexpected — because it was a great surprise for her.

“Then, I would like to once again say to Your Majesty Yuri.
―――― It seems that the Eldard Kingdom has collapsed. There is no doubt that the kingdom is no longer a national body, at least in the present situation. ”

It was Erin, the wife of Ados, who reported that to Yuri. Today is “Summer month 28th”. The construction of the “new city”, which had been left to the “Kikyou” for a long time, was finally completed yesterday, and they are planning to officially start the migration of Nildea citizens tomorrow — and then the morning. The fact that Erin, who visited the lord’s house alone without her husband’s ados, reported it. It seemed like a bad joke to Yuri.

“Oh, Erin. What does that ‘collapse’ mean?”

The one who asked Erin that was today’s “love duty”, Demeter. Yuri has heard many times that Demeter, a member of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, is usually mild-mannered, but when she gets angry, she is terribly scary. However, Yuri has never seen her angry, so she can’t imagine what it looks like.

“It literally means like that. All the cities that the kingdom dominated, including the capital, were overrun by the “skeleton corps”. A large number of skeleton soldiers sank not only in the city but also in the castle. As a result, not only all soldiers and knights, but also all aristocrats and royal families were slaughtered. ”

“What…?” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 060

060 The Divine City Yuritania

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/62/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


— The next day, “Summer Moon 29th”.

From this morning, the migration of Nildea citizens to the “new city” began as planned. The “street stalls” have been removed from the square in front of the lord’s building in the center of the city of Nildea, and a “transfer gate” has been installed in its place.

The “Transfer Gate” is like a warp point that can be installed by Yuri, who is a <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>, and plays the role of a “Gate” that connects two points. Anyone can teleport to the “Transfer Gate” in the central square of the new city by diving through the “Transfer Gate” in the central square of Nildea. The “Transfer Gate” is scheduled to be installed until “Summer Moon 40th” at the end of this month, so the citizens of Nildea are informed by “Broadcast” that they will complete the move to the new city by then.

By the way, the name of the new city was “Yuritania”. This is the name originally given to the capital of the “Eastern Islands” region occupied by the “Yuri Empire” in the “Atros Online” game. Now, there is no connection with the city in the game anymore. It was once again the capital of the territory controlled in this world–that is, the new city of Nildea.

The name of the new city was announced in “Broadcast” last night, so it was immediately widely recognized by the citizens. In fact, it seems that it is often called “Divine City Yuritania” by the name of “Divine City” from the mouth of the citizens. Was it thought of as a companion name to “Sacred City Farrata”, the capital of the ally “Nimun Holy Land”? Yuri doesn’t know who said it, but given that Yuri herself is in the last seat of God, it’s probably not an irrelevant name.

…… But Yuri doesn’t do any work as a god. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 061

061 Letter From the Principality (second time in 29 days)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/63/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Kingdom spies do a pretty good job.”

The morning of “Summer Moon 32nd”, the third day after the migration of Nildea citizens to the new city (Yuritania) began. In addition to the usual report from “Nashiko”, reports from those who were originally “secret spies” in the kingdom have been delivered to Yuri from this morning.

A total of 102 sneak thieves in the kingdom were previously captured by the “Yuri Empire”. Actually, there were 208 people, but 106 of them became the nutrients of the children of “Kuroyuri”. So now only women are left. All 102 of them were released from the underground prison facility as of yesterday and were welcomed as “quasi-citizens” of Yuritania.

Of course, it is called “quasi-citizen”, so the treatment is inferior to “citizen”. First of all, as a general rule, they will be asked to take a job prepared by the “Yuri Empire” side, so they do not have the freedom to choose their profession. They have the right to refuse the assigned job, but another job will be prepared by the Yuri Empire. The prescribed amount of salary is normally paid, and the living environment is also normal. There is no difference between “citizens” and “quasi-citizens” in this area. However, “quasi-citizens” do not have the freedom to leave Yuritania. Since they are not given a “citizen ID” bracelet, they cannot pass through the “boundary barrier” and can never leave the city. However, it seems that there is no such penalty because ordinary citizens do not leave the city so much. Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 062

062 Reward for “Kikyou”

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/64/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


There is an “audience room” in the palace of Yuritania. The “Throne Room” that was set up in the lord’s building of Nildea was later expanded by “Kikyou” in order to welcome messengers from other countries. On the other hand, the “Audience Room” at the Yuritania Palace is the most important room that was planned from the beginning of construction. Naturally, it is the largest, highest ceiling, most luxurious, and most majestic room in the Yuritania Palace.

The other day, when a messenger came from the Principality of Silesia, this room was not used. It was because Yuri herself did not respond because she did not feel the need to treat the messenger of the enemy country. The messengers of the Principality were in a separate room, and all they had to do was deposit a letter with her aide, Serikana. So — Today will be the first day that “Audience Room” will be used.

A throne made only of ultra-rare materials, relocated from the Nildea lord’s building. Yuri sits down in that seat, and 11 of the captains of each unit line up beside the throne. On the front side of the throne, 24 girls belonging to “Kikyou” were waiting for Yuri’s words while taking the courtesy of their vassals.

“— Captain of ‘Kikyou’, Meteora” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 063

063 Great Change

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/65/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“The amount of ‘faith’ that Yuri collects is amazing.”

The garden of the “sacred area” where the fresh green is dazzling, which is becoming familiar to Yuri because she has visited many times. Lydina, known to the people as “Healing God,” said that while pouring tea for two people from the teapot into the cup.

“……Is that so?”

“Yes. Yuri is collecting almost the same amount of faith as I am collecting now. I’m sure it will surpass me in the near future. — Please.”

“Thank you”

Yuri receives the cup that Lydina has offered. The good scent of tea leaves brought out by boiling water immediately shook the nasal cavity.

“I haven’t done any missionary work in particular …”

“Every day, the citizens of Nildea — no, the “broadcasting” that Yuri provides to the citizens of Yuritania and Farrata is so effective.
By daily “broadcasting”, citizens can see the figure of Yuri, who is a politician and one of the pillars of God, and as she gets known to the human being, Yuri, seems to feel very close to them. ”

“Somehow, when I say that … I feel a little embarrassed.” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 064

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064 Revisiting the Holy Land of Nimun (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/66/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Since Yuri came to a different world, she always wore the “criminal dress” except when she was taking a bath and going to bed, so she rarely had to prepare other costumes. Now, Yuri is trying on a costume called “black butterfly dress” in her private room. The “criminal dress” that she usually wears is a long black dress with a long skirt, it gives a slightly stiff impression, more like a military uniform than a dress. On the other hand, “Black Butterfly Dress” is a feminine dress with a beautiful mermaid line and a glossy black color that is reminiscent of “jet black” even if it is the same black. It is also characterized by a little more exposure, such as off-shoulder and slightly bare back.  Although it was a little embarrassing to wear, it could be said that it was definitely more suitable for the evening party than the “dress of sin”.

“It suits you very well, sister!”

“Really? Isn’t it strange?”

“That’s not the case! It’s a perfect beauty that everyone will praise!”

Today’s “love duty” and escort is Macaron, who is going out with the try-on, praises Yuri with a big smile.

“Oh — but I want to make the appearance of such a beautiful older sister only for me. Isn’t it a sin to show it to the mass?”

“What are you talking about …” Continue reading

Yuri Empire – 065

065 Revisiting the Holy Land of Nimun (Back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/67/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“— Yuri sister!”

When she arrived at the palace in the center of the city of Farrata, the holy city. A girl who admits the appearance of a lily rushes happily while waving her hand. Of course, Yuri immediately knew who it was just by her voice.

“You look fine, Estoa”

“Yes, my sister. Estoa is fine!”

In response to Yuri’s words, Estoa laughs cheerfully. It is worth coming all the way to the Holy Land just to see that smile.

“Maybe you’ve been waiting for me?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting to show you around the palace.”

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. If I knew that Estoa was waiting, I would have come earlier …”

“I haven’t waited so much, so it’s okay at all!”

With that said, Estoa smiles with a carefree smile. If Yuri was late, it would have made her wait in front of the palace. It seems better to be able to get in touch with Estoa more closely.

“Estoa, lend me your hand”

“Yes, my sister” Continue reading