Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

異世界でハーレム女王目指します! -自称平凡女子高生の異世界奮闘記ー
Isekai de Harem Joō Mezashimasu! –Jishō heibon joshikōsei no isekai funtōki–
Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World –Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World–

When took a nap on the school roof, I, Ichijou Unagi had been brought to different world without realized it.

I went to adventure guild with wizard-like blond girl and confirmed my skill, it was mysterious skill that getting stronger as became friend with girls.

And then, shocking truth was spoken from the heaven.

Eh!? I was yuri?

And doing cute thing with cute girls?

There is no other way. If it became like this, I’ll started over and aimed for yuri harem!

RAW [ja] :  異世界でハーレム女王目指します! -自称平凡女子高生の異世界奮闘記ー

Chapter 01 : I was Saved by Wizard Girl
Chapter 02 : What, I have Weird Skill!?
Chapter 03 : Harem Queen
Chapter 04 : I Already have Crossed The Line…
Chapter 05 : Declaration to Get Closer With More Girls
Chapter 06 : First Date With Ruina
Chapter 07 : What!? My Status Become Weird!
Chapter 08 : Idle Talk: A Certain Girl’s Worry
Chapter 09 : Duel part 1
Chapter 10 : Duel Part 2 ーーーAnd I Got to Attend Magical School
Chapter 11 : Idle story: The Goddess Wants to See Yuri Harem
Chapter 12 : Let’s Bring Linde Back to School Part 1
Chapter 13 : Let’s Bring Linde Back to School Part 2
Chapter 14 : Let’s Bring Linde Back to School Part 3
Chapter 15 : Ruina’s First Teaching
Chapter 16 : Welcome to Student Council of Akade Academy
Chapter 17 : Ruina’s Real Intention
Chapter 18 : What is Meant to be a Wizard
Chapter 19 : Ruina’s Past part 1
Chapter 20 : Ruina’s Past part 2
Chapter 21 : Ruina’s Past part 3
Chapter 22 : Eh, Summer Camp Arc is Starting?
Chapter 23 : Swimsuit Department is a Paradise Right!?

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