English Translation Project

So, lately I’ve hooked my self to light and web novel.

Well, there are a lot light novel and web novel out there. You can find hundreds or even thousands English-translated novel on Novel Updates site. Further more, if you can read Japanese to extend, you could find more novels on sousetu site.

There are a lot or at least some novels that I read on Novel Updates (actually novel that indexed on novel updates). Some novels are regularly updates, some are randomly updates, and some are no more updates in months.

If there is no update on English-translated novel why not read from original Japanese? And Since reading from original Japanese language is equally to translate it, why not contribute to community by share it? Well, that’s seems a good choice.

But there are problems. My Japanese is not good and I’m not native English speaker. For English I have confidence in my reading skill, but not in writing skill. For Japanese I can read kana and only few kanji, for translating manga to my native language, I use furigana that available on raw source.

Even so, let’s try to translate some novel that I found interesting.