Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka? 34

Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka?

Well, somehow got interested in this novel so I try to translate it. Yeah I know it’s not so good. But since I do it because self satisfaction,  to learn Japanese and English, and training my skill, the result doesn’t really matter…

Even tough we only need to move?

Because Lilia is so worried, I explain everything properly to her.

“……Hm, that‘s what I mean, but, Lilia, do you know Helena-san?”

Helena-san? Eh, of course. She was my classmate in school”

She acts as my navigation”

Ah, of course. If it’s Helena-san, I thought she will choose that one.”

That one is which one?

School course. Employment”

Ugh, my head…”

During this time, but actually until yesterday, I still don’t know which to choose, getting employment or continue my education.

Well, it doesn’t matter for while.

And then, she become Home Security Guard”

Eh? Isn’t that bad?”

Some how I could see her chubby future…

<<Unthinkable. Home security guard is too much>>

Is that wrong?”

<<I properly got money from the country.>>

That worse!!>

<<I do the minimum necessary. Put that aside, is it fine? If we don’t process quickly it’s going to be dark>>.

That’s right!! Let’s go. Lilia!!”

Eh? Yes!!”

I continue with little faster.

Move on.





I see it!!”

After walking about 2 hours, finally we see a road.

That’s Linda. We arrive faster than expected”

I thought it will take half day, but we arrived in about 3 hours.

Meanwhile, since I got bored by only walking, we have some silly conversation and kissing all the way.

Hn, Lilia… somebody is watching…”

Hn, chuu♪ it’s fine. Let’s show it♪”

Uuu, Lilia♪”


By the way, if not for this, we might have arrived little faster, but you can’t retort abut that.

Now, just a little bit!! Let’s go!!”

Yeah. So far nothing happen, just little bit isn’t it♪”

I am relieved we progressed so far without any problem.

Daamn!! Somebody help me!!

I heard someone scream!!

Exactly after I said it!! Let’s go Lilia!!”


We started running in a direction where we heard a scream

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Yuusha ga Onna Da to Dame Desuka?

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