Nameless Story – Prologue

Original story from me. I know I’m not good at English, but somehow I feel awkward if I try to write it with Bahasa Indonesia. Well, it’s jut my way to learn English.

Do you ever experienced? A dream which seems very very important that could affect the world or even the universe but you somehow can not remember what content of your dream no matter what? Yes, I just have that kind of dream. Continue reading

Nameless Story Chapter 1 – My name is Nanashi (Nameless)

Chapter 1

My Name is Nanashi (Nameless)


“Who are you? Where are you coming from?”

Ah, of course you want to confirm someone’s identity if you meet them for first time. Especially in the wild like this. It’s common sense. So, if I want to ask them for help, no matter what, I should introduce myself to them. But there is problem. Who am I? I don’t remember my name or my home town. I only remember this appearance is mine. So, how should I answer their question? Lie is not good when I try to ask them something right? So, Continue reading

Aya Fell Ill


Ughh… when I tried to get up from my bed and come to my computer, someone pulled my cloth and stopped me.

When I looked at behind me, someone there. Cute girl around 20 years old, with black black straight long hair. Her eyes were brown. She was very resemble me. Well, she is my sister. But unlike me, there were beautiful twin hills that look like very soft and very pleasant to be touched. Ah, I wanna touch them….

She was sat beside my bed while holding my pajama. There was angry shown on her face. Her eyes sharply looked at me.

“Stop it!! What will you do while you are sick!?”

Yeah, I was sick, from last few days, I can’t leave my bed. Being nursed by beautiful sister on the bee is some happiness, but I need my computer!!

“But, but, but, my readers are waiting. I can’t let them dissappointed.”

“No! You can’t Aya! You need to rest!”

“No! I’ve rest too much… I nee my daily dose of internet…”

“I said no! If you keep like this, we’ll have bondage play and I will tie you to the bed.”

Ah, it’s dangerous!! I don’t want to be tied to the bed.

What should I do to get free from her? Hmm, maybe I could do that…

“Then, then, if you kiss me, I will back to the bed….”

Yes! She became silent. It’s working… so that I though. 

But I was surprissed that her lips met mine.

After some this and that, there was no choice for me except went back to the bed. I was completely defeated…