Nameless Story – Prologue

Nameless Story

Original story from me. I know I’m not good at English, but somehow I feel awkward if I try to write it with Bahasa Indonesia. Well, it’s jut my way to learn English.

Do you ever experienced? A dream which seems very very important that could affect the world or even the universe but you somehow can not remember what content of your dream no matter what? Yes, I just have that kind of dream.

It’s somehow very vague, but it’s definitely something big happen in my dream. I would never exaggerate it by saying it could affect the world or even the universe. But somehow, I feel it could affect my whole life. That’s why I wish I could remember it soon.

Well, let’s put aside the dream for a while, because since when I open my eyes, I found my self lying on grass field I have no recollection where. Why am I here!? Where is this!?

Okay, first, let’s confirm the situation.

I try to stand up and look around. Nothing. Just green scenery as far as I can see. Really!? Where on earth is this!? Do I even still on earth? Wait!? Earth? What is earth? Well, I hope this not afterlife world.

Next, let’s try confirm my appearance. Hmm…!? My hand is as small as usual, my silver hair is just long like before, and small but not flat chest as ever. I can’t see my face since I don’t have mirror. It seems okay… What is this!? Leather armor!? Slightly curved sword!? The one that used by Japanese warrior? I surprised by what I’m wearing.

I tried to pull out the sword from its scabbard. Oh! it’s a single-edged sword. it’s katana which used by Japanese warrior, isn’t it? Oh! I can see my reflection on the sword, I can use it as mirror. let’s see, let’s see… well it’s still me, the cute face (Yes, I’m cute!), the small body is still me. Only what I’m wearing is strange.

So, what I should do now? I do not know any direction. On this wilderness there is nothing that looks like any sign. For a while, let’s go towards the sun. Since the sun is clearly visible, there is no way I could lost. There is no way isn’t it!? Well, unless the sun is circling around one place.

I keep walking. I wonder how long I’ve been walking. Some hours? Or may be just barely any minutes? I don’t have any way to check time, and the sun looks line not even moving. Also I don’t know the distance I toke. The grass not showing any trace. But let’s keep walking. I can only do that. If only I have wings, I could fly to the sky.

After some time and the sun seems more inclined somehow. I saw small thing. Forest in far away. As I keep walking, the forest is getting closer and bigger. And when I arrive at forest border, I stop for while. Do I enter the forest? Or keep walking around its border while while keep my direction with the sun?

If I directly enter the forest my be I could arrive quickly, but arrive to where? Do I have any destination? No I have not! So it doesn’t matter if I found destination sooner or later right? Besides, visibility will become very low if I entering forest, I couldn’t see any danger for far. So it’s better to walk around forest’s border right? let’s do so.

And so I keep walking with forest at my left side and grass field at my right. Since inclined sun is also at my left, I’m walking to north right? Well actually it doesn’t not matter where I heading to. As long as I can find any proper road that still used, it’s fine. But after this long time no road found. How long it has been?

I really home I find something or someone soon. I don’t want to spent my night at forest border like this alone. There is nothing here. No fluffy bed, no cute pajamas, no warm blanket. There no way I could spent my night alone here! I will be killed by monsters! It’s very fortunate that so far no monster come to attack me. Hmm…!? Did I just raised a flag!?


I hear something from the forest. It’s like something coming to me. Foot step? But so quiet, fast, and a lot!? What is this!? Okay, first I need to step away from border and confirm what it is. If only I have radar to detect hostile or friendly party. What is radar anyway? Why I know I could detect something with it? I don’t even know why I thinking such thing. And when I thinking such thing, they show up.


No way! No way! No way!

Why I don’t run away from start!? Why I should confirm what are they!? And now it’s impossible to run away isn’t it!? There is no way I could overrun wolves! I just 16 years old girl! Also there is no way I could beat single wolf, let alone five wolves that in front of me now! Ah! I’m dead! I’m dead now!

I already accept my fate when see a wolf jump out to me. Father, mother, I’m sorry. I can’t be good kid for you, sorry that I can’t give you grandchild.

But some weird things happened. My body moved by it self. Unsheathe my sword and swing it toward jumping wolf, creating single arc. Huh!? The wolf sliced into two.

So this sword is not just for show. Just now, is it my reflex? Do I actually have power to defeat this wolves? If so, let’s try it! Either way, I could die anytime.

The other four wolves are start running towards me. Bring it on! One by one the wolf jump to me and somehow I could easily dodge to the side or rolling under it. Did they try to attack my head or throat directly? After dodging for while, I try use my sword. Slashing one wolf while dodging its attack and swing my sword towards another wolf and so on. Four wolves completely defeated. Hah! it’s tiring.


When I think everything is over, something come out from forest. it’s big! Bigger than wolves I defeated! Judging by its jet black color, it’s must be black tiger! No way! I may be could defeat wolves, but not this thing! Rather than try to fight this one, let’s try escape. Who knows if somebody going to help me.

Somebodyyyy help meeeee!!!!”

I try to shout as loud as possible while running as fast as possible. May be that tiger is hungry it will be more interested in wolves corps than me. I hope so. After running a while and not getting caught by the tiger, I look behind. The tiger is nowhere to be seen. I’m so relieved. It seems that tiger is more interested in wolves corpse as I hope. So let’s keep looking for any road. Think nothing! Say nothing! Do not raise any flag again! Every flag is death flag!

Finally a few hours after I meet that tiger, yes I think it’s already few hours since I have no method to measure time right now, I found some horse drawn carriage in distance, so it’s not afterlife after all. So there is must be road there. I think they are merchant on journey, I’m so lucky! They were stopped. I think they are preparing for camp there? Well, sun will be setting in few hours but, isn’t there dangerous to camp here? What if you are attacked by monster while sleeping? After I get closer to the merchant I see there some guards there. It will be safe then. If they are kind enough I could ask for protection and information. If not? Life will found the way.

Ask? Information? I just realize I am in unknown location. Do they talk my language!? What if I don’t understand their language and they also don’t understand my language!? It will be disaster! But can I just use body language to talk? For now, let’s just approach them. Communication abilities come later!

At some distance that I could hear their conversation, I know that they are using language that I understand. I’m so glad. When some of guards see me coming, they are getting ready and preparing their weapon. Why? Do I look like some villain to you? And then one of the guard, the leader may be, come closer and give me questions.

Who are you? Where are you come from?”

Ah! who am I? Where I come from? I don’t remember!

Nameless Story

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