Nameless Story Chapter 1 – My name is Nanashi (Nameless)

Nameless Story

Chapter 1

My Name is Nanashi (Nameless)


“Who are you? Where are you coming from?”

Ah, of course you want to confirm someone’s identity if you meet them for first time. Especially in the wild like this. It’s common sense. So, if I want to ask them for help, no matter what, I should introduce myself to them. But there is problem. Who am I? I don’t remember my name or my home town. I only remember this appearance is mine. So, how should I answer their question? Lie is not good when I try to ask them something right? So,

“I’m not someone suspicious.”

“That’s someone suspicious will say.” the leader-like person unsheath his big sword.

Of course that’s line is usually said by suspicious character! But am I really looks like suspicious person!? I’m not right!? No matter how you see me, I’m just a girl who walks in this wilderness alone with minimum equipment. Wait, that’s sound suspicious. If that forest is famous for its danger either by monsters or bandits, I could be mistaken as bandit’s trap to weaken the target. And at time like this, it’s perfect for bandit to attack. I’m so fool!

“No , no, no! I’m not bandit or something like that. I’m not trying to deceive you.”

“Ha ha ha… what a honest girl.”

Hah… I’m glad that he understand. I’m saved… Huh!? Then why he swings his big sword towards me? If that huge sword hit me, there is no way I could survive. I have no shield, leather armor surely won’t hold such sword, I only have small and thin sword and will snap if I use to block that sword. Are you trying to kill me!?

There is no other choice. Life is more precious if compared to sword. I’ll try to hold it, even if my sword break. So with single movement I draw my sword from its scabbard at my waist and block his swing. Glang! Huh!? It works! My sword doesn’t break. Is it really good sword? I wonder.

“Why are you trying to kill me!? I’m not bandit I said!”

“I’m not going to kill you. I just need to disable you and seized your allies.”

“What allies? I’m alone here. I’m not bandit!”

“Say as much as you like, bandit!”

He retract his sword and swing it again to my left side. While move backward and turning around my body, I stop his attack. Somehow I could stop all of his attack. There are also some opening that I could use for attacking, but I won’t use that. I won’t attack. It will be disadvantageous for me. I want them to help me, so I can’t attack them.

“Stop it, Rein!”

When the battle is getting fierce, a loud shout stop it.


When I look at the source of  shout, there is a girl, no, there is a women there. Big! No, no no, her height is just average for woman in twenties, but her breasts are big! Please don’t compare them with mine. With long straight blue hair and beautiful face and wearing high quality robe and cane, it won’t be strange if she claimed herself as angel or goddess of magic.

“Why? She could be one of bandits who want to ambush us.”

The leader-like flying a protest. After seeing the woman name Lucia, I wonder if this guy is really the leader of this party.

“No. I don’t feel any hostile intents from her.”

Ah, Lucia-san you are really good person. I really want to embrace you and rest my head on your chest. But I can’t let myself do that right now.

“So, girl, who you? Please honestly answer me.”

“I don’t know. I don’t remember who am I nor where I come from. I suddenly woke up in the middle of his wilderness with no memory. I come to you for asking help.”

Well, that’s honest answer. As I said before, I won’t lie!

“Okay, come here, we discuss it together.”

“Is it really fine, Lucia?” leader-like guy is still reluctant.

“It’s fine, I’d rather like her to be with us. I have feeling that she is not only like me, but also very similar to that woman. So I want her with us for now.”

Eh? Lucia-san? You want to be with me? I’m fine with that, I’ll be glad if only two of us. But how about that the other guys who keep switching their sight between me and you with surprised expression and the merchants who motionlessly watching from their carriage? We couldn’t leave them alone you know.

“Well, if you say so, let’s continue our preparation. Girl! You want ask for help right? If your problem not so urgent, then help us prepare for camp first.”

Well, yeah, my problem is not urgent matter. I just want to ask for some information. For now, let’s just help them prepare for dinner camp.

Preparation for camp is simple. Since the merchants are sleeping inside carriage, we not need to built tent. We just gather some firewood from shallow part forest and create camp fire. For dinner there are bland soup, hard bread and salted meat. There are also some dried fruits. Well, typical food for journey. Especially for long term journey. I wonder how long it has been since they departed from another city.

“Okay, let’s introduce ourselves.”

Lucia-san strat talking while having dinner. The guard and merchant make their own groups even though not too far apart since what we talk is different matter.

“We are B rank party “Light of The Dawn”, the one whom you fought earlier is the leader, Rein. And the one who silently eat there is Rick. Both of them are swordsman. This girl is Milanda and myself is Lucia. It’s nice to meet you.”

Everyone except Rick only give small nod smile where their name are called.

“I’m sorry about before. There is one time that Rein trying to helped a girl but turnout that girl was one of bandits. He was attacked and lost the carriage that he had to escort. It was painful experience for him. I hope you not resent him.”

So it was like that. Betrayed by the one who you have saved. I couldn’t imagine that. May be he is a good guy, no, not may be, he is a good guy.

“No, I won’t resent him. He said he won’t kill me right? He is a good person.”

“Yeah. Hei,  by the way, it’s hard to call you just with girl without name. Are you really not remember anything!? Any fragment of your name?”

“Nope. nothing at all.”

“If that case, we could give her any name. Like risu, or usa-chan”

Hei Rein! I maybe cute like squirrel or rabbit! But they are small animals! I’m not animal and I’m not small! Well, I’m actually smaller when compared to normal 16 years old girl.

“No, no, no. Not that one.” rejected!

“Mil, could you thing any name?” Lucia asking Milanda.

“I think Onee-sama would give a better name than me.”

O… Onee-sama!? What kind of girl are you!? Are you… with Lucia-san… No no no, I can’t accept that! Oh, by the way, why you not asking Rick?

“Okay, since you don’t have name, I’ll give you this one.”

Lucia-san stand up, stretched her hand out and open her palm towards me and start chanting.

“By the name of Guardian Goddess, Lilia, I, Lucia, The Guardian of The Sky, bestow a name upon you. From now on, you will be known as Nanashi, the one who does not have name.”

What kind of bestowal is this!!

Nameless Story

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