Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 001 The Slacker Saint, Expelled

Hungry Saint

001 Slacker Saint, Expelled

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation

“Emilia Mercurio, come here”
“Yes, I’m coming!”

She had a bad feeling when the abbess called her. The abbess is always called the “saint apprentice” by their full name when about to give a sermon or punishment.

With such a feeling, Emilia nervously entered the abbess office.

“Let’s get to the point, Emilia Mercurio.”
“Ye, Yes.”
“By today, you have to leave this Serenade Monastery.”
““The Saint” of Tenka religion is someone who needs to spend the days with simple food and spare time to sleep to help people.”
“There is information from sister Kokona. You’ve been eating and sleeping more than anyone else in this monastery.”
“Tha, that’s…”
“I also heard that you were also called “the fallen” by the other apprentice.”
“That’s sister Kokona who spread it…”

Sister Kokona is the best among the “Saint Apprentice” in the Serenade Monastery. She works well while having only little bread, she also studies until late night and is also one of the earliest to wake up.

However she also has a reputation for being a bully. She was always blabbing about somebody else’s mistakes every time.

“I always get hungry and sleepy… but I did my best to hold it.”
“This is the decision.”
“This is… a magical power measuring instrument?”
“You’re right. Please touch it, Sister Emilia.”

Emilia put her hand on the magical power measurement unit as she was told.

“Ha… as expected”
“Is there any problem?”
“The indicator is not even moving, I never see something like this.”
“Is it broken?”
“No, it’s not broken. Maybe you just don’t have magical power that can be measured.”
“Such a thing is!”
“Yesterday, there was a preliminary inspection to become “Saint” right?”
“Ye, yes.”

Emilia had been desperately preparing for the preliminary inspection with patience in drowsiness.
The result shouldn’t be that bad.

“Listen, Emilia Mercurio.”
“Magical power is necessary in order to become “Saint”. You don’t have it.”
“And that’s the reason… that’s why I have to leave from here…”
“Yes, you are “dropout”, Emilia Mercurio”

It’s useless already, so Emilia judged it while she was leaving the abbess’ office.

The Tenka religion is the largest religion in this world. There were a huge number of believers spread throughout the world. The reason for that was because the existence of trained world-wide women order called “Saints” who have special power to heal illness and injuries.

Emilia was one of the “Saint Apprentices”. Was.

Since she was a child she longed for “The Saint” who traveled to various places in the world to heal people. That feeling may be the biggest among the other apprentices in the Serenade Monastery.

And yet she was easily kicked out.

“… I’m hungry”

Guuu… the internal organ screamed loudly.
Very hungry.

Compared to normal humans, Emilia gets hungry more quickly and it seems she is also the type that needs more sleep than most people.

And that alone made her unable to become a saint and even expelled from the monastery. Collecting her not-so-much luggage, we went out from the Serenade Monastery using the back door.

Emilia noticed several apprentices looking at Emilia who went away from the monastery.

“I think it’s my first time in the outside world.”

She has lived in the monastery since she was little. It was the first time she walked on the outside world by herself.

“I can’t become “Saint”… but maybe I can help people.”

Emilia squeezed her traveler cane. It was sad to be kicked out from the place where she grew from early age, but the outside world is somehow a little bit exciting.

Hungry Saint

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