Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 07 Part 2

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The Hero’s Graveyard Part 2


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


The gargoyle opened his mouth and ordered authoritatively.

“Offer me the poem that’s only handed down to the Brave’s descendant. If you make a mistake, I will take your life. You can run away, you can also can challenge me and be torn apart by me.”

“The Hero refuses the Demon King’s temptation. Therefore, the God grants the wind of blessing. Come, wrapped in the great wings, let’s return to our birth place. That is the sky of the land, the glory of the country.”

I smoothly recite the poem.

“Indeed. You can proceed.”

The great stone door made tremors when it opened.

“Nene-sama is descendant of the hero huh… no wonder there was a noble aura emanating from you…”

“I’m not! It’s disgusting just imagining me having the same blood as that thing!”

“Eeh…? Then what about the poem?”


Because it was my second playthrough, I already heard the brave recite it in my first playthrough. Well, she won’t understand even if I said that.

I and Flan went further to inner part of the dungeon while defeating monsters that lived in there. Since it was my second time here, I remembered the recovery point so there was no need to worry about running out of stamina in the middle of the way.
We arrived at the deepest point of the graveyard, which looked like a reception hall.

There was a sacred magic circle that created a barrier, and a coffin in the middle of it. And above the coffin, there was the legendary sword Durandal floating. However, the sword was wrapped in a high energy barrier; not even I can do anything about that.

“Only the brave can get the legendary sword Durandal.” that was written in the lithograph placed beside the coffin.

Flan immediately jumped back upon finding her skin likely to melt from when she tried to reach for Durandal.

“What should we do?”

“Open this coffin.”

When Flan opened that heavy sarcophagus lid, what was inside was a mummy. Wearing excessive jeweled accessories, he looked arrogant even though he was dead.

The ancient Hero’s corpse. He was the one who created this graveyard and the one who sealed the sword.

“Thou corpse who art immersed in sleep, reminisce in peace, become my retainer for a while! El Diad Vortexa!”

The mummy stood up, thrust its hand to the barrier and took the sword. After that, it threw the sword to me.

“Thanks Hero-sama!!” I gave thanks to the mummy.

“Wha-what just happened…!?” Flan bewildered.

“Because the only one who can get the legendary sword is the descendant of the brave. So, the ancestor of the brave… in other words, the hero who made this graveyard could directly take it.”

When we about to leave the graveyard, the three sages suddenly appeared and made surprised voice.

“… That sword!!” “It’s the birth of a new hero!!” “Long live the hero! Long live the hero!”

They were somehow making a racket.

“Oi, use this.”

When we returned to the town, I threw the legendary sword to Flan.

“Tha, thank you very much… is it really fine for me to use it?”

“Of course! How I should I put it, I think it’s better to consider our security a little bit. Even though we weren’t the brave, we could still easily get the legendary sword.”

“It’s easy only for Nene-sama right…?”

Flan tilted her head while holding Durandal dearly.

Two days later.

“You who named themselves the brave. The legendary sword was already taken out.”


After escaping in panic from the village of fire, the brave went to the hero’s graveyard to take the family inheritance, but he was dumbfounded when he heard the gargoyle’s word.

“I told you it already taken out. A little girl already passed the test and was awarded with the sword.”

“A girl again…? Maybe the same girl as before…?”

The priestess frowned while the warrior breathed a sigh.

“But that’s a problem. The brave already sold the other weapon.”

“It can’t be helped right! Because I will get the legendary sword! And we sold the former sword to go to that erotic town right!?”

While they were talking to each other, slime rained down from the ceiling and attacked them.

“Daaamnn!! Why in a place like this!”

There was no choice for the brave except to fight barehanded.

The Hero’s attack power went down!
99 -> 56
Mithril Sword -> Bare hand E
The brave was eaten by slime.


Yuri Necromancer

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  1. I’m not sure about the eaten by slime thing, but isn’t his attack power still damn high even without the sword?
    Well whatever, I can’t wait till the find out who “the little girl” is. I really wanna see their reactions~

  2. The scumbag hero sold his weapons before getting the legendary sword? Even though there was a dungeon with monsters before even getting to the sword? Wow… I suppose he left his brain with his parents for safe keeping.

  3. Lol! Excessive anticipation much? Selling the sword before getting the legendary one. XD
    I wonder if those slimes were a trap Nene prepared at all. Lol!
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  4. What happens when several generations of hero marry love-crazy brainless women, is eventually your descendants are just idiots with good looks.

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