Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 07 Part 1

Yuri Necromancer

The Hero’s Graveyard Part 1


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


After riding the Skeleton Dragon for a while, I and Flan descended to the ground. Dust is blown up when the dragon’s nails pierce the rocks.

“This is my first time riding a dragon…. Even the king of the dragon tribe bowed down in front of Nene-sama…”
Flan who got off the dragon was dazed.

“Well, it’s my first time too. It’s hard to find a dragon fossil in a good condition like this.”

Particularly the wing was really easy to break. Even if I resurrect it, a dragon without wings could only crawl on the ground. A dragon that can’t fly was nonsense.

It would stand out too much though if we were always flying with the dragon, and perhaps some subjugation party would hunt it. That’s why I hid the dragon by submerging it into the lake. It’s very convenient since the dragon didn’t need to breathe like a living dragon.

And then both of us came to the nearby town, Seiria.

Walking on the busy main street, I looked at the sword hanging at Flan’s waist.

“Your sword, it’s seems pretty damaged, show me the edge.”


Flan took her sword out at the roadside.

“The edge was tattered after all.”

“I’m sorry… that was when I slashed the Wyvern. I was reckless in doing it.”

“That’s fine, that’s fine. We just need to buy a new sword. We got a lot of rewards from the Village of Fire, so it’s fine.”

The pouch containing full of gold coins was jingling. If we had this much, not only battle necessities, it may be fine to buy ice cream or parfaits too. I only knew about parfaits when I left the village to the world outside, it can’t be helped that I always wanted to eat it right?

“…Ah, but you have to do your best from now, so you need a very strong sword for that. Hey, how about a legendary sword… do you want


Flan tilted her head in wonder, when I asked her with a smile.

Thirty minutes later, I and Flan were walking along a passage in place like a dim shrine.

“Nene-sama, what is this place?”

“The Hero’s graveyard. This is the place where the legendary sword Durandal is sealed. When the demon king resurrected, the brave will come to this graveyard to get Durandal.”

“Durandal…!? I’ve heard that name. Certainly, it’s something like an unrivaled sword that can easily cut steel armor. But the only one who can get that sword is only the brave… is Nene-sama the brave!?”

“Of course not!”


“It’s fine. I already thought of another method to get the Durandal.”

I leaked fufufufu laughter.

In the first place, there were a lot of special equipment dedicated to the brave in this world. Even an idiot can save the world if they use all of that equipment. Especially that ridiculous legendary sword; the brave would misuse it if it was given to him. Thus there wouldn’t be any damage if I took it right away.

“…Visitors huh?”

At that time, three elderly people appear in front of me. The Three Sages of Seiria. They also the guards of this place.

“Hello. We came to take the legendary sword Durandal!”

When I said what I wanted straightforwardly, the Sages mumbled for a while and then started to talk.

“Such a young person cannot be considered as the brave but,” “Accept everyone who wants to challenge, that’s our rule.” “But the cost will be your life if you are just an insolent person pretending to be the brave, are you fine with that?”

“No problem!” I lively answered.

“Then you can proceed.”

When the Sages disappeared, I and Flan went further into the graveyard. We kept walking until we encountered a big stone door that blocked our way. Above the door, sat a gargoyle looking at us with glittering, ferocious eyes.

“It’s likely to attack at anytime…”

“It will attack, if you fail to answer the question.”

“Is that fine…?”

“It’s fine!”

This dungeon, I already cleared it in my memories. I knew the method to capture it, later, I just need to somehow do it without the brave.

The gargoyle opened his mouth and ordered heavily.

“Offer me the poem that’s only handed down to the Brave’s descendant. If you make a mistake, I will take your life. You can run away, or you can also can challenge me and be torn apart by me.”

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. I’ll assume the Brave sang the poem in front of everyone there, so she probably remembered it…

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