Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 08 Part 2

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The Girl Named Flan Part 2


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

[Flan Side]

That night.

Even after Nene went to sleep, Flan kept her eyes open and watched their surroundings as much as possible.
Nene who was sleeping on the fallen leaves bed was mumbling in her sleep and then turning over. Innocent, curled up, palm of hand, doll-like small legs, and vivid lips like the petals of a rose. There was a sweet scent from the faint sleeping breaths she leaked out.

“Nene-sama… so cute.”

Nene was about the same age as Flan’s sister. Even though she was small and lovely, Flan’s master was really strong and also had magnificent miracle powers.

When she had used all of her life up in the battlefield, Flan couldn’t stop her tears. She couldn’t meet her family, couldn’t save the Obuza village, she still couldn’t accomplish anything. She could only regret that her life was scattered and going to disappear cruelly. She thought that no matter how hard she did her best, there was only despair in the world.

However, Nene helped her. She gave her hope and a reason to live. Not only protecting the Obuza village, but she also made it possible for Flan to search for her family while journeying.

There were a lot of people who were afraid of necromancers. They ridiculed necromancers as devils that gathered corpses. However, Flan thought such things were a misunderstanding. Because Nene was very cute and kind.

And then, from somewhere out there, a number of evil growls could be heard.

“… It came.”

Flan took out her treasure sword Durandal from its sheath. In their surroundings, there were flocks of ferocious monsters approaching. Swelling Wolves, monster with ugly appearances. On their head, there were rough and bony swells here and there.

The wolves slowly drew closer. They encircled Nene and Flan while grinding their wriggling insect feet like teeth. Most likely, they were aiming for Nene’s tremendous magical power, wanting to eat that soft and tender body.

The Swelling Wolves attacked.

Flan dashed toward the bloodthirsty enemies and swung her Durandal while running. In one slash, a swelling wolf was cut into two. Flan cut the monster apart one after the other, preventing them from getting closer to her master. As expected of the treasure sword that was passed down to the Brave, Durandal’s sharpness was dreadful. After a while, monster corpses piled up in her surroundings.

Flan checked Nene’s condition while wiping off the blood from her sword. She’s seemed fine and was sleeping soundly. However, since she turned over in her sleep, her body protruded from the blanket.

“… You’ll catch a cold.”

Flan quietly fixed the blanket to cover Nene’s body. Nene grasped the blanket tightly like a baby and continued to sleep peacefully.

And again, a flock of monsters approached. Readying up Durandal, Flan stared at the monsters.

“I won’t let you disturb Nene-sama’s sleep!”

That night was a long night.

[Nene Side]

When I woke up in the morning, Flan was tattered and sitting nearby. And a huge amount of Swelling Wolf corpses were scattered around .

“Eh? Did something happen?”

“Nothing! Nothing happened!”

Flan who was full of wounds said such bluntly.

I knew something happened, but Flan was just happily grinning. “It’s nice that Nene-sama slept soundly”, what the hell is this girl saying?

A foolish girl… really.

“Jeez, next time properly wake me up!”

I was pouting but it seemed Flan didn’t really listen to me.

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