Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 09

Yuri Necromancer

The Demon Tribe

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

When I arrived in the town of Nald, the first thing I did before looking for a lodging was visiting the cemetery. Because Nald was a pretty big town, its cemetery was also considerably large. There were only tombstones and withered trees as far as the eye can see.

The crows cawing while flapping their wings, a grave keeper cabin that was likely to crumble at any time also being built there. Everything made the air feel great. I really didn’t want to sleep outdoors but for a necromancer, the cemetery is the most calming place after all.

“…Yeah! I can feel the fresh corpses gathered here!”

I got satisfied after looking around the cemetery.

“Nene-sama, what will we do this time?”

Flan seemed unable to calm down and asked. This girl, even though she was undead she seems still not really good with corpse or anything similar.

“This town you know, will be occupied by the demon tribe in three days.”

“Why does… Nene-sama know that?”

“Because I know everything?”

“I see! Nene-sama really knows everything!”

While admiring her for how honest she was, I continued my story.

“So, because the town will release a quest to recapture the town, I’m thinking about putting some underlings throughout the town for the quest at once. Grandma also said it, for cooking and dead bodies, preparation is important!”

Flan repeatedly blinked her eyes.

“Err… that’s… isn’t it better to defeat the demon tribe before they occupy the town…?”

“… Eh? Why?”

“If we know when and how they will attack, then we could protect the town, and we can do it without injuring the town residents.”

“…Aaa! Aaa! That’s right! I didn’t think of that idea…”

I was careless! I only thought about how I can complete the quest before the Brave. But then I put both of my index finger on my temple and tilted my body to the side. Thinking.

“But, if we defeat the demon tribe before the quest is released we can’t get the rewards right? And I can’t get my revenge on the Brave…”

“Still, Nene-sama can save the lives of the citizenry! Because Nene-sama is kind, Nene-sama should give priority to human life.”

“It’s not like I’m kind you know…”

“No, Nene-sama is very kind! I believe in Nene-sama!”


I was troubled with how she saw me with her sparkling eyes.

“I’ll tell you again, I‘m not traveling because I want to save people…”

“Nene-sama saved my life!”

“I’m didn’t save you! You’re dead!”


Her eyes sparkling.

“Jeez… it can’t be helped! Only this time! Only this time you know!”

I emphasized it multiple times while hitting my waist with my hand.

So, the power of magical beings[1] increase when it’s night-time.

Based on information I gathered from the first playthrough, the demon tribe will start their attack from the town’s west gate. Then, a sudden roar was raised up from the silent wilderness. It was a sign that a group of kobolds were about to begin their onslaught.

“Ghahaha!” “Kill! Kill! Kill!” “Trample down the humans!” “They are sleeping soundly in the night, it will be an easy victory!” “Let’s party!!”

Such voices reverberated, well it wasn’t human voices though. Because I learned the language of magical beings in the necromancer village, I know the meaning. At any rate, they were in high spirits.

“Unfortunately, there were also a lot of humans who were not sleeping in the night. Come, do your best on my behalf!”

When I gave a command and raised my hands, a lot of (cold) human being came out from the ground. Rather than human, they were corpses.

After absorbing nutrients from the magic potion I poured before, zombie-chans rushed toward the kobolds.

“Gyaa!? What!?” “It’s zombie bastards!!” “Why they come to us!?” “Don’t know! Defeat them!”

Attacking the army of Kobolds, the zombies were gradually defeated.

“Haha! Even though we are the weakest of the demon tribe, like hell we will lose to zombies!!” “There is still something below the underling! I’m really feeling that pleasure right now!”

The Kobolds were in high spirits. However,

Defeated zombies attack the kobold army again.

“You guys noisy!”





Garigari musha musha bori bori! [TN: Munching sfx]

The kobolds army was swallowed by the crown of hungry zombies.

No matter how many times the zombies were defeated, they didn’t feel any pain or anything and they will keep attacking even if only their heads remained. The only way to completely defeat them was to erase them using strong fire power.

When the battlefield fell silent as the kobold army became zombie food, the demon tribe commander flew down. A vampire, the retainer of the night. It was a high-level demon that couldn’t be compared with kobolds.

The vampire looked down at me with wide open eyes and lifted its lips which was thickly painted with lipstick.

“You bastard… Necromancer right? Why? The residents of the necromancer village should be, ours, the demon king’s allies! Why are you getting in our way?”

“Well, it seems fun to be on the human side… and I got money. and also… I want to be praised.”

I added the last words while scratching my cheek.

“Want to be praised!? Don’t lie! There is no way that necromancers will move for such cute reasons! You bastards should be a more wicked, evil, inhumane bunch!”

“Isn’t that too harsh?”

“No! That’s the truth! You…you bastards are heretical mages (‘mancers’|マンサ) who fell to evil’s doctrine!”

The vampire noble spits.

Even the demon tribe who were supposed to be the bad guys said such things about necromancers. As expected of the necromancer village, its reputation is the worst, not only with humans but also with the demon tribe.

“… Well, it’s fine. Either way, you’ve bared your fangs toward us. Even though necromancers are our allies, there is no worth in keeping you alive.”

With a terrible speed, the vampire flew and tried to tear me up with its long nails. However, Flan already anticipated it and cut the nails with her sword. The vampire opened its eyes wide.

“That, that sword is… the Brave’s sword!? What does that mean!? You bastard, are you the Brave? Even though you smell like an undead!!”

“I’m not the Brave… but I will crush the enemy of Nene-sama!!”

Flan’s sword and the vampire’s nails clashed against each other in the air and made sparks each time they met.

In the background of such a scene, the ground swelled up. Large amounts of soil and sand slid away and the skeleton dragon that I hid
appears from underground.


The vampire immediately jumped aside, its body becoming mist and escaping from the skeleton dragon’s jaw.

“Ah, so close!”

I was disappointed.

“Yo-, you’re even using a dragon!? This is bad… we have to redo our preparations!!”

The vampire made a mad dash to escape.

Finally, I can take a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, I want to do a bit more though.”

“But Nene-sama is amazing! To annihilate the demon tribe army is too amazing! With this we saved a lot of citizen lives! Nene-sama is great!”

As usual, sparkling eyed Flan.

“Well… whatever.”

Then, because I was sleepy, I returned to the inn.

[The Brave Side]

“Damn damn damn damn!! There’s no money, no food, no sword!! There is also no town that was attacked by monsters, this is the worst shit!!”

The brave ranted while walking on the main road.

“Brave… don’t shout too much, you will get more hungry.” the warrior rebuke.

“Shut up! Or rather, let’s sell Sara’s body in town! That can be a little source of money right!?”

“I don’t wanna. I don’t want to have a disgusting old man as my partner.” said the priestess, shivering.

And so, the brave saw a male vampire standing up on the big tree ahead of them.

“Eh, isn’t that demon tribe…?”

“His equipment seems to be expensive isn’t it? Yosh, let’s hunt it! If we can sell his equipment, we can get drinks today!”

“Aah, that’s a good idea.”

When the brave silently approached, the vampire noticed them and raised its eyebrow.

“Who are you?”

“Me? I’m the Brave Bligs! I’m planning to defeat your lord, but for now, let’s start with killing you first.”

“Is that so. But unfortunately, I don’t have any time to play with a third-rate like you.”

“Hah!? Third-rate!? What are you saying bastard?! I told you I’m the Brave!”

“Leaving that aside, I’m really curious about that necromancer girl… why, why would she attack us and save the human town…? And even though she’s just a girl, she has unthinkable and dreadful power… even the successor of Durandal and a dragon serve her… what on earth is she…? What countermeasures should we use…?”

After mumbling to himself for a while, that vampire immediately flew away. Not even turning his face to the Brave.

“Oi! Wait! I told you to Wait!”

Even though the Brave shouted over and over, the vampire ignored him.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. [“Nene-sama save my life!”
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