Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 16

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I Want to Eat

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

There was a restaurant on the town’s main road, in the middle of a  line up of gorgeous shops. It was high class restaurant with a luxurious chandelier, fluffy carpets, and pure white tablecloths. The moment we entered that restaurant, Flan and I felt that we were standing out .

“Ne, Nene-sama… is it fine for me who is just a dirty mercenary to be here…?”

“It, it’s fine. Because we have money!”

I raised the leather bag where I put the gold coins high, as if I was showing it to the waitress.


“I will throw gold coins at their cheeks if we’re likely to be kicked out! I  will also summon apparitions and break all of their window glass.”

“I feel like we’ll  probably get kicked if we do that.”

With a lot of things to worry about, the waitress gave her best business smile and lead us to the table.  I ordered the recommended full course since I didn’t know about high class meals in the world outside the necromancer village, and waited for one hour.

On top of a pure white tablecloth, unknown high class meals were lined up. A juicy steak, crustacean soup,  something like a pilaf, something leafy(?), something boney!? I really didn’t understand!

But well, I knew that this was a feast. This and that were high class meals!

I won’t forget. That time when the Brave party was invited to the royal castle for a banquet and got free food, and just because I was a necromancer, they wouldn’t let me in. In the end, I just made some grass soup to eat in the stable.

But it was different now. I can eat what I like as much as I want.

Well, at least I knew the name of the food that I wanted to eat first as a test. It was “Brebre Gratin Babad Meat? (even so it’s ambiguous)”. I took it with a spoon and put it in my mouth.


Gentle tasting white sauce and fiery spices  combined perfectly with the melting meat in my mouth. It’s the best, as if it was a meal from the realm of the dead. I never went to the realm of the dead though, it’s just my imagination.

“I’m glad. It seems Nene-sama enjoys it.”

Flan didn’t touch the meals, she just looked at them while smiling.

“You should eat too. It’s gonna be cold.”

“No, I’m fine. Please enjoy them all, Nene-sama.”

“My stomach’s gonna explode! It’s fine, don’t hold back…”

I didn’t want her to feel hungry like when I was in the Brave’s party.

“That’s… it’s a waste. Lately, I, can’t taste the food I eat…”

“Can’t taste…?”

“Yes, that’s why, even if Nene-sama treats me to a feast…”

Obviously, she’s lost her sense of taste since I resurrected her. Even though I was thinking that there were no defects since she was living normally…

“Why didn’t you say anything about it!? I can immediately fix it if you said something about it!”

“Err, well, that, I can still fight properly even if I can’t taste anything, and I don’t want to trouble Nene-sama…”

“Aaah… jeez…”

This girl. Really, this girl is… I don’t know whether she was too honest or too obedient. She was ideal for a familiar, but even so, it’s fine to be a little selfish.


— That night.

I silently slipped out from my bed and headed to the town’s cemetery.

Yuri Necromancer

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