Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 15

Yuri Necromancer

Resale Shop

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

As Flan  carried the plundered items from the blood sucking noble’s mansion, I taught her about the resale  shop.

“About the resale shop, it’s a shop that will buy anything. From something that fell on the road, a cup that clearly has the royal family crest on it, or a sculpture that went missing tens of years ago.”

“Isn’t that an illegal shop that buys stolen goods!? Shouldn’t we catch them and hand them over to the lord!?”

“Adventurers can’t survive without such a shop. So they will have a grudge if we report that shop.”

“What the hell are the adventurers doing…”

“Rather, you mercenaries also did that right? Plundering on the battlefield.”

“No. Because I was just a human without talent except for fighting, I only got money by fulfilling my mission. I was already satisfied to get bread everyday.”

“I see…”

Perhaps, this girl’s colleagues were the ones normally taking the defeated enemies’ belongings. This girl was a really honest girl.

While talking about this and that, we finally arrived at the back alley “resale shop”.

Of course there was no signboard, and looked as if it was  just a deserted house from the outside. Even when we entered inside, the place was full of dust and the goods weren’t organized. The feeling of a deserted house was amazing after all.

“Gehehehe, I will buy anything.”

The shop owner who had lost all of his teeth made a creepy smile on the counter. All of his hair was gone, his body color was gone, and even the color of his clothes was gone. His roughness was top notch.

There was a tough looking bodyguard standing beside such a shop owner.

“Put it there.”


Flan put the items she brought to the counter.

“Oh! My! What a lot of things you brought.”

The shop owner opened his eyes wide.

“These, will you buy them?”

“Let me see… five silver coins for all of these.”

“Lies. You’re thinking about taking out five gold coins right?”

“Wha… no, no. five silver coins.”

The shop owner was a bit surprised , but immediately pretended to be calm.

But I knew this shop owner’s appraisal standard. Because I watched when he negotiated  with the Brave in the first playthrough. At that time both of them were in disagreement, and I was dead tired waiting for them to finish. But right now I wanted to finish it as fast as possible.


“By the way, the treasure that’s sleeping in your warehouse, isn’t it a pretty dangerous item?”

“What do you mean by dangerous…?”

“Well, because it’s a jar stolen from the head of the thieves guild right? It was a stupid thief to have stolen  from the head of the guild but you bought it and tried to bring it to another country right? If this leaks out… you die.”

“Hoo… so, you are asking for a better price in order to keep you silent?”

To the shop owner who was caressing his jaw, I nodded.


“This guy…!”

At that time, the bodyguard put his hand on the sword and stepped forward.


Flan also did the same.

The air froze and seemed as if it could explode at any moment.

But I knew, that while this shop owner seemed reckless, his principle was to calculate profit precisely and then move.

“Stop it.”

As I thought, the shop owner stopped the bodyguard.

“I lost to Missy. I don’t know why you know the real pricing of these things, and how  you know the contents of the safe, but you have a good intuition despite being small. This time I fold.”

“Thank you!”

“Really… you’re look just the same age as  my grandchild… and your guard also seems really reliable, how about you two work for me?”

“No good, no good. We don’t have time for that! I have to defeat the Demon King!”

“Is that so? Then do your best! Have this candy as bonus.”

Having finished converting the items we brought into money, and getting candy as a bonus, we left the recycle shop while rolling candy in my mouth.

With this much money… I can eat delicious things! I finally got money by myself, and not from the Brave! Let’s go to the restaurant.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. Just me who thought the candy had tranquillizer or paralyzing venom?
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. What they need for a merchant is a special merchant.

    “Got somethin’ that might interest ya’!” Opens coat to show a bunch of items.

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