Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 19

Yuri Necromancer

Suspicious Fortuneteller

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

The mayor’s mansion was a huge four story building. It’s no longer a mansion, it’s a castle. It  felt like the mayor was draining money from the town but, after seeing this I think it’s fine to extort them as much as possible.

Flan and I stood in front of the splendid gate, looking up at the mansion.

“Is it here, the center of the curse…? I’m sure inside is messy and muddy… do we rush in immediately?”

Shing… Flan took out her holy sword Durandal, getting ready to cut the gate into two at any time.

“There is no need for that! Inside is just like a normal house.”


“Yeah, rather  normal… it was a nuisance.”

Approaching the gate, I extend my hand to the door knocker to sound it.

“Nn….! nn….! Nnn….!”

I can’t reach it. Well, I never walked in front of the party so I never knew that my height wasn’t enough. I mean the Brave didn’t even use the knocker, he just hit the door.

“Should I sound it instead?”

“You can’t! I’ll do it! I’ll feel like I  lost if you do it!”


“Leave it to your owner. The familiar can just wait in the back.”

Once I extend my hand, I can’t withdraw. But even if I do my best, stretching my hand, it’s impossible. It just a little bit more ,but still, my finger won’t reach the knocker.

“Then I will hold Nene-sama.”


Flan suddenly held both of my sides and raised me up  so my hand reached the knocker. With my full power, I tightly grasp the knocker and knock it to the door with a “bang bang bang”.

“See, I can do it!”

“Nene-sama is amazing!”

Honestly  I wasn’t glad. Somehow it felt like I was a child who was being praised with “That’s amazing!” by her mother.

After waiting for a while in front of the door, the head  butler appeared from inside.

“N..? Kids… what business do you have with the family?”

“You don’t know? About me? I’m a famous fortune teller from the capital. When I did divination about this town, I understood where the curse was coming from, so I came.”

“Fortune teller…”

“Yes. Because it will be a huge uproar if the residents know about it, so you guys made it a secret but… the center of the curse is this mansion right?”

“…! How did you!?”

The head of the butler clearly shook.

“Because I’m an excellent fortune teller. The first sign is that it started with the wife of the mayor who collapsed, right? And then the nanny, then the servants, and then the curse spread to the residents of the town… right?”

It was information that I got from listening to the Brave’s party in my first playthrough, but the head  butler quickly became pale.

“A, anyway, we can’t talk about such things here! I don’t know where  you are from, but please come inside.”


As I was invited by the head  butler, I made a guts pose.

Yuri Necromancer

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