Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 20

Yuri Necromancer

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Face to Face

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
Raw link:
Translator: AYA Translation []
Editor: Moonreaver

“Hush money, huh…?”


Face to face with the town mayor in the reception room, I could only tilt my head when I heard his question.

“「Give me money so we won’t say anything to the citizens」 is what you’re trying  to say right? Damn… these money-grubbers are really stabbing the weak point.”

Holding his rounded fat belly, the mayor’s face turned red. He wore a lot of rings with large jewels, his purple dyed clothes looked luxurious, and somehow he even wore something akin to a golden crown.

Yeah, I guess you’re  the one who’s a money grubber, well, it’s fine.

“It’s not like we want hush money, that’s not why we came here.”

In the first playthrough, the Brave got plenty l of hush money but, I don’t want to go that far  with evil things . I just want rewards for the work I’ve done.

The mayor looked  puzzled when he heard what I said.

“If it’s not hush money… then what is your purpose?”

“Like I said, I will resolve the curse that’s spread through this town!”

“You will…?”

“I will.”

“Just a small child like you, what could you do?”

“Fufufu, you just can’t ridicule small children you know! If it’s with my power, even a vengeful spirit will run away as fast as it can.”

I said,  while puffing my chest out.

“Well… all of the curse experts who tried to solve this curse went missing , and nobody else has dared to challenge it. So, yeah, it’s fine if you want to do it since we have nothing to lose….”

Of course, those curse experts were eaten by the source of the curse. The mayor didn’t know that though.

“Well then, this child and I will stay in this mansion for a while, we need to finish our preparations to resolve this curse. It will take some time to unveil the source and clean it up.”

“Umu, we will prepare the room.”

While I was talking with the mayor, a small boy entered the reception room.

“Papa, are they the new curse specialist?”

“Aah, you’re right, Junior. Try to get along with them.”

“Un, I’ll do so. Nice to meet you big sis.”

The boy called Junior stretched his hand toward Flan.


Flan suddenly swung her holy sword Durandal towards the boy. The edge of Durandal didn’t hit the boy, but the boy fell to the floor, cowering in fear.

“Hii! Hii! Papa! This big sis is scary~!”

Junior cried.

“Oi! What did you do!?”

The mayor became furious.

“Sorry, sorry. There was a dangerous vengeful spirit creeping out in front of this child! If she didn’t attack it, this child could be caught.”

“Is, is that so…?”

I immediately deceive the mayor, and then Flan whispered into my ear.

“Nene-sama! There is no dangerous spirit! It was something… that’s disguised as that child! My attack didn’t miss, it was avoided! Just slightly  really slightly , that child immediately jumped back when I attacked him.”

I also answer her in a very low voice.

“…Flan understands too huh?”

“Yeah. At the moment he approached, my spine tensed up. That child, what the hell is he..?”

“That’s the source of the curse. It already killed the mayor’s child and is impersonating him.”

“Such a thing is…! We have to hurry and eliminate it!”

“Don’t be hasty, especially in front of his family.”


“Because he has already completely deceived the family, we will become bad guys if we kill him.”


In the first playthrough the Brave didn’t listen to my advice and killed him immediately. Thanks to that, there was a bounty on our heads for a while. I won’t repeat such a failure this time.

“Then, what should we do?”

“Wait for a chance. We can only do it when the family takes their eyes off of him.”

Flan and I were looking at Junior while whispering to one  another.

Looking at a new curse expert, no, new prey, the eyes of Junior who were skillfully shedding crocodile tears  shone brightly.

Yuri Necromancer

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    1. 14 years in 12 years old body… but we don’t know what kind of wisdom she got after live with those heretic braves for two years…

  2. This curse in the shape of a brat should not be so strong, since he did not notice that the Flan is a undead…
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