Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 23

Yuri Necromancer


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

In the end, when  night came, nothing had been settled between Junior and us.

So Flan and I stayed in the guest room that the mayor provided for us.

“Fuaa~ So soft and fluffy~! Maybe it’d be a good idea to stay here and become Junior’s private tutor!”

I dived into the bed, rolling around and wrapping myself in a pile of blankets.

“But the town will be troubled if we do not defeat Junior.”

So Flan worried.

“It’s fine, it’s fine! Junior can’t eat if he kills all of the citizenry, I think he will moderately keep them half dead.”

“Living dead!?”

“Yeah, yeah, that! Junior will be happy to eat some food, I will be happy to sleep on a soft and fluffy bed, and the citizens will be happy to somehow be  alive, it’s a win-win!”

“That’s feels like only the citizens are losing!?”

“That’s just your imagination.”

“That’s right… if that’s what Nene-sama says, then it’s just my imagination. Yeah, surely.”

She’s convinced!

This girl, if I told her to die it’s likely for her to immediately die, and that’s scary. Could she think about herself a bit more? Well, if she didn’t it would be useful as a familiar.

“But well, we can’t just be relaxed because we didn’t settle anything. My ambition isn’t to live in this shabby town anyway. Besides, over here might be alright,  but I don’t think that’s the case over there…”


Flan was surprised when I suddenly stood up on the bed.

Sharp popping sounds started to be heard from the ceiling.

Pakki… pakki… pakki…

“What is that sound…?”

“Isn’t that the sound of the Mayor’s bones breaking?”

“Is that fine!?”

“It’s fine, because it’s not my bones! Other that that, we have to wake up early tomorrow, so let’s sleep—”

“Is that alright? I feel a tremendous presence floating in from outside but… is this also my imagination!?”

“Nah, it’s not your imagination… but it’s bothersome.”

A vivid pressure, or more specifically, miasma, approached from the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Immediately after that, a vase floated from a chest and flew towards me.

“!? Ha!!”

Flan hugged me in her chest and used her fist to strike and shatter the vase. Thanks to her protecting me, not even a single fragment hit me.

What is this girl… she’s so cool.


“Your cheeks are red, is there something wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

“However, even your ears getting red, are you being poisoned…?”

Flan examined my face.

“It’s nothing!”

I thrust Flan away.

The fragments of the vase which fell onto the ground slowly rise and start to rotate, circling around us .

Flan draw her sword and took a ready position.

“…Is this also the monster’s doing?”

“Well yeah… the next wave is coming!”

As soon as I said that, the furniture inside the room flew towards us.

Huge amounts of vengeful spirits appeared and roared together.

“Get out… Get out… This is a cursed place… If you stay… You will lose your life…”

Eyes popped out, mouths were torn,  whole bodies melted into a muddy substance, horribly burned.

He must be thinking of driving us away by scaring us. Well, if it’s a normal curse expert, then they would be scared and immediately run away. However,

“You have a bad opponent! I’m a Necromancer that’s capable of hushing crying children! Vengeful spirits are just like parfaits for me! Thanks for the food!”

Raising my skull staff over my head, I peel away the vengeful spirits from Junior’s control.

The furniture that was flying towards me was intercepted by Flan and the vengeful spirits.

The very noisy poltergeist night dragged on  until it was very late.


Yuri Necromancer

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