Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 24

Yuri Necromancer

24. Tranquility

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


“Nene-sama… Nene-sama…!”

Flan’s wavering and shaking voice made me wake up from my slumber.

“What…? Night already…?”

I get up from the bed, while wiping drool from the corner of my mouth.

On the side of the bed, there is Flan with an unsheathed holy sword Durandal in her hands. She’s cautiously looking  outside the window.

“It’s noon.”

“If so, then sleep!”

I drop my body back onto the bed. I’m very tired since I had to fight with the poltergeist all night long. To get bad skin condition at this age is not a joke at all.

“Please wait, Nene-sama! The condition of the town is weird! The signs of humans have completely…”

“This town’s condition is always weird you know. Because it’s cursed — munya munya.


“It’s fine, let’s sleep. Here, Flan come here too.”

With a sloppy disposition, I lift the blanket up,  as if inviting a cat in and ask Flan to come.

“Geh… I, I’m honored to be with master… But the town is…”

Flan shivered with reddened cheeks.

I don’t understand why she’s somehow strangely embarrassed, but I don’t care about what’s happening to the town right now. At any rate, I’m sleepy.

“Come here I say.”


Flan gave up and slipped into the blanket. It’s my complete victory!


So, the next time I woke up, it’s evening.

And I had become Flan’s hug pillow.

To be frank, I’m startled since I barely remember what happened at noon.

Too close, too close, too close! Flan’s beautiful face is so close that our lips are almost meeting one  another’s. She’s tightly hugging me and even our legs are tangled.

“What are you doing—–!!”

“…Eh? Sleeping with Nene-sama.”

“Don’t say that!”

“Didn’t Nene-sama invite me? The way Nene-sama seduced me is cunning. Nene-sama is a bad woman.”

“I’m not lewd like Sara!!”

Once my consciousness fully returned, I slipped out from Flan’s arms.

I got  away from Flan’s side and took a deep breath.

That’s dangerous. I know that I’ve  had trouble with waking up since a long time ago, and often don’t know what’s happening when I’m in a daze. But I have to be careful from now on. It would be too late if I created such a relationship with my familiar before I realized it.

When I open the window to cool off my cheek which had become hot, I felt an uncomfortable feeling.

“What is this…? The town is… very quiet.”

“I was  reporting about that at noon. And I couldn’t investigate it because I can’t leave Nene-sama’s side… As  can be seen from the window, the figures of the citizenry are completely gone.”

It’s not only the figures.

Opposite to the noise from last night, not only from the mayor’s house, but also from the town, each and every sound is gone.

As if… all of the citizens are dead.


Yuri Necromancer

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  1. Flan seems to be very open-minded. The only obstacle for them to become lovers seems to be Nene’s view of the master and familiar relationship.
    It seems that he ran away and took the cattle (citizens) with him…
    Thanks for the chapter

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