Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger 70

I underestimate the length of this novel’s chapters...
Btw, this is the last chapter of 2nd part. 
The novel is completed on 6 February 2019 with 267 chapters (8 parts).
Hmm… by the way, is it too rude if I say, “don’t like don’t read”?


The First Priority is Homework


Laura restlessly sat on the sofa in the reception room since a while. At any rate, the other party was Her Majesty The Queen, someone greater than The Great Sage. So of course she nervous. However, somehow, the one who nervous was just Laura.

Haku who playing on the floor was fine. He was God Beast. A God. In some way he was in higher position than Her Majesty The Queen. Continue reading

Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger 69

Yeah, it’s “Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!?”

Between Paja Rangers and Secret Society Kamibukuron, I choose Secret Society Kamibukuron!

Strawberry Parfait with Misaki-san Desu

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The whole residents of the Oise village were in mourn to the death of  Haku’s predecessor. In the morning, to send the soul to the heaven, the miko, Misaki, did kagura dance in front of the cave. And then with everyone help, she buried its body.

“I’m grateful to Lauraemon and the others. We have finished the burial of predecessor-sama and will leave the new Haku-sama to you.” Continue reading