Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger 69

Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger

Yeah, it’s “Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!?”

Between Paja Rangers and Secret Society Kamibukuron, I choose Secret Society Kamibukuron!

Strawberry Parfait with Misaki-san Desu

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The whole residents of the Oise village were in mourn to the death of  Haku’s predecessor. In the morning, to send the soul to the heaven, the miko, Misaki, did kagura dance in front of the cave. And then with everyone help, she buried its body.

“I’m grateful to Lauraemon and the others. We have finished the burial of predecessor-sama and will leave the new Haku-sama to you.”

And so, Laura group returned to the capital. After taking bath in dormitory with Haku, Laura and two of her friend sleep in their room. Even though they just planned to have discussion with the beastkin, the unexpected happening made them mentally tired.

The Great Sage said that she will bring the six thieves that she put inside her dimensional storage to the royal guard. There won’t be any problem to entrust such thing to her. In the first place, Laura never thought about those thieves. They just like mosquitoes that flying around the small Haku and its predecessor. What more important is to play the rest of summer vacation. Even if she felt that there was something else, it must be not something important since she can’t remember it.

The next day.

In the early morning, when the three people and one animal sleeping together, the door was knocked loud.

“What is this at this hour….”

Charlotte wake up while complaining. Laura who was being hug by Charlotte also woke up. She want sleep but she can’t because she was forcibly being hug, and above that, the violent knocks were carried to the dream inside her dream.


Haku who was curled on the futon also raised unpleasant sound. However, Anna still sleeping soundly. She’s worth a respect.

Nevertheless, who was actually knocked the door? Looking at wall clock, its hand showing 6 o’clock. If Laura not over sleep too much and the sun and moon not drunk, then it was 6 in the morning.

“I’m gonna make complaint….”

Charlotte opened the door while still wearing her bunny pajama.

“Hei, what hour do you think right now…. Eh, Misaki-san?”

The one who stood behind the door was the beastkin miko, Misaki.

“Oh, Charlotte-dono. What a cute bunny appearance you have!”

Said that, Misaki push Charlotte down to the floor.

“Wha, what are you doing suddenly! It’s ticklish!”

Even if Charlotte struggling, Misaki didn’t let her go. The appearance of rabbit and fox messing each other was very pleasant. However, because it was early in the morning, they will trouble the neighbor room. Since the ends of summer break getting closer, some of the students who went home were already returned. That’s why, they need to forcibly stop her.

“Misaki-san, prepare yourself!”

Laura jumped toward Misaki… and started to fluffing her tail.

“Hyaaa! It’s ticklish!”

Misaki weak point is her tail. When her tail attacked, she immediately fainting in agony. It may be cowardice to immediately attack other party’s weak point, but in order to save Charlotte it can’t be helped. Laura didn’t just want to to fluff it.

“Umu, because Charlotte-dono pajama is so cute, I lost sight of myself. But if I look it again, Lauraemon-dono and Anna-dono also very cute! Are you attempting me?”

“There is no way we do something like that. Misaki-san too, why are you here? And in early morning to begin with.”

“Is it too early? It’s normal hour for beastkin though… the reason why I came here is because I am miko!”


Even if she was miko, why use that for reason to disturb Laura and the other’s sleep? Laura and Charlotte who didn’t know what it’s mean could only look at one each other’s face. Is it because culture difference between human and beastkin?

“Don’t make such wondering expression please. Miko is someone who do kagura dance and praying for the God. And then, the God beast that worshiped by the village is here. That’s why I was dispatched to the capital, so I can always together with Haku-sama.  It’s Village decision.”

“Oo, so we can always play together right! Where are you going to stay in the capital?”

“In vacant room in this dormitory. I already have permission from the Great Sage-dono!”


As expected of the Great Sage, her movement is fast.

“So, everyone, please take care of me. I know Haku-sama doesn’t have interest on me, but I wish I can get close with Haku-sama.”

Misaki bowed toward Haku who was still on the futon.


Haku flew and landed on Misaki’s head. Misaki made beautiful smile that she never make before. It was smile that felt like the sunflower was blooming in the room.

“Ha, Haku-sama is recognized me! It’s the greatest dream of miko!”


Haku stroking Misaki’s head with her forelegs. The meaning of that action wasn’t clear, but at least it seemed Haku had some interest in Misaki. It was wonderful that they can get along.

*    *    *

To get closer one each other, Laura and friends brought Misaki to the school cafeteria. Everyone ordered strawberry parfait. Strawberry parfait from this cafeteria is a masterpiece. Omelet also delicious, and the other menus also not bad.

“Oo, is this the rumored strawberry parfait I’ve been hear? Delicious! It’s melt in the mouth!”


Misaki and Haku ate strawberry parfait with an expression as if they were on their peak of happiness. Because all of this cafeteria menus were free, so it was free happiness. It’s cheap and really good.

“Even so… Haku-sama is using foreleg to hold the spoon really well. That’s amazing.”

“Really, I wonder since when Haku remember such technique.”


Haku made smug face.

However it was really amazing so it’s natural to be proud of. Haku stood up on the table with only its back legs, one of its foreleg holding spoon and the other one holding the parfait glass. It was first time for them to see such skillful animal behavior.

“Aside of that, when will Anna-dono wake up?”

Even when Misaki knocked the door and make noise after that, Anna wasn’t likely to wake up. However, leaving her behind in the room alone will make her sad, so they brought her along. Yet she still sleeping until now. While sitting on the chair with snot bubble on her nose.

“To have her own pace is the usual Anna-san.”

“It may be true but…”


While Laura and the other changed into their clothes and eating strawberry parfait, only Anna who still in her costume pajama and still dreaming. For Laura, it was more fun to wake up and play with everyone, but Laura changed her mind when she saw happiness on Anna’s sleeping face. Surely she will wake up when she wake up.

“Ah, I found you. It seems everyone gathered.”

When they finished eating their strawberry parfait, the Great Sage came to the cafeteria.

“Principal sensei. Please tell us in advance if Misaki came. We are surprised!”


“Ara, I’m sorry. But, she also wake me up at five in the morning you know. Misaki suddenly came to my house and said「The Great Sage, I will live in the capital from today」.  The beastkin morning is quick and they doing things in sudden, it’s troublesome.”

The great sage situation wasn’t really different from Laura and the others, so it can’t be helped.

“I feel ashamed. I will be careful next time.”

Misaki didn’t feel regret her action. It seems wake up early in the morning wasn’t something bad for beastkin. Laura wish Misaki will learn human society quickly. Mofu mofu punishment is waiting if she wake Laura in early morning again.

“That aside. Yesterday I handed those thieves to the royal guard. Even looked like that, they are famous band of thieves. What is it again… something like grey night?”

“Grey night huh… never hear of them.”

“Well, the band of thieves just a trivial. After I handed them, I went to Her Majesty The Queen’s place to play and report about the God Beast that now being taken care in school, she immediately said that she want to meet Haku and Laura-chan. So, it seems Her Majesty The Queen will come to school.”

“Hee… is that so….?”

Laura gave a calm reply. But when she thought about what the great sage said once more, she finally understand it.

“Her Majesty The Queen wants to meet us in school!? Today!?” Laura screamed.

“Yeah, today.”

The Great Sage answered like it wasn’t concern her. However it was serious matter. At any rate, Her Majesty The Queen is the one with highest position in this country. And despite such high person willingly to meet her personally, she had nothing but casual clothes.

“Meeting with Her Majesty The Queen with commoner clothes like this? It’s too embarrassing!”

“Then it’s fine to wear uniform right? If it Gyadorea Adventurer School uniform then you won’t be embarrassed to wear it right?”

“I see… certainly school uniform can be used for ceremonial dress… then how about Anna-san? She’s sleeping in her costume pajama though… should we change her clothes?”

“Unn… isn’t fine for her just to wear it? It’s cute.”

“No good! Anna-san please wake up. Her Majesty The Queen will come to meet us!”

“Munya munya….”

Even after shaking her, Anna wasn’t likely to get up. However, when Haku touch her snot bubble with its claw, Anna snot bubble exploded with magnificent ‘pan!’ and make her open her eyes.


“No, that just sound of Anna-san’s snot bubble explode.”

“I see, that’s happened now and then.”

That may be something happening occasionally, but lately, the more Laura learn about Anna, the more mystery she found.

Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger

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