Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger 70

Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger
I underestimate the length of this novel’s chapters...
Btw, this is the last chapter of 2nd part. 
The novel is completed on 6 February 2019 with 267 chapters (8 parts).
Hmm… by the way, is it too rude if I say, “don’t like don’t read”?


The First Priority is Homework


Laura restlessly sat on the sofa in the reception room since a while. At any rate, the other party was Her Majesty The Queen, someone greater than The Great Sage. So of course she nervous. However, somehow, the one who nervous was just Laura.

Haku who playing on the floor was fine. He was God Beast. A God. In some way he was in higher position than Her Majesty The Queen.

But, wasn’t Charlotte, Anna and Misaki bit too relaxed? Especially Misaki, even though she already changed into uniform, but her face still half asleep. Well, as long as she didn’t fully asleep.

“… Why Charlotte-san have such smug face?”

“Fufufu… as daughter of Gazard family, I’ve attended Her Majesty The Queen’s birthday party.  I have talking a lot with her that time. So to speak, Her Majesty The Queen and I are friend.”


To become friend with just talk for once was a fraud story. She just wanted to appeal to have connection with public figure right? Well there was saying that someone in their 14 years of age will be like that.

“Misaki-san, let’s getting nervous and scared together….”

“But why? I’m beastkin. I may respect the human Queen, but I have no reason to fear her.”

“I see… there is such way of thinking huh…”

Since the race was different in the first place, so there was no need worry about difference in social position. On top of that, she said she give respect, so that may a proper response. If only Laura could go with such feeling, surely she could gave a respect without being submissive.

“I understand, I’ll follow Misaki-san as example, let’s be dignified.”

“That’s Lauraemon-dono for you, the one who chosen by Haku-sama.”

Said that, Misaki took Haku and put him on Laura’s lap.


“Right. I’m chosen by The God Beast. Come on, Her Majesty The Queen! You can come with a bang!”

Laura hit her chest with a bang.

In that moment, the reception room’s door opened with a bang.

“I have kept you waiting. I am this country Queen, Emeline Greta Fal Leon. Despite it’s a sudden visit today, you make some spare time for me, you have my thanks.”

It was young girl who came in.


Laura and the others inclined their head. Anyhow, certainly, Her Majesty The Queen should be in her half twenties. But right now, the girl in front of them, no matter how they see her, she was about ten years old. Indeed, the dress was gorgeous enough and worth being worn by Her Majesty The Queen. Her voice and action also dignified. It’s convincing to say she was from royal family. Even so, it’s hard to believe that she actually Her Majesty The Queen.

“Hiii, I also came…”

After self-proclaimed Queen, now The Great Sage appeared. Reading the air, she brought tea cups for for all people and snack with a tray. And somehow she wear maid uniform.

“Because Her Majesty The Queen came, I tried to show my serving spirit by wearing it.”

After said that, The Great Sage spin her  her body around, fluttering her maid skirt. However, the self-proclaimed Queen seems didn’t like it.

“Serving spirit you said!? By leaving me in this appearance…? Hurry up and return me to my real appearance!”

The self-proclaimed Queen inflated her cheek and with upturned eyes she looked at The Great Sage. That appearance was so cute and make Laura want to hug her. From what The Great Sage said it seem this girl was really Her Majesty the Queen. To hug someone in high position just because she was cute is extremely disrespect.

“By any chance… is Her Majesty became small because of Principal sensei magic?”

As Laura asked that question, Her Majesty the Queen look at her with ‘you are exactly right’ expression.

“Like what you said! The other day at school tournament, there was a fight that likely to destroy the whole capital right? When I protest to this Great Sage, she cast magic on me and turn my body like this! Return me immediately!”

“The effect will be gone in one year, there is no need to hurry. Besides, you are cute, so it’s fine.”

That’s right. Her Majesty the Queen is very cute. Laura unintentionally nodded, agreed to the Great Sage’s words. And then Charlotte and Misaki also nodded. It’s unanimous. It’s citizen consensus. Let’s stay like this.

“There is no way I accept that! It’s hinder my job!”

After that it was noisy conversation between Her Majesty the Queen and The Great Sage for a while. And after few minutes, Her Majesty the Queen satisfied and obediently sit on the sofa. The Great Sage also take down the tray from the table, and then sit beside Her Majesty the Queen, hugging and patting her head. Jealousy.

“Annoying… well, it’s fine. Great Sage is someone like this. Just like a disaster, there is nothing can be done, you could only wait it to pass. Now, down to the business. I’ve heard that the ones who capture band of thieves “Grey of the Night” are the three of you. Laura Edmond, Charlotte Gazard, and Anna Arnett, behalf of the victims, I give you my thanks. They were not only stealing, but also didn’t hesitate to kill. The knight order also hunt them… thanks to you we are really saved.”

Her Majesty the Queen shake off the Great Sage’s arm and then bowed her head. Laura also nodded in panic when she saw someone in great position lowering their head to her.

“The pleasure is ours,  such thing, we don’t deserve that words…”

Laura who only had nine years life experience went panic since she didn’t know what words is fine to said in front of Her Majesty the Queen. Rather, whether it was 9 years old or 90 years old, there was none of ordinary people had experience of Her Majesty the Queen lowered her head to them right? It can’t be help for Laura to went panic.

“Your Majesty, thank you very much for your sincere correspondence with someone like us, it’s a lifetime memories.”

“It’s a matter of course when I thinking about your achievements. I can only do such things. Well, there is reward for capturing those thieves, I will give it to you. Err… surely it’s…”

That amount of money, was enough to life leisurely for a year. Even if equally split between them, the amount is still a lot.

“Ah, I don’t need it, so just split it between Laura and friends.”

The Great Sage said that while eating cookies.

“Eh, is that fine?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m already rich.”

There was no rich aura could be felt from The Great Sage who talked like that. However, there was no wonder if she was rich because she was called a living legend.

“I won’t lose in term of wealth.”

Like it was already determined, Charlotte leaped up with her burning antagonism spirit. From there, the showdown of wealth was started.

“Gazard family own a coal mine!”

“I have steel and gold mine though?”

“Grrr… Gazard family own a private beach!”

“I have a whole unpopulated island though?”


When Charlotte realized she was defeated, her eyes turned white and drop her back to the sofa. Beside that bragging rich was Anna. She was kept her silent and just turning her mouth into “へ” character. It seemed she was angry for real. May be Anna family was poor after all? It was awkward to ask, but Laura curious about it.

“I have no interest with your wealth you know. That aside, beastkin girl over there, your name Misaki right? Welcome to the capital. Actually I was thinking of visiting the beastkin village since a long ago, but there was no opportunity to do that until now. I know no matter how many apologizes we give, it won’t be enough for cruelty that human had done to beastkin in the past, but, as one of the human, I want to apologize.”

“Your Majesty the Queen, please raise up your head. It was a story from before we were born. It will be come endless if we talk about it.”

“Is that so… however, I still want apologize. Yeah, I’m relieved with this. It would be problem if somebody saw me lowering my head to beastkin, but nobody else in here except you all. It was right thing to leave the guard at entrance.”

Her Majesty the Queen who raised her face gave a smile with friendly impression. When only seeing her smile, she was just looked like ordinary girl. If only Laura knew that Her Majesty the Queen was someone easy to talk to like this, there was no need for her to become uselessly nervous.

“By the way, is that God Beast Haku which sit on Laura’s lap?”


Haku raised up his sight when Her Majesty the Queen called him. Haku intensively looked at Her Majesty the Queen as if he examine her. After a while, he lost his interest and buried his face to Laura’s lap again.

“Ah, hey! That’s rude to Her Majesty the Queen!”

“It’s fine, He is God Beast after all.Force him to go with human value is ridiculous.”

“Hoo, Your Majesty The Queen really understand well. It seems beastkin and human can get along after all.”

“Umu, I also hope so.”

It was quite shameful that band of thieves who tried to steal Haku was human. They felt ashamed because they are also human. However, the beastkin never care about such thing. It seemed they never consider that those band of thieves were human race. But then, Oise village may be a special example for better or worse due to The Great Sage. Even so, human and beastkin could held normal conversation like this. One day, there may be a day when they can live  in the same town.

“Now then, I have give my gratitude and greet the God Beast… The Great Sage, quickly return me to my former appearance!”

“Ara, that again? I’ll do it when I want to.”

The great sage kept her selfishness even when the opponent was Her Majesty the Queen. May be the power balance of this country could be seen in this reception room. It seemed like nonchalant scene, but what Laura and friends saw could be something terrible.

“Geh… I won’t ask you anymore! So, Laura and friends, you are very excellent students. Well, I understand capturing grey of night and chosen by God Beast is great achievement. Therefore. Can you find a method to undo magic cast by this Great Sage? Of course I will give you reward. Ten times from what you got by capturing grey of night.”

“Ten times!?”

Heard that, Anna who kept her silent since beginning shouted loud. However, The Great Sage made a dubious face.

“Wait Your Highness. Don’t lure students with money. It’s also bad education to give them a lot of money.”

“Umu, that’s a good reason coming from Great Sage. Then double!”

“Double… that’s a lot. Laura, Charlotte, let’s do our best to return Her Majesty to her former appearance.”

It was unusual for Anna to urge with high voice. She was troubled with money after all. Or maybe she want something? Let’s seriously investigate it next time.

“Well… because its Principal sensei’s magic… it must be difficult to undo right?”

“Ara, Laura-san, everything is challenge you know. Besides, if you can analyze eternal youth magic, you may be find a method to preserve your current appearance which is perfect size for hugging pillow.”

“There is no need to find such method! I’m going to properly grow!”

What on earth Charlotte want to do with Laura? May be she seriously wanted to make Laura her hugging pillow for the rest of her life?

“Charlotte-chan, you don’t have to worry about that. Because I already develop magic to stop Laura-chan growth.”


“Of course that’s joke.”

The Great Sage was smiling. With a very very suspicious smile. Was she really joking? That might be a joke for now, but nobody knows the future. This person, if she want, she can really stop Laura’s growth. In fact, she already turned the appearance  of Her Majesty the Queen to a child. No, even before that, the great sage herself is already stop aging, she kept herself young. For the Great Sage, either age or height, she can manipulate it freely.

“I understand… let’s find magic that can return Her Majesty!”

In order to protect herself, and to get pocket money… that’s killing two birds with one stone. When Laura made such thought, the reception room door opened and Emilia appeared.

“Aah, finally I found you. You guys, are you properly do your homework? You can’t just playing all the time!”

“Fueh? But Principal sensei said we have two weeks additional time…”

They were sure that The Great Sage promised before they went to Oise village. She will tell Elimia to give them two weeks additional time.

“… Principal, I never heard such thing!”

“Ah, sorry. I forget to tell Emilia. So, it’s like that, give them some additional time. These girls were busy with God Beast case.”

“… even so, isn’t two weeks too much? I’ll give them one week.”

Emilia dropped her merciless remark.

“Wha, Elmilia-sensei! One week is not enough! If we don’t start right now we won’t make it!”

“Then you should start right now.”

Laura troubled since she can’t talk back that super fair argument.

“That’s piece of cake.”

Charlotte said with a clear face. That’s what made Laura troubled.

“Because I’m from swordsman department, what Elimia-sensei said is irrelevant to me.”

Also Anna said with a calm expression too.

Cruel. I thought you are my friend, you traitor! Laura had such thought.

“Anna-san, don’t be careless. The teachers from warrior department is more strict than me. Let alone one week, they may not give you additional time at all.”

Anna covered in cold sweat after she heard what Emilia said.

“That, that can’t be… summer break is only three days left…”

“Seriously do your best! By the way… this small child, who is she?”

Emilia muttered while looking at Her Majesty The Queen.

“Her Majesty the Queen Emeline Greta Fal Leon”

The Great Sage simply answered.

Emilia blinking for a while, and the burst into laughter.

“I can’t take it anymore. Principal, please don’t make such nonsense joke. Is she noble daughter from somewhere? Don’t bring outsider to the school too much please.”

Leaving that words, Emilia left the reception room. After Emilia gone, Her Majesty the Queen expressed her complaints with pouting lips.

“See, you hear that right? She can’t believe that I am the Queen. It’s really inconvenience. That’s why, I’m rely on you.”

Certainly, that will hinder her jobs. Laura  really wanted to help. She was planning to help just a while ago.


“Ano… we have to working on our summer break home works, so… we will try find the way to undo the magic after that…”

“Wha!? You, between summer break home works and the Queen’s request, which one is more important!?”

Her Majesty the Queen asked them with a shout.

The three of them gave the same answer at once.

“Home work!”

Costumed Sentai Pajamas Ranger

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