The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain

Elixir Villager

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The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain

Elixir Villager

In a nameless village at the edge of a certain world — the villagers, instead of drinking normal water, they drink water from elixir fountain.

As the result of living from drinking elixir, human evolved to a tribe which called elf.

They were acquiring great recovery power and, spirit magic. It’s look like that the elves are nature-loving, but that just because they didn’t interact with other villages.

Sheila, a girl who start her journey from such village, know the fact that her healing magic, which was not very good when she in village, is surpassing the power of legendary saint. And furthermore, about the spirit which normally can be summoned in the village, they were already extinct.

Nameless Village


At the edge of this world, there was small village. So small not even showed in any maps.

To reach that place you need to keep heading east from country where human live.

You need pas through “Eternal Forest” which is the home of many brutal monsters, and go beyond the demon king castle. For normal human, it was unthinkable place to step in.

When leaving the forest there was wide prairie with small river flowing. It was spot for small animals and gentile monster with intelligence to drink water. May be only there, the place where you can strangely see monsters and animals get along.

When you crossing the river and go till the pointed ends of the land, there was a small village facing the sea with drifted glacier.

In the center of that village, there was fountain gushed out from the ground which used as drinking water by the villagers. But nobody there know, that water was a legendary medicine — elixir.

Except from that village, there were no other village or settlement, let alone town.

Without concept about country, there was no dispute, it was calm and peaceful place. To make everyone have happy live, not many people left the village.

But sometimes, children who longing for outside world appear. Usually the adults can persuade them to stay in village, but one girl stubbornly didn’t want to listen.

In the village — inside one of the house built by clearing the forest, there were figures of young woman in worry and old woman with lot of wrinkles. At their hand mead was poured into glass, make sweet scent tickling nose.

The young woman leaked out worrisome voice.

“… sigh, I wonder if it really fine. That girl, how far she going to do unreasonable things…”
“Ho, ho, ho. She is strong girl.”
“Please don’t say such baseless thing, Obaba-sama. She is the weakest in the village, even her healing magic is not really good right?”

“If only I discipline her better….” the young woman muttered in sigh while hanging her head. But the old woman who called Obaba-sama only smiling.

“There is no need to worry. That girl is this village’s the best.”

“The best? At what?”

“My, my. Even though you are the mother, you don’t realize about that girl?


Unlike before, the old woman lively laughing out loud. Drink mead from her cup in one go, and shift her sight toward the horizon outside the window.

Because the sun still high, the view of forest and mountain were widely spread. The scene was so refreshing as if it was blessed by the spirits.

“It’s fine, have trust on her.”


To the quiet Obaba’s voice, the young woman could only nod hopelessly.

The name of the girl the two talking about is Sheila.

She was a girl who depart today from nameless village at the edge of the world.

Elixir Villager

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