The Adventure of Miko 39 – Clan License and Aria’s Scolding

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 39
Clan License and Aria’s Scolding

Translated by Aya Translation

“Last time I already told you right? If your skill discovered by surrounding, that would become trouble. Knowing that why you always like to mendle in trouble!?”

Aria scolded Miko inside explorer Clan’s branch manager room. After having dispute just now and gathered some attention, Miko and Yuuna also her follower Alisa and Shulyn brought by Aria to branch manager room. That situation make more attention to a lot of people.

“But that guys scared Yuuna.”

“That’s true, that people also have mistakes. But with your status you could drive them back without using skill right? If you use appraisal you could see their status right?”

“I saw it. But, I can only take them one by one. And also it was inside clan branch, anyone else could be accidentally hit. Since I have such thought, threatened them with my skill.”

Aria relieved since Miko truly apologize.

“Well,since this time you reflect on in, I’ll forgive you. I also will give follow up as far as I can. I’ll try to defend the secret of Miko’s skill as much as possible. Ayano branch manager also will cooperate right?”

Ayano panicked since she suddenly mentioned.

“Well, it can’t be helped. Originally it was because I didn’t train my subordinate well. For now let’s try to not mention it. After that it’s up to your judgement, Miko. and Aria, please give them their clan license. Without that they won’t able to leave the town.”

“Ah, I completely forgot that. Here, Miko-san, Yuuna-san, your clan license. Congratulation for your F rank promotion.”

Both of them received their clan license from Aria, it become glittering metallic light green card.

“So, what will four of you do from now?”

“Today we are going to shopping for equipment and clothes. And from tomorrow we will go for tower, at that time, please take care of us.”

Four of them left branch manager’s room after giving salute to Ayano and Aria. When they arrived at lower floor, some people who watched uproar before were gathered in one place. Miko passed them by side and left clan branch.

“Now then, a lot of things happened and took lot of time. Alisa-chan, Shulyn-chan, congratulation for your registration as explorer. With this we can go to the tower without problem from tomorrow onwards.”

“Yes, thank you so much, master. With this I can finally support you.”

“Me too. I will support you with all of my power.”

Because Miko need to buy clothes for Alisa and Shulyn, four of them headed to clothing shop first.

“Since Yuuna wears tunic and short pants, everyone fine with same thing right? Also non armor shoes too.”

Miko brought tunic and short pants 5 pairs, 5 sets of underwear and 2 leather shoes for each of them. The price was when miko give 1 gold coin, 10 silver coins returned. She seal each of them in card.

“Let’s change when we returned to inn. Well at least, Alisa and Shulyn must wear shoes.”

After two of them wore the shoes, they left clothing shop.

“Master, where we gio next?”

Miko have little thought when she heard Yuuna question.

“Right, I think weapon shop. I want to change my sword soon, I also want to sell weapon from that men from before.”

Miko took the three girls and went to weapon shop.

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The Adventure of Miko

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