Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower – 007

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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Day 2 (Noon)
Peddler and Tough Villainess


Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation

Because it was done by two people, weeding of the field was finished at the right time.

It was the time when the peddler came.


*    *    *


The foot step of the horse while pulling the covered wagon could be heard.
Moving slowly from the distance, the rider happily waved her hand when she noticed the figure of Miyako and Fuuka.


“Oh, dear! There are really two young daughters here! The merchant’s instinct is always right!”


The peddler was a small girl.
The color of her hair which gathered into two dumplings was like a weat field in autumn and her smile was just like a meowing kitten.


“I’m Shanry, nice to meet you~!”

It seemed she came from a clan that lived on the west continent.
Maybe she had something unusual to sell.


“O ya~  you have matching clothes there, so cute!”

“Ehehehe~ matching with Fuuka-chan, you made me embarrassed if you said something like that! Thank you, young girl!”


Young girl.

When Miyako said with a smile, the girl’s, Shanry’s face froze.

Eh, what?
Did I say something bad?


“Woi! I’m not a young girl!! 〇×★%〇%~!!”

“Eh, eh, I’m sorry!?”


Miyako panicked when the girl suddenly said something in continental language.
Unfortunately, she completely did not understand.


“For a god sake… step aside, Miyako.”

“Eh?” was what she said while turning her head when she heard Fuuka’s voice.

“Umm, Shanry-san, %×&〇☆~?”

“〇☆! ☆彡×%&!!!”


Fuuka fluently spoke the continental language.

Fuuka who learned continental language every morning was so fluent and that made smiles return to Shanry’s face.


“Shanry-san become 30 years old this year.”

Fuuka said that to Miyako when she finished talking with Shanry.

“Hah? Is that so… what!!!???”

“Really~ it was rude to call this big sister ‘young girl’.”

“That’s right.”

“Hey, why do you sympathize with her? No matter how you see Shanry-san is still teena-”


“… Amazing big sister.”



Miyako held her swaying head.
30 years? Really?
But she only looked like a 15 years old?


“As an apology, it’s decided that I will sell ‘Shanry onee-sama today’s recommedation pack’ to you, everyday for 14 days.”



When they discuss such things?


“Fuuka-chan, why you did that…”

“The girl over there, I’ve seen your face somewhere. I remember. The daughter of the Florenz-san family right?”


MIyako was frozen.
Nyaa~ Shanry was smiling like a cat.


“Yesterday I went to Florenz-san house but they didn’t say anything about this house. On the contrary, I heard that ‘Nothing to worry, right now that tomboy Ojou-sama is in the capital with her fiance.’”

“A, umm, that’s…”


The story of breaking engagement is not known by the family.
They must never think that we were this close, so we can deceive them for a while, or I hope so.
So far only the coachman knew, and the bribe went perfect.
The coachman who came from the southern country, after what he did yesterday he immediately resigned and then went on a journey as is.


“This is bad, this is bad….”

“Hn~? This Shanry is tight-lipped merchant you know~?”


Nyaa~ nyaa~


“… only for business partners.”


And so,
It’s decided that we will buy Shanry’s service starting tomorrow.


“Considering how fluent Fuuka negotiates with continental language, I will give a lot of extras.”

“Is that so? I’m flattered Shanry-san.”

“Fuuka will become a good merchant yo~. Bye bye!”


Fufufu, Fuuka who laughed in triumph was very super cute after all.

Miyako has decided that this situation is also a ‘hit’.


*     *    *


“… show I should say it, it’s all good quality products!?”

When Miyako thought of having a meal before going to bath, she opened the bag of ‘recommended packs’ that they bought.

Vegetables and herbs.
Even smoked meat and bacon.


“All of this at that price!? Don’t tell me, fair price!?”

“Fufu,it was cheap. I never go shopping though.”

“Amazing! Fuuka-chan is good at bargaining!!”


When Miyako suddenly hug Fuuka,


“… can’t you just don’t hug me?”


She was looked at by Fuukas as if looking at garbage.



“What are you shocked about?”

“But even Fuuka made breakfast and helped to weed the field… why are you so cold now?”

“Maybe you misunderstand it? It was because I think it would be more efficient.”

“Eee~!? But, but, you said ‘weeding seems fun’ right?’”

“It’s because white magic that I learned is inseparable from herbal medicine study. At the mansion it’s impossible to let my servant see me doing field work but for someone who aims for white magic, having field is a dream.”

“Eee~, then….”

“It’s not that I support you, you know, Miyako!”


Unfortunately, it was not happiness.

Miyako only scratched her head looking at Fuuka who turn away.


“… because you’re not honest.”

“Did you just say something!?”

“Not at all.”


Lunch was bread and cheese, simply re-seasoned with this morning soup.

Now then.
Let’s take a bath this afternoon.

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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