Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower – 006

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

Day 2 (Morning)
Bouquet and Wedding Weeding


Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation

Miyako saw a dream.
The manifestation of her special skill — “Clairvoyance”,  precognitive dream.

Aah, today also — it will be a nice day.


*    *    *


It was the world of muscle pain when she woke up.

“Ow, ow, ow…”

On the bed, Miyako was groaning.
Even though she was just 19 years old, but for her who didn’t do much physical training, working on the garden for a whole day surely hard for her.
It was not good to move recklessly. The awesomeness of 19 years old.
My legs, it hurts so much.

“Uuu~ breakfast, breakfast.”

She thought about to make breakfast before Fuuka wake up, so she literally crawling to the kitchen.
And, then,

“You are slow, Miyako!”

“Eh? Fuuka-chan!?”

The one who stirring the pot in the kitchen was Fuuka, with an apron on top of her dress. She thoroughly wearing a bandana on her head. It was the home economics looks. To put it down, she’s cute.

“Uwaaaa~ Fuuka-chan so cute! But, is it fine for you to not sleep?”

“It will be a disgrace to Hamilton family if I overslept two days in a row!”

“Ehehe… I’m looking forward for Fuuka-chan’s soup.”

Forgetting about her muscle pain, she went to the dining table. Immediately, steaming soup was put in front of her.

“It’s rare for me to cook, be honored.”

“Yeah, let’s dig in!”

Scoop it with spoon and put it in the mouth.



It’s tasteless. Completely tasteless. Bland.
The ingredients were only potatoes.
I see, it seems she didn’t put any seasoning like soup stock or vegetables huh?

“It, it just didn’t turn well.”

“Yeah… Fuuka-chan, it’s delicious.”

“~~ there is no cooking book here.”

“Next time let’s go to village library.”

Fuuka was the daughter of Hamilton family.
She must had never cooking since she was born.
And for her to use her spare time in the morning just to training really made Miyako happy.
Puuu, when she pouting too,  I love it, so she thought while eating all of the tasteless soup.


“This flower arrangement  is beautiful.”

“Hn, the taste of noble daughter.”

“So? I’m glad.”

There was a small vase on the dining table.
The rose bouquet that Miyako gave to Fuuka on the carriage was arranged there.
Somehow that made her very happy, Miyako drank the tasteless soup while smiling wide.

*    *    *

“Oh, yeah. Fuuka-chan let’s go for bath in the afternoon.”

“… I want to wash off my sweat as soon as possible.”

Miyako said such thing while cooling down after meal tea which Fuuka made (this one is very delicious).
But Fuuka protest in dissatisfied.

“Umm, this is the thing that I see trough my “Clairvoyance” though… ”

Miyako dropped her voice.
Fuuka could only tense up. Clairvoyance foresight — what in the world it would be?

“Today a peddler will come at noon!! Yaaahhhhooooo~~~~!!!!”

“I was stupid to seriously listening to you!”

“Eh!? It’s a serious matter, you know, I’m serious! I mean, we only have preserved ingredients here. We could have more ingredients if they come!”

“Ingredients are all the same. In a rural village like this, there is no way you could get pie or cake right?”

“It’s not the same! The rice from Atika region is delicious!”

“…well, if you say so. I’ll leave it to you.”

Fiuh, Fuuka took a sigh.
When she remembers the tasteless soup this morning, maybe it would be better to leave the meal to Miyako.
Here was very different from her mansion in the capital where she could eat anything she wants.
It was Miyako who said “I will make you happy” right?

“Ah, yeah, Fuuka-chan, I’m going to work a little bit.”

“Eh? We were done with the garden yesterday right?”

“Umm, how to put it. This land is farmland owned by my family and there is no one who manage it for now. I borrow it since it’s just right to be used as a hideout, but since we’re here, I thought I’d like to work on it.”

And so,

“Today… we will weed the field.”

*    *    *

The conclusion is,
It’s impossible to weed the field while having muscle pain.

“Aaaaaa, my legs, my legs gonna torn off!!”

A sharp pain runs through her legs every time she crouched.
One hour after she started the work, not even one tenth of the field finished.

“Hahaha, my legs hurt so much.”

Miyako wipe off her sweat while laughing. The part of her tea colored hair which not braided were wet with sweat, stick to her nape.
She was sitting on the chair which was installed in the shade. Fuuka who was intently watch her before, seemed to be bored and couldn’t be seen anymore.

Today was the second day.

It could be said just the second day. Two weeks… when thinking about 14 days time limit, it could also be said “already the second day”.

“Yeah, I wonder if I did it badly.”

When she was grumbling,
A dignified voice resounded.

“Good grief, I just can’t sit and see.”


When she turned her view to the source of the voice,
There was Fuuka who stand with matching work clothes that Miyako prepared.

Camel colored overall and checkered shirt.
Glossy black hair tied ponytail.


“Wha, would you please stop hugging me with all of your power!? It’s dirty!”

“Since it’s not dress then it’s fine.”

“So, what about your muscle pain!? Even I was about to help though.”

“Ehehe, it was blown away when I saw Fuuka-chan! Thanks for your help. Fuuka-chan is very kind.”

“Tha, that’s!” Fuuka faltered.
“When I see clumsy Miyako weeding, somehow it looks like a lot of fun.”

That was said.

“Now, let’s finish it!”


When the sun arrive just above the head, when it’s noon time,
Generally, the weeding of small field was finished.

Now, it’s noon.
The peddler was about to come.

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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