Blooming in Different World is a Lily Flower – 009

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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Day 3 (Morning)
Milk Soup and Awareness


Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation


What should I do, what should I do, what should I do…?

In a modest single house, only Fuukas’s sleeping breath could be heard. On the bed beside the entrance in the only one bedroom in that house, Miyako was looking at the ceiling, thinking.

Aaahhh what should I do?
I’m really very conscious about Fuuka-chan!

*    *    *


Let’s summarize.
I mean, the reason is simple.

After we went to the hot spring, yea, somehow I have weird consciousness about Fuuka-chan!!!

A natural open air bath.
That’s the greatest healing spot.
And so I had a bath together with Fuuka-chan, but honestly, I was careless.
LSBH, milky white skin, slim waist and long legs.

I could clearly hear her sleeping breath from the other side of the room.

This is bad, somehow I was very excited.


Miyako closed her eyes.

Hardworker, tragic villain yet had a tendency to self-sacrifice. But I like Fuuka, I want to make her happy.
But that’s, even though I thought it wasn’t really love!


“…let’s sleep, for now let’s sleep!!”


Miyako muttered while putting on a blanket.


*    *    *


“Hey, what happened, Miyako!?”

“… good morning.”

“Thank you for your not-refreshing-at-all morning greeting. So, what with that panda eyes?”


Yeah, I couldn’t sleep at all. Yeah.


“Well, just thinking a little bit.”

“You also didn’t eat most of your dinner.”

“My chest was full.”

“Jezz, where’s the one who said ‘will do nothing’?”


Fuuka’s argument is very solid that made Miyako cloud only groaned with gununu.

I try to live a happy slowlife with Fuuka-chan, but what am I doing by letting my health be destroyed!?
Get used by it , Miyako! By the beauty of Fuuka-chan!!


“For now, I’ll make breakfast.”


*    *    *


From the “Shanry-san recommended pack” bought from beautiful girl – which turn out to be blooming older sister, Shanry-san, Miyako select some that fit to be used as breakfast.
Miyako, who lacked sleep, could only make bacon eggs, vegetable milk soup, and roasted bread… everything is easy to make.



“Fuuka-chan, what’s wrong? You have a difficult expression.”


While Miyako tilted her head. Fuuka closed her eyes after eating a bit of bacon egg and soup, thinking a bit and then went silent.


“Miyako, maybe, for example, are you an apprentice of a famous chef?”

“Eh? No way, of course not. If I have to say it then when I was working as a company employee I was cooking by myself if I had no money.”


“It’s nothing.”

“Hmm. but, this is….”


Hmm? Fuuka hummed.


“This is too delicious!”

“Eh? If you praise so much, gahh!!”

“Kyaa!? What the matter!?”


The blood spouted from the nose.
If you say ‘delicious’ with such face then of course,
While holding her nose, Miyako desperately erased the flickering image of Fuuka’s nakedness from her brain. Not good, not good. Completely not good.


“…let’s make a bath.”


“Well, you know, yesterday’s bath is really nice, but if we go bath together over there everyday, I think Fuuka-chan body won’t hold it.”

“Wha!? Which part of my body is dissatisfying!? I never miss my daily beauty exercise you know! Ah, except the other day when I overslept!”


So diligent.
Nah, it’s not like that.


“It’s not like that?”

“Yeah, that’s… Fuuka-chan is too beautiful.”

“…, this milk soup is exquisite.”


The ears of Fuuka who gave no comment and looked away were bright red.
Miyako thought it was Fuuka’s habit to pout when she got embarrassed.


“Ah, that milk soup, I made a lot of it so I think it would be enough for lunch.”

“That’s not bad, really not bad. I don’t see any reason to not hire you as chef in the Hamilton family when your fall comes.”

“Eheheheh, thank you. I’m very happy to be praised like that.”


Miyako is smiling nico nico looking at Fuuka while tilting her head.
On the other hand, Fuuka made a small snort in response.


“It’s not like I’m happy.”


Ah, she’s really tough.
That morning breakfast is really peaceful.


“It’s really not happiness…”


Fuuka thought.
To have warm breakfast while talking to someone like this,
Since the last time, how long has it been?
The Hamilton family mansion was always in a rush, there was never any idea to have such a warm breakfast.
There was no such chance.


The soup that Miyako made was very fresh and warm.

Isekai ni Saku wa Yuri no Hana

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I had to look these up in the raws, so I thought I’d leave an explanation in case anyone else got confused:
    LSBH (艶々の黒髪) = long shiny black hair. (I don’t remember ever seeing that acronym before, but apparently it’s a thing.)
    Panda eyes (クマ) = dark circles under eyes. (Bags under eyes from not sleeping enough.)

    Also, AYA-san, if you’re reading this: I think ‘aprantintice’ should be ‘apprentice’

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