Majo no Tabitabi Vol. 15 Chapter 1 Episode 9

Majo no Tabitabi

Majo no Tabitabi Vol. 15 Chapter 1 Episode 9

My Sister Can’t be This Horrible

Elaina-san… please hear me… lately my sister’s attitude getting more and more horrible towards me… I knew her attitude to me was horrible since a long time ago, but lately the degree has increased significantly. She was at her rebellious period, as her sister I was very sad.

Today my sister came to me when I went home for work and was sorting my luggage.

‘Eh? What was that filthy towel? Are you using that? Onee-chan is a girl so at least please take care of your body!’

She said that and confiscated my towel! Isn’t that horrible? And I only use it for just a few times! Also,

‘This towel will fit Onee-chan.’ she said while giving me a new towel! It smelled so nice, I like it.

Eh? You think such an extent is cute? Not at all Elaina-san! My sister’s barbarism is not just limited to such a degree.

‘One-san, what do you always eat? Cheap bread from the street stall? That’s no good! That’s why no matter how long it’s been you are still so small. Eat better food for your body!’

She forced me to come to a luxurious restaurant nearby with her after she said that! Isn’t that horrible!? She kept telling me small and small while we went to the restaurant, it was public humiliation! Isn’t that horrible!? And then she went to “Say aah” and tried to feed me the food! Not only public humiliation she also treated me like an unsatisfied child! That was the first time I was treated like that!

Ehehehe… but I also like that side of her.

Ah, even if I said I like her, it’s not like that. It’s not as far as I like Elaina-san or umm… how I say it… the vector is different.

“It’s not like I ask that.”

Wondering who’s the witch to cut off Saya’s love story?

Yes, it’s me.

With a face saying ‘that’s enough’ I think.


*    *    *


“I had such a discussion with Saya yesterday. What do you think?”
“I think that’s fine.”
“Is that so…? Any way, what is that thing you hold in your hand? It seems precious for you.”
“Eh? Onee-chan’s towel.”
“It smells like her.”
“…It’s not like I ask that.”
“I won’t give it to you.”
“I don’t need it, what the hell are you!? Jeez”

This time too, I’m sure my face says ‘it’s enough’.

“Ufufu… I love you Onee-chan.”

Anyway, the words that I can mutter in this place is only one,

Saya’s sister can’t be this horrible.

Majo no Tabitabi

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