Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 004 The First Feast – Boiled Eggs and Fried Green Onion Porridge

Hungry Saint

004 The First Feast – Boiled Eggs and Fried Green Onion Porridge

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation

“Oh, wellcome young lady!”

At the moment Abigail entered the store, the old man immediately greeted Emilia. It was a dining room combined with an inn located along the road. It seemed the name was the “Flying Frog”.

“Old man, the usual. Also is there any soup or porridge?”
“We have both but, what do you want?”
“Yeah, how about green onion porridge with minced green onion and a lot of boiled eggs? That thing.”

Abigail quickly finished the order while Emilia was wandering all over the store. There were constant miserable kyuu~ and gyuu~ sound cried from her stomach.

After Emilia held her miserable stomach for a while, immediately a good smell started to drift from the kitchen. The sweet smell of green onion being fried in oil.

The foods were completed in an instant and immediately served hot.

“Thanks for waiting! Here’s yours green onion porridge with plenty of eggs, and a special healthy lunch for Abigail-san.”
“Wa, wa, wa amazing! It looks delicious!”
“That’s an exaggeration, it’s just green onion porridge.”
“It’s my first time to see so much porridge! It smells good….!”
“Eat a lot!”

Actually the main menu at Serenade monastery wew just hard dried bread or cheese and also plain mashed potatoes. Neither of them were delicious nor had much quantity. The monastery motto “poverty” might sound good but in nutshell it just costs reduction. The real motive of the monastery was just it was too good to spend too much on “Saint Apprentice” food expenses.

Emilia was always hungry and sleepy. It was too strange that the other apprentices were fine with that meal.

Fuuu fuuu, she cooled down the porridge and took a bite.

“De, delicious! Really very super delicious!”

It was surprising. The oily fried onion gave savory flavor to the sticky porridge. When eaten with mixed minced boiled eggs, a rich flavor spread in the mouth which made it hard to believe it was a porridge. Crushed crackers also sprinkled all over the porridge adding a crispy texture, making it more delicious.

Emilia put the porridge to her mouth in daze.

“Hee… the young lady eats a lot.”

“She was very hungry it seems..”

“Even so, she ate it so deliciously, I’m touched.”

“Yeah, that’s even made me want  to eat the porridge too.”

“Oh, should I make additional porridge for Abigail-san?”

“No, no, I can’t eat that much.”

Despite Abigail and the owner’s conversation, Emilia kept blowing the porridge and put it in her mouth.
Delicious, very delicious. Very happy!

Hungry Saint

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