Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 005 Eat well, Increase the Magical Power

Hungry Saint

005 Eat well, Increase the Magical Power

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: AYA Translation

It was a bliss to bring the last drop of savoury green onion porridge to the mouth.

“It was delicious…”

Abigail and the shop owner were completely impressed seeing Emilia who was in her dream world.

“Eilia, you really eat it deliciously.”

“Well, because it’s really delicious!”

“It seems really worth making when you see how deliciously she ate it, right?”

“Nah, it’s actually touching me! How about dessert, missy?”


At that time,


“Belly sound…?”

“Maybe Missy is still hungry?”

“Ahh… um… yeah…”

“That’s a big problem! Yeah, choose any menu you like.”

“It’s that fine!?”

“Ah, it’s my treat.”

“Actually the number of customers is getting lower these days and I’m troubled with excess ingredients. So I’m thankful for your order.”

“Thank you very much! Ummm, then I’ll accept your kindness.”


She was at loss  of which one she would take.
Omurice, pork cutlet, chicken saute, cream doria, meat spaghetti…!
At the end, she ordered all of them.

“Ho, you really ate them all!?”

“Yes, it was very delicious!”

Emilia was satisfied with the delicious food, rubbing her stomach while grinning. Maybe it was the first time in her life that she could eat until she was satisfied.

It might be a bit embarrassing for a “Saint Apprentice” with a simplicity and frugality motto, but the shop owner who was “troubled with excess ingredients” was very grateful.

When Emilia realized, Abigail was seriously looking at her.

“Eating so much food… and with such a thin body…”

“Wha, what…?”

“Hei, Emilia, have you measured your magical power?”

“Eh, that’s… yeah, quite recently.”

She was kicked from the monastery because she had no magical power, so she told Abigail.


“Wa, wa, you’re too loud.”

“I’m researching magic, and that would be inconsistent with my theory! From your appetite and physique… you should have huge magical power hidden in your body.”

“Is-is that so?”

“Let’s use this to measure your power, it’s the true magical power measuring tool.”

It was a magical power measuring tool with a bigger magic stone than what she used in the monastery.

“It’s more powerful than the general magical power measuring tool that is usually used. It can detect 100 times more powerful magic with higher accuracy!”


As told by Abigail, Emilia touched the magic stone on the magical power measuring unit.
The needle, which was not moving at all when she used the tool at the monastery, started to move steadily.
100… 500… 999… 1999… full

Emilia was shocked.
The needle didn’t stop.


“Impossible!! My measuring unit!?”

The needle of a super powerful magic power measuring unit scaled out.

Hungry Saint

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