Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 14

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

Chapter 14
Composite Magic

Translated by Yuriko Aya [aya.sanusi.id]
Edited by FrozenInk

In magic school, lessons not only focus on theory and practical magic, but also basic education like history and the national language.

Half of the day would be used for magic-related lessons, the students were training magic for themselves.

To be capable of using magic as long and as strong as possible.

To know how far one’s power can be raised.

These were the purpose of enrolling in the magic school.

But, how to say it. In class Ferris couldn’t use magic. She became afraid because she couldn’t control her power during the practical exam.

She was afraid that she would again lose control and trouble everyone.

When Lotte-sensei saw Ferris in that condition in the middle of practical lesson, she gave Ferris a book.

“「Magical Composition Theory」…?”

Ferris who can now read difficult characters, thanks to her studies, tilted her head.

“Yup, actually this is something that is usually studied by someone who wants to become a magical scholar. In Ferris case, I think the ability to control magic is more important than using strong magic.”

“Yes! I want to be able to control it!”

“Yup yup. In this book, magic control, essence, structure, and analysis methods were written in detail. It maybe useful for Ferris-chan.”

“Thank you very much.”

Ferris is very happy that she received a book.

After that, she was absorbed in reading ‘Magical Composition Theory’ every break time or after school.

According to what was written there, magic seems to be combination of magical sources.

The magical source that exist in nature reacts to specific phrases called aria and changes its flow.

For ordinary people, they can’t manipulate magical source even if they can chant an aria, but because magicians had something called aptitude, they can use the power of an aria.

An aria, depends on the intonation, pitch, and strength, every different value will give different result. In theory, it seems possible to combine aria and create more complex magic.

“Yosh, let’s try it!”

Ferris who was in courtyard closed her book and stood up  from the bench.

Since there weren’t many people there, it won’t be a bother right?

Ferris stuck out her palm.

Like how it was written in theory book, Ferris chanted aria quietly in medium tone.

“Be frozen… Rain Stone.”

Above her palm, a small white swirl of air was formed, solidified and became a mass of ice.

A small block of ice fell into Ferris’ palm.

“I did it!”

Ferris chewed the ice.

It was cold and delicious.(Ed: probably tasted like hard work and magic.)

Today the sun was strong from morning, Ferris felt refreshed with ice inside her mouth.

Ferris turned book’s page over.

This time, she thought about combining the aria of psychokinesis magic and water magic. It was written as “theoretically possible”, then it’s possible to do it right? Ferris is a type who swallows anything that is written in books.

Ferris spread her hands and chanted a combined aria.

“「Oh water which gathers in the sea and sky」「dance according to my will」「freeze」「and be formed」”

A strong wind blew, in courtyard, snow began to dance.

Big swirls of snow formed with Ferris in the center, the snow gathered and expanded as it was hitting each other.

It piled up on the ground, became lumps, created curves and corners.

In an instant, miniature of the school building created from ice was formed.

In a corner of the courtyard, there was cool pleasant air floating around from the miniature ice sculpture . With this, everyone’s afternoon lesson will be come easy.

“Wa~, it feels cool~”

Ferris attached her cheek to ice miniature to cool herself.

“This, did Ferris-chan create this?”

Lotte-sensei who came from school building had rounded eyes in surprise.

Ferris jumped up.

“I-I’m sorry, I will clean it right away.”

“Hn, you don’t need to clean it. This is, Ferris-chan the one who created it? How did you create it?”

“Eee, by combining aria of water magic and psychokinesis magic…”

“Isn’t that composite magic? You mean you created your own composite magic!?”

Lotte-sensei bent her body forward while asking Ferris.

Ferris was pushed by that momentum.

“Ye-yes… is that bad…?”

“It’s not bad, but… just….”

Lotte-sensei murmured.


“Ah, don’t worry about it! But don’t do anything rash, so do your best on studying from now on… I’m sure you will find something amazing.”


Ferris nodded with high spirit.



“Composite magic huh… it’s surprising.”

“Yeah… I also doubted my eyes…”

Magic school headmaster room.

The eyes of headmaster blinked several times after hearing Lotte’s report about Ferris.

“Certainly, composite magic was ‘theoretically possible’. But, there is no one who capable to practically do it.”

Lotte also agree with headmaster’s words.

“It seems that the Witch of Black Rain couldn’t use composite magic right? Even though she was a powerful magician, she was just ‘strong’… not on the level of destroying the common sense of magic.

“Ferris is, what the hell is that kid? She is not just a strong magician, isn’t that wrong?”

Just a 10 years old girl.

But obviously not a usual girl.

“At any rate, we should keep watching Ferris from now on. We won’t appear at front as much as possible, but keep watching from behind.”

“Yes. Leave any problem to me.”

Lotte strongly slap her fist to her chest.

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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