Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 18

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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Chapter 18
What is Meant to be a Wizard

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


ーーーNext day.

“Good morning. Hooam~”

“Good morning, Nagi. You seem sleepy.”

Last night was rare occasion that Ruina so hustled and won’t let me sleep.

That was my first time seeing Ruina so aggressive.

“Nagi-san good morning.”

“As always, you are so beautiful today.”

“Please give me a part of your cuteness~”

I exchanged greetings with my classmate one by one.

Until two weeks ago, I never thought this scene will happen.

When I quietly felt joy, Linde called me.

“Nagi, finally starting today. I am nervous.”

What started from today is student council work.

It seem the work start immediately even though we just joined yesterday.

A classmate who heard that word came talk to us.

“Linde-san, what are you starting from today?”



“Morning. You all back to your seat. Homeroom is starting.”

“Already that time huh~. Then, Linde-san, Nagi-san, let’s hear about it later.”

Leaving such words, classmate who talking with us returned to her own seat.




ーーーLunch break.

“Heeeee! Linde-san and Nagi-san joined student council?”

“Wha! Maron-san too loud.”

A classmate who talked to us this morning, Maron-san raised her voice.

The other classmates who heard her voice gathered around us.

“Is that so surprising?”

“Of course it’s surprising! Student council members are elite group selected by Elenoa-sama. It said students who joined student council, their future are guaranteed.”

What an exaggerated story.

In the first place, Elenoa just chose beautiful girl who match her preference. Everyone knew about that thing right?

“At any rate, for student of this academy, entering student council is great honor. Congratulation!”

Clap, clap, clap.

A big applause sent from surrounding.

It was very embarrassing.

My and Linde’s face spontaneously became red.




ーーーAfter school

I, Linde and Ruina (somehow in black hair ver) stood in front of student council room.

“Why Ruina also here?”

“I wanted to see how student council now is. Well~, this place really hasn’t changed at all.”

“Oh yeah, Ruina is formerly student council president right? So, what is your real intention?”

“It’s unfair to flirt just by you two, I want to join too.”

“I’ll tell you, but we come here not for playing.”

Linde let out her amazed voice.

Seeing them like that, it seem Linde no longer hold back towards Ruina.

At first meet, Linde admired Ruina to the point of worshiped her. But now, it felt just like a normal friend.

Hn, it’s a good thing.

“You two, stop doing that and get in.”


When the door opened, what reflected in our eyes is, an eden.

Silver haired beauty elegantly sitting on chair with a loli who sleeping peacefully on her lap. Her right hand was caressing a girl with dog ears and her left hand caressing a black haired girl.

Happiness face was shown by the girls who caressed.

Frankly speaking, it was harem.

“Hei, Nagi-chan, Linde-chan. Won’t you stop joining student council from now on?”

“Yeah, I think it’s better to do that,”

“Me too…”




“Yeah, you saw my unsightly place.”

The three beautiful girls’ (loli + glasses + puppy) face were reddened because of embarrassment and silver haired beauty’s smile.

“The one who embarrassed were us who saw it. Well, it was a sight for sore eyes though.”

Four beautiful girls flirting scene is the best.

“So, Who is girl with black hair there? Your friend?”

Elenoa strangely looked at Ruina.

Seeing that, Ruina gave a sigh and opened her mouth.

“Hn, student council president but unable to see through my concealment magic huh~. This indeed need to be considered,”

“Concealment magic? A user who even me can’t see through… don’t tell me, Ruina-sensei?”

“You’re right~”

Ruina released her concealment magic and back to her form, a beautiful girl with blond hair.

Student council members reaction after saw that were…




Ah, they were too surprised and stiffened.

“To think that student council is in this condition. Although I already said it on my greeting, you won’t be able to do anything if you keep like this.”

Student council member were silently listening Ruina’s words.

Ruina was usually carefree, but when about magic, she became strict.

Her training was very spartan.

It must be student council member never saw it.

Elenoa raised her face up and glared at Ruina.

“…I am sorry but, not everyone is blessed with talent like Ruina-sensei. Considering Ruina-sensei standard and what you say, there is no one who could do further. Is not that a bit too strict?”

Ruina’s answer was something that you couldn’t imagine from her usual.

“Sorry, with this way of my talk it’s hard to understand right? Then, I’ll rephrase to make it clear… if you still like this, someday, you’ll die.”


Simultaneously after finished her words, she released overwhelming murderous intent which make me and Linde unable to move.

Cold sweat and body trembling were unstoppable.

Even I who love Ruina, had high magical power and intellectual power became like this.

There was no need to say what happen to the other.

Ruina continue her words after stopped her murderous intent.

“Either you become adventurer or court magician, because you use magic, danger will always be there. There is no relation with talent. For example, when you face enemy, could you get away by saying ‘I have no talent, so please ignore me’? Enemies will never consider such thing. If you don’t want like that, then absolutely don’t become wizard. There are a lot technique that can be used for live.”

Ruina’s words were very heavy.

“Also, there are people who said I have talent or I was genius, but actually, it’s nothing like that. I’ve been done multiple times so far and despaired by my absence of talent. At a point, I could use all kind of magic but, when you really see it, each of my magics were low, there are a lot of people who better at it. You all just overestimate me.”

Leaving that words, Ruina left student council room.

In the end,  what I saw on her face was a great sadness.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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