Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 22

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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Chapter 22
Expedition Start!

Translated by Yuriko AYA [aya.sanusi.id]
Edited by FrozenInk

The sun was shining brightly in the blue sky.

Basked with a clean sunshine, a lot of students were gathered in the field outside magic school. They were holding large amount of luggage and gathered in groups. Ferris, Alicia, and also Janet were in one group.

“Janet-san… are you fine? Why did you bring such a big luggage….”

Ferris timidly looked up at Janet’s luggage. No matter how one sees it, it was too huge. Make Janet looked like snail.

Janet nodded with trembling knee.

“I, I am fine… I just bring what I need to have fun with Ferris. Something like stuffed dolls and card games, I brought a lot of them… without that we can not enjoy the sleepover time I’ve dreamt of…”

“It’s not sleepover time! It’s an expedition!”

Alicia turned her eyes around.

“A, ano, then, I will carry it! I feel bad to have Janet carry the burden alone.”

“Bu, but, I can’t make Ferris suffer.”

“Easy desu! Even if I look like this, I’m strong! I was always digging holes you know!”

There was Ferris who puffed her chest.

Just as Ferris carried luggage she accepted from Janet, she was crushed by terrible weight from her back.


“Fe, Ferris…? Are you really fine?”

“I’m fine!”

“But, what was mugyu just now?”

“Tha,that’s just my chirping!”

“Like that huh…”

Janet was convinced. The two of them were trembling while carrying the luggage.

They kept trembling whilst the teachers gave an explanation about expedition training. “I wish I could have put it on the ground…” they realized such thing when it was their time to depart.

They headed to the designated forest in a large carriage. About 10 people were riding in it. Leaving the magic school dormitory where they usually live, the students raised a cheer. The one who had an especially loud voice was Ferris who was riding the carriage. Rather than that, Ferris’ loud cheer was almost equal to that of 10 people’s worth of cheering.

“Wha, wait Ferris! Don’t hang out on the window too much! You will fall!”

“But, but, look, look! We are going so fast!”

“I told you it is dangerous!”

Janet was worried but Ferris did not mind it.

“Ferris won’t listen anything you say in that state. Let’s just hold her to make sure she won’t fall.”

“Ye, yeah let’s do that. I will hold her tightly!”

Janet tried to hold Ferris by hugging her from her back. Even though she said hold, she didn’t gently hug Ferris, but used her full power.

“Ja-Janet-san! I can’t breath! I can’t breath!”

Ferris’ scream leaked.

After half day riding the carriage, students of magic school arrived at their destination. A dense forest await them after they get off from carriage.

“Right everyone, line up! As I explained before, this times expedition will be  using a point system. The rarer and more monster you defeat, the more point you will get! You won’t get home unless you get more than 1000 points, so do your best!” Lotte-sensei gave the information to the students.

“If our condition get bad, what should we do?” Alicia asked Lotte-sensei.

“There’s a rescue party at the entrance of the forest, you can get treatment there. But you should try to treat yourself as much as possible, if you can’t your point will be deducted. When you work in the future, your health management is your own responsibility!”

“Of course…” Janet nodded.

“Okay then, starting from the team which finished their preparation, you can enter now~! Fight!

Lotte-sense encourage the students by waving her staff. But they only looked at the forest in awe. The fog that could be seen started to rise up inside the forest. Unknown animal’s cry could be heard reverberating through the forest. Not only that, there also some strong magical presence and poisonous smell floating around. In only single step they will entering an uninhabitable land. The story is different from when they were protected inside the school.

Aware of such thing, Janet could only gulped her own saliva.

“Ferris, please don’t be separated from me. It would be terrible if you get lost….”

“Waaiii! It seems like a lot of animal-san is in there!”

Ferris running toward forest while dancing in joy.

“Wa, wait Ferris! It’s dangerous to run on your own!”

“But, but, there is a big bunny-san over there! It’s very cute!”

“That’s not rabbit! That’s Killer Bear!”

Alicia and Janet chase after Ferris who was running in high spirit.

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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