The Adventure of Miko 53 – Return Report and Material Trade

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 53. Return Report and Material Trade

Translated by AYA Translation

When the four of them left the tower and headed back to Latia, the sun already inclined to the west, shining a bit red.

“Uwaa, already this late huh. I didn’t realize we already went that long.”

“The brightness inside the tower is always same. That confuse everyone’s perception of time on their first time entering the tower.”

They encounter no monster on their way back to the town. After showing their Clan license to the gatekeeper, they safely arrived at Latia town.

“First, we need to go back to Clan and report our result to Aria-san.”

The four of them then headed to the Clan Branch. What they found when they arrived at clan branch were a lot of people filling the building to report their job today. When Aria saw Miko and the others, she brought them to an empty counter.·

“Welcome back everyone. How was it, your first time to the tower?”

While taking out reporting document, Aria asked their impression about the tower. In the document, there were entry about who, with who, which tower, time when entering and time when leaving.

“Yeah, it’s very exciting. Besides, we can confirm everyone’s ability. And we somehow understand monster’s behavioral pattern in the first layer. With that we can hunt more efficient from tomorrow.”

After finished filling the document forms, Miko returned the document o Aria.

“Yeah, with this, your return report is finished, then how about materials trade?”

“Of course that too.” Miko immediately replied.

“Then please come here for assessment and take out any material you want to trade.” Ara take them to the dismantling room.

As Aria said, Miko took out materials she got from the tower today.

Tower clucker magic stones x3, tower clucker wings x2, tower frenzy cow magic stones x2, tower kobold magic stones x2, tower kobold fangs x 3, tower giant bee magic stones x 16, tower giant bee stingers x8, tower giant bee thin wings x6, tower medical herb x 1.

These were this time material they got from the tower. By the way, they planned to eat the “tower frenzy cow’s meat” them self after this.

“You are surprising me as ever, there was no one can bring this much material at first time they enter the tower.”

After giving assessment the material one by one, which was 30 minutes long, Aria state the price of the materials.

“Yeah, I can confirm it was material from the tower, also because there was no damage in the materials, um…

The clucker magic stone is 50 each, so 150 luks,

For the wing it’s 30 each so 120 luks.

Frenzy cow magic stone is 40 so 120 luks,

Kobolds magic stone is 60 so 180 luks,

Fang is 40 so 120 luks.

For giant bee, magic stone is 50 so 800 luks,

Stringer is 30 so240 luks,

And thin wing is 80 so 480 luks.

Tower medical herb is 30 luks.

The total is 2180 luks. It’s amazing. There was no newbie that can make this amount in single day. Please do your best in the future. For the money, I will hand it on the counter, please go ahead.”

Miko return to the counter as Aria told, and after awhile Aria also return to the counter.

“I’m sorry I’ve made you wait. Here, this is the money for this time materials, there’s 2180 luks, please confirm it.”

Miko sealed 21 silver coins and 80 copper coin which Aria put on the counter in her card.

“Jeez, I told you to hide that skill right?”

“Yeah, when I bought this weapon, the weapon shop owner seemed not to suspect anything, I think it’s fine.”

When heard Miko’s answer, Aria could only make a big sigh and them smiling.

“I understand, at this time, that skill seems not make any problem, but let’s be cautious and watch the surrounding.”

“Well then, because tomorrow we also will go to the tower, we will come to the branch in the morning.”

After bid farewell to Aria, the four of them left the branch and went to the town.

The Adventure of Miko

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