Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 02

Yuri Necromancer

Second Playthrough


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


“Huu… my life plan was……”

I was curled up in a back alley, trembling, holding my head.

My clothes were soaking wet, my stomach empty. I want to eat, I want to sleep on a warm bed, but I don’t have money to stay at an inn. To let a 14 years old girl drift alone on the street, this world is harsh.

I can’t take a guild quest just by myself, I wanted join another party but everyone turned away when they learned my job was necromancer. Although necromancy village was isolated from the rest of the world, the public prejudice against necromancers was terrible still.

That’s why it was right to not go out from the village… but it can’t be helped! That hero said something like ‘This is the highest calling, to save the world’ with glittering eyes… of course I believed it! It’s hard to believe that they were just immoral bastards from their appearance.

For that reason, I left the village. There might be no future for me in the village, but if I save the world, I can live with a pension after that; or with achievements I got with the hero’s party, I can become a noble in a country somewhere. That was my life plan.
However, that outcome was utterly crushed.

I can’t return to the village, I don’t know any method to live alone in the world, it’s the end. Game over.

Curse you hero! I will become a dragon in the next life and I will kill you! Even having such thoughts wouldn’t help me. If I reincarnated as a water flea by some probability, then it’s really over. My body got colder as the rain got heavier.

“… I absolutely don’t want to die like this!”

My stiff lips murmured.

I’m going to take revenge on the hero, and then have a glorious life. I won’t be satisfied unless I got everything I want. I can’t die and leave things this way, I’ll become a vengeful ghost if I do.

Thus, I decided. There was a prohibited technique in the village which was called the most forbidden of necromancy magic, a technique to start over everything. The name was, Resurrection Technique (Save & Load). The burden to the soul was very huge so it could only be used once. It was a super dangerous technique since there were possibilities that a paradox will appear and lead the world into destruction. However, I didn’t care about such a thing.

I took out a cylinder container from my hidden pocket. The content was a glittering purple colored venom. It was a magical tool that prevented the God of Death from collecting the soul when the body died. Usually I use it to make monsters from vengeful spirits, I never considered drinking it myself.

Ah, the effect was coming, the effect was coming. I immediately began dying. With my finger, I drew the pattern for the resurrection technique in the air. And then with my last power, I chant the forbidden spell.
“Spiral corridor, reveal your highest general principle authority. Go against our laws of creation, and spin a new fate! Eri Bradoma Delcrous!!”

I died while vomiting purple liquid.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the bed. Immediately I jumped to my bag and checked my diary.

Alright, there was no problem. This was an inn located in Adolmud town. As I aimed, I blew my soul to my brain two years in the past.

Well, my body was already dead two years in the future but if I carefully progressed the route, I can avoid the same fate somehow. At any rate, it was my second playthrough, I won’t make the same mistake now.

From my sleepwear, I changed to my necromancer dress. Afterwards, I quickly gathered my belongings and went out to the hallway. It was troublesome to write so I didn’t leave any note behind.

At this time, it’s only been a few months since I joined the hero’s party. The journey had just started. It was a time when the hero still depended on my overwhelming (overwhelming!) power. They must be unable to understand why I left them.

First, I need some funds. Meeting a game over because I had no money like last time wasn’t funny.

I snuck into the priestess room and took one fourth of the party’s money. Even though I was the one who did the most things, the money always went to hero’s and warrior’s alcohol or priestess’ cosmetics expenses. I almost got nothing. There was nothing wrong to take this much for retirement, right?

When I went out from the priestess’s room, I encountered the priestess walking from the opposite side of the hallway. I was nervous as to whether she knew that I snuck into her room or not.

“Ara, Nene you’re still up? It’s already bedtime for children you know?”

The priestess, Sara, who was seductively murmuring, was not wearing her priestess clothes. She was wearing transparent underwear with a loose shoulder strap. Her cheeks were red.

You, just returned from the hero’s room right!? The strange voice I occasionally heard from hero’s room in the middle of the night was ‘that’ sound huh!? I was always wondering what that was but, I didn’t understand! I was just fourteen years old girl! Ah, I’m twelve right now!

“I don’t care. I mean, I’m leaving the party today.”


A blank expression fell over the priestess’s face.

Then the hero came out from his room. Half-naked. At least wear your underwear! That’s sexual harassment you know!

“What’s happening?”

“For some reason, Nene said she is leaving the party.”

“Haah? What the hell are you saying in the middle of the night? I properly provided meals, right?”

And made me work hard just for those meals though! Moreover, I’m the only one who got the cheapest menu, and was occasionally left behind at the inn while you three were having feasts.

“Well, let’s talk about it for a while. Will you come to my room? If you feel unsatisfied, let’s carefully discuss it together with three of us.”

“Yeah, that’s right… you will understand if we talk about it… for a whole night, right?”
When the hero and priestess getting closer, I took one step back. I don’t really understand but, they didn’t feel like they wanted to have a discussion! I feel I will lose something that can’t be recovered if I accept their offer. It was way out of the norm. When the hero put his hairy hands on my shoulder, it was disgusting to the point that I really wanted to call a vengeful ghost army.
But that’s not good. If I kill the hero here, I can’t get my revenge. In the first place, I will only have a dim future if I kill the hero here. I need achievements. I need to make achievements first!
So, I need to bear it.



I hit the hero in the face with all my might.

There won’t be any damage even with all my physical power, but maybe because he was shocked that his obedient pet had suddenly became rebellious, he fell with a nosebleed.

“You hit me!? A disgusting necromancer that can’t open her crotch like you is disobeying this great hero? And why did you get angry!? Did you realize I take some of your underwear!? Did you feel bad that I secretly killed your annoying pet Cerberus!?”

“Hero-sama is thoroughly immoral. But I like that side of yours too, fufufufu.”

“Oi wait Nene! Wait I said! You made a mistake!”

Not minding the hero’s angry voice, I dashed out from the inn with my full power.

They were really the worst. I’m glad I left the party before my life become a mess. Well, they already kicked me out and made my life a mess once. I can’t believe that I admired them in the past. I became miserable because I was stupid, but this time, I’ve restarted everything so I won’t make the same mistakes again.
Wiping the tears that were about to drip with back of my hand, I stared into the night sky while biting my own lip.

“Now then, first, let’s go gather some corpses!”

To realize my ambition.

To take revenge on the heroes! To live a brilliant life!

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. Wow. They were scum from the very beginning. It’s a good thing she left.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. So basically all that changed is that they are weaker and she has more money, huh? (Well, that she will use past knowledge is only in the description and as such appears not to be the plan) Also, loli became more loli which makes the hero definitely a pedo. 14 is barely legal (although one better be below 18) but 12 is definitely out-o!

    Welp, mostly here for the lily-loli-mancer anyway, rather than caring about the premise I just would like it cute~

    1. Don’t forget that the priestess was also trying to get her in bed with the hero, so an (indirect) pedo? But definitely a questionable priestess.

  3. She didn’t notice the signs of what was coming? It’s not like the hero’s bad treatment came out of nowhere, and he is not exactly being subtle about it,

    1. That’s the thing about children, she was only 12 years old. A child can be easily manipulated when they go around claiming to be heroes serving a greater cause.

      At least modern day children have access to a lot more information and can be a bit smarter, whereas she lived in a secluded village with nothing but necromancy studies.

  4. I did not imagine that they had the courage to treat so badly even in the time when she is stronger than them. They did not even pay her…

    1. because they relied on her and talk to her.

      everybody discriminated against necromancor. she can’t even join a adventure party.

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