Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 03

Yuri Necromancer

The Undead Partner


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


While walking through the town of Adolmud at night, I recalled memories about my first playthrough. Because I wrote in my diary daily, I had a perfect memory of my journey.

It’s not like I was diligent or anything. I was fired up and was like, “Let’s leave a record of my valuable life experience with the legendary hero’s party!” I was really stupid!

In the first playthrough, two days from now, after the heroes were tired from too much revelry in the town of Adolmud, the town was attacked by an army of monsters. At that time, the heroes (mainly by using me) drove back the monsters and received a large amount of war funds.

The monster army, before attacking the town of Adolmud, annihilated a large subjugation party full of skilled mercenaries and also destroyed a village. So, if I went to that battlefield, I can choose corpses from strong people as much as I liked. A buffet of corpses, for a warrior that must be hellish, but for a necromancer that was heavenly.

I went to the equipment shop and bought necromancy magic tools as well as recovery items for myself.

“It’s wonderful that you can buy things you want, as much as you like, with your own money…!!”

“…? What’s wrong Missy? Did you meet a difficult situation?”

Seeing me in tears, the uncle at equipment shop inclined his head.

“You’re wrong uncle, there were a lot of hard things, but starting from now it’s my fantastic daily life.”

“Like that huh, you should be immediately go to hospital. Also thanks for your business.”
After receiving the goods from the rudely worried shopkeeper, I left the town.

I don’t know whether I was acting suspiciously or not, but it can’t be helped. In first playthrough, when I asked about battle necessities, “Err… I can’t fight without a MP recovery potion, can I buy it?” “Cih! Necromancer really needs a lot of money huh. Even without MP recovery potions you can still fight with your guts you know!” was how it went. I couldn’t get any necessities without unpleasant exchanges like that.

After walking for a few hours, I arrived at the nearest battlefield.

“Owh, they are dead, they are all dead! I can collect materials as much as I want here~ Slurp.”

There were dead bodies, dead bodies, and dead bodies as far as I could see. There must have been a fancy battle here, the warriors and magicians were defeated all over the stormy wilderness. A lot of them were eaten by monsters, but I was grateful that there were still some intact corpses. It seemed the monsters were kind (?) to the necromancer this time.
In the middle of the night, I walked alone at the corpse party assembly hall, looking for a particularly strong corpse. Of course, because I’m a girl I won’t let my clothes get dirty. It was a pitch-black necromancer formal dress with a lot of frills. This dress is more important than my life. That’s why I won’t let the smell of corpses stick on this dress. Absolutely won’t.

“First of all, I need an undead familiar. Not a disposable one.”
There were a lot of dangers for women that traveled alone. A necromancer was someone who couldn’t fight without being protected by a vanguard. A subordinate that will be my limbs for fighting is necessary.

Men are no good. If he did sex harassment to me like the hero, I’d beat him to death even if he was my familiar. Adult woman like the Priestess Sara are also no good. It’s disgusting imagining (not that I want to imagine it) her doing that with the hero.

“Oh! Good looking corpse found!”

I was dancing in the joy when I found the corpse of a swordswoman. Especially when it was located in the middle of a hellish pool of blood. It was a slim woman with an age similar to mine, perhaps a bit older? She wore a cute skirt type armor, but it was torn here and there. The face was also pretty, it’s a waste that she was dead.

What’s amazing was the massive amount of blood gathered in her surroundings wasn’t red, but green. In other words, before she died, she killed a lot of monsters and made this hellish pool of blood. Furthermore, she didn’t let her sword go even in her death, she still grasped it tightly. It seemed she didn’t give up and kept fighting and fighting on the verge of her death. To be frank, there was a possibility that necromancy magic will strengthen the undead, but the most important is mentality. Well, I don’t think her body potential was low…

“… Yeah, it’s a good body.”

I was satisfied after touching the muscle on her arms and legs for confirmation. She was thin, but her body was firmly built. Although she didn’t get enough nutrition, it seemed she never missed her training. In this case, how much power could be drawn forth depended on the strengthening.

“Now then, let’s start.”

I summoned a crowd of vengeful spirits and order them to create a 50 meters wide ceremonial space in that place, and then continued my operation.

One of her limbs was missing so I took one from vicinity and connected it to her. The more I looked at her the more beautiful she was, but poorly injured. I was able to completely stitch and connect her missing limb. A necromancer is also a professional surgeon that can be compared to a doctor…limited to dead bodies though.

I drew a Sephiroth pattern on the girl’s skin with sap of Abrasica. I also drew a group of circles on her hands and legs. In her surroundings, there were skeleton knights drawing magic squares with ash.

“… fiuh, preparation finished!”

Because usually dozens of people were needed to do this ceremony in the village, it took a lot of time for me to do it alone. Before long, the dawn, the time when the power of a necromancer weakens, will come.

This time the resurrection magic that I will use is very, very, very special. Because she will be my right hand while on the journey, I can’t let her body break and her appearance must be like a normal person. She must be a perfectly revived undead.
What I will use is a secret medicine that I secretly took from the village. It was the secret medicine of Osiris’ miko and very valuable.

The last thing to do is to finish the contract by transferring the miko’s secret medicine mouth to mouth but… yeah, tentatively it will be my first kiss. I hesitantly looked at the girl.

This girl, her long bangs covered one of her eyes, but the other eye was very clear. The bridge of her nose was also straight and slender… even though we have same gender, my heart was pounding.

“…Well, since she’s already dead it doesn’t count right?”

From the bottle, I put the miko’s secret medicine into my mouth. After making up my mind, I press my lips to the girl’s lips. Starting the mouth to mouth liquid transfer of the secret medicine, I murmured the chant.

“I am thy life, thy spring. Immerse the tip of thy toes in the underground spring of the abyss and once again awaken thy heart. Come and raise up my fellow. Become my power thou the immortal warrior. Walt Amui Bara Shidorie!!”

The magic circle and the pattern on the girl’s skin glowing purple, I pour all of the secret medicine left inside my mouth into the girl’s. The vengeful spirits made a circle formation to maintain the ritual space and shouted a profane spell. When Osiris, the realm of the death’s God poured her power down, the life force of the warrior gathered from the cursed battleground.
Badump. The heart of the girl started to pulse.

Her pale skin regained its red color and breath leaked out from her naval cavity. Her finger twitched a little and light returned to her clear eye.


When I release my lips, the girls took a big breath. She was coughing violently and bent her body to writhe. After touching her arm, legs, and chest, she opened her eyes wide.

“I, I’m…. alive…? I should have been died…”

“I brought you back to life. Well, that’s not really accurate, I revived you as an undead.”

“…! I still can fight…”

Large drop of tears flowed from the girl’s eyes.
Even though she had a terrible death and lived again, she didn’t lose her fighting spirit. This girl is hardcore. My judgement to choose this girl didn’t seem wrong.

“It’s still too fast for you to be glad. You are my servant from now on. You need to work as familiar of the necromancer Nene-sama that is me.”

I tried to be a little intimidating. Well, how will she respond? Afraid of a necromancer? Feel disgusting? I don’t care how much you hate me. I will use you as my tool to achieve my ambition.
I was thinking like that but…

“…Nene-sama! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Nene-sama is my Goddess!”

The girl hugged me with full power.

“Wai, it hurts, it hurts! Rather, your body is cold! What’s with you!? Don’t you feel disgusted with me!?”
“There is no way I’d do that! I was saved by Nene-sama! You are my lifesaver! I, Flan Azward promise to use my life to help Nene-sama till I die!”

This girl, Flan, put one of her knees on the ground and kiss the back of my hand out of gratitude.

“No… that’s… you already died!”

Snafu. I didn’t even use my order yet but she was already obediently following me. And also, she didn’t feel disgusted with me who was a necromancer. Somehow there was a hazy feeling inside my chest… or some feeling that made me want to cry… or maybe I was happy… or I don’t know, it was the first time I had such feeling.

“With this, let’s rescue the Obuza village. We need to get there faster than the monsters army, if not…”

“It was too late. (In my first playthrough) that village was already devastated, there were no survivors left. I have my own revenge that I must accomplish. I don’t have any time to be concerned about that small village. Never mind that, just let’s go to the town, do you understand?”

“Ye, yes… if that what Nene-sama want.”

Flan bowed her head, following me. She was clearly dejected. What was this? It’s like I was bullying her. When I saw her teary eyes, my heart was overwhelmed with a guilty feeling.

“Jeez! If you really that concerned then let’s go see the village condition for a bit!”

The moment I said that, happiness spread on Flan’s face.

“Thank you very much! Nene-sama is a very kind person!”

“Not really.”

I sighed while scratching my head.

I believed that the village was absolutely devastated though. Well, that’s fine. That means a lot of materials could be gathered there. Somehow, I was weak to this girl’s dejected face.

Yuri Necromancer

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