Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 05 Part 2

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The Village of Fire Part 2


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


On the way to the village, I took teeth from a suitable monster. Taking it out from my cute pouch, I rammed it together with the mayor’s jaw!


The mayor screamed painfully.

“Flan, please make this guy silent for a bit.”


Flan forced the mayor’s mouth close with her beast like power. Even though the mayor was desperately struggling he wasn’t likely to win against Flan‘s strength.

At that time, I used the blood of a Cheese Bear as a catalyst. After sprinkling it on the mayor, I chant the spell.

“Oh, scattered life fragment, become bone and flesh. Defy the heavens, and sprout. Agchi Bud Bedriene.”

Regenerating part of the body with necromancy magic, blood vessels grew from the monster’s teeth, dug into mayor’s jaw and fixed the teeth into place.

“Yeah! It’s good!”

Flan released her hand from the mayor’s jaw after I said that.

“The teeth! The teeth! After 30 years, finally I have proper teeth!!”

The mayor couldn’t stand out of surprise. He repeatedly open and close his mouth while looking at it with hand mirror.

Uwaah, that’s amazingly jagged. Looked like an alligator type monster. Maybe I should have used teeth from a monster that had human-like teeth. But since the mayor didn’t seem to mind, that’s fine right?

“… I believe in your power. It seems you can use techniques that normal people can’t understand. However, the volcano lord is extraordinary strong you know?”

“It’s fine. Just let us pass the gate to enter the mountain. You also don’t have any responsibility if we die. However, if we defeat the wyvern, you need to announce that we are the one who defeated it. I will be angry if you make it your grandchild’s achievement you know?”

“…Fumu, then let’s talk about you two with the gatekeeper. We will prepare special lodging tonight so you can rest your body.”


I threw my fist upward and jumped in the joy. Even the brave could only use the normal inn during the first playthrough, but we got special treatment because I healed the mayor’s teeth.

So, that night in the bedroom.

After eating delicious food and entering a pleasant hot spring, there were only the two of us left. I made a request to my obedient familiar.

“Take off your clothes.”

“Eh…?” Flan widened her eyes.

“O, okay… of course if Nene-sama wishes, whatever it is… but, I’ve never done such thing yet…”

“It’s not like that! I want to perform maintenance on your body! Because the body won’t stabilize right away after resurrection, there may be some damaged parts.”

“I, I’m sorry, I was mistaken…”

Flan hid her face and slowly took off her clothes. After putting her on the bed, I carefully observed her skin.

“Nene-sama… it’s embarrassing…”

“Don’t be embarrassed! That will make me embarrassed too!”


“…Yeah, it’s beautiful skin. There is no sign of degradation nor degeneration. My necromancy magic is top-notch after all.”
I satisfied with my own work. Also, this girl, her skin was more silky than mine. That’s unfair.

“Is it okay to wear clothes now?”

“Wait, while we’re at this I also want to raise up your fireproof abilities. You won’t be a shield but fighting wyvern flame is hard with a living body.”

“Fireproof ability…?”

“Don’t worry about that, just stay like that.”

I ground secret medicine inside a mortar. Crush together shell monkey’s shell, hellfire shrimp’s shell, and hell rover’s skin, then dissolve in a magic potion called mummy’s saliva. If I painted it onto the undead body, I can strengthen the skin by combining the components of monsters.

Putting the secret medicine on the brush I went to the top of Flan and with a wet brush, I started to paint her beautiful body.

“Kyaaaa!? Nene-sama!? It’s cold… and ticklish!”

“Bear it! I need to paint your whole body or it will be useless.”


Flan obediently surrendered to me with trembling body and watery eyes.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. I like how she’s sexually harassing her without meaning to. Even more so the fact that it’s necessary for the journey…

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