Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 05 Part 1

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I split it to parts for my convenience… hahahaha….

The Village of Fire Part 1


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver


I was walking with Flan on the highway.

“Nene-sama, where will we go next?”

“A volcano called Volcà. The volcano’s been always erupting since a long time ago, but recently the damage is particularly terrible. First we need to suppress the eruption before the brave comes to gain some fame and get some funds for our journey!”

“Even a volcano will calm down in front of Nene-sama?! As expected of Nene-sama!”

“Well, yeah…”

Normally you can’t do anything to a volcano with necromancy, but that place was special. In the first playthrough It was very difficult since we didn’t have any maps and didn’t understand the dungeon, but it would be different in the second playthrough.

Before long, Flan and I arrived at the village at the foot of Volca.

There were fluttering red and blue flags on top of the tents, it was a village with overflowing exoticism. Because it was a village where nomadic people settle down, the air was considerably different from a normal village.

This village was a popular sightseeing destination because there was a hot spring but… when I and the brave party arrived, there wasn’t enough room, and I alone slept outdoors.

「Because you’re a necromancer, you sleep in the graveyard right? That fits your image」「If you approach some uncle around there, maybe they will let you stay with them」 that what they said but, that’s prejudice! It was cold to sleep at the graveyard! Well, it was safe since there were a lot of apparitions there. However, I actually caught a terrible cold, and that made the volcano exploration three times worse.

“…Nene-sama, are you feeling unwell?” Flan asked in worry.

“…Yeah, just remembering something unpleasant.”

At the village entrance, I shook my head to drive the trauma away from my head. The past is the past, the present is now.
I decided, this time I won’t have to sleep outdoors! …Somehow, wasn’t my resolution too low?

I’ve already done gathering information in the first playthrough. Because I already know the village’s situation, I immediately headed to the village mayor’s mansion (or perhaps I should say tent?).

“Hello! We came to suppress the volcano!”

When I entered the room and said my business, the grandpa with white hair and beard who was sitting down blinked his eyes.

“…Hah? What did you say?”

“I told you, we came to suppress the volcano. There are a lot of eruptions recently, that’s terrible right? You are thinking if only some useful adventurer comes, you want to ask them for help right? I will do that.”

“Just a little girl like you, what could you do!?”

“I can do anything you know. Because I know more about the Volca mountain than you guys. The eruption is just a lie to deceive the villagers and the tourists. The fact is, there is a rampaging wyvern there, right? Because it will make the tourists run away, you want to exterminate it, but the village corps are almost devastated. Even when you sent mercenaries and adventurers, they were also annihilated. And now you don’t know what you should do right?”

“Ho, how can you know so much?”

The village mayor opened his mouth wide.

“Amazing! Nene-sama knows everything!”

With sparkling eyes, Flan put her hands together in front of her chest.

“Incidentally, village mayor, I also know that you already have no real teeth left.”

“Why why do you…”

“Nene-sama knows everything…”

Because I went from the necromancer village to the world outside, I was really curious about everything. I always listened to every rumor wherever I went to. Even though the village mayor wanted to hide it, it was obvious from his servant.

“You really want to eat with proper teeth right? I will heal you to prove my power.”

“Can you do it?”

“Of course! However, the treatment is very painful.”

“Huhuhu, don’t underestimate me. Even though I’m like this, I was the best warrior in this village of fire when I was young. Just a little pain won’t scare me…”

“Those words of yours, I’ll properly receive them!”

Yuri Necromancer

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