Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 06 Part 1

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Volca volcano is somehow weird right?
the japanese version Boruka kazan sounds better…

Volca Volcano Part 1


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation []
Editor: Moonreaver


Next morning, after leaving the inn, I and Flan headed to the Volca mountain. It seemed the village mayor properly talked to the gatekeeper at the trailhead gate since we were allowed to pass through. We climbed the mountain trail while taking medicinal herbs or eating food we got from the inn once in a while.

I was walking comfortably with my own pace which, when I was with the brave, they would say something like “Hurry up! You necromancers are really damn slow!”. By the way, I think the reason why I was slow was because I was just a child, there was no relation to me being a necromancer.

When I was about to enter the volcano from the large cavern on the surface of the mountain, racketing human voices could be heard from behind. Some dirty, or more precisely, hairy, gorilla like adventurers came. It seemed the village mayor sent another mission. Did he think we were unreliable because we were just children? That’s annoying.

“Hn? Why some brats are here?”

One of the adventurers unpleasantly looked me down.

“I also came to exterminate the Wyvern.”

“Hah? Brats like you exterminate the Wyvern?” “These brats are amusing!!” “They will become Wyvern food!” “Nah, they’re too small even for a side dish.” “Gyahahaha.”

Flan’s face was burned up when the adventurers laughed while holding their stomach.

“That’s rude! Nene-sama in amazing you know. It’s easy for her to defeat a Wyvern!”

“Oh, yeah yeah. If you just want to talk nonsense or play house, do it in the flower field.” “Go away you damn brats!” “Farewell!!”


I fell to the ground when the adventurers force their way. With their crude laughter resounding through the cave, they rushed toward the inner parts of the volcano.

Flan help me to stand in a hurry.

“Nene-sama, are you fine!?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

That’s surprised me. Those guys are the same type as the braves. Thinking about nothing but themselves and looking down on children. A filthy adult.

“How dare they! Interrupting Nene-sama, that cowardice!”

“That’s fine, if there is someone who wants to go first, let them do as they like.”

“Nene-sama… you are very kind.”

“It’s not like that… fufufu”


Flan tilted her head when she saw me laughing while blocking my mouth with my long sleeve. Rather, I was thankful that additional adventurers came.

I and Flan slowly entered the cave later than expected.

Bright red lava made rivers here and there and blood sucking bats flew while spouting fire. The rock on the ground also being heated, made the air hazy.

“Uuu… I’m melting…”

“Nene-sama… I think you better take off your dress…”

“No… this is the necromancer uniform…”

Even though my underwear was soaked with sweat. Actually, I wanted to take it off. But it’s embarrassing. Even if there was no one else except my familiar Flan and monsters, still, this place was outdoors.
And, from a distance ahead, the sound of colliding metals and explosions mixed with screams and roars could be heard.

“What was that…?” Flan quickly on her guard.

“Who knows? Let’s go!”


We started to run toward the source of the sound.
There were a lot of stepping-stones on the surface of the lava river and we used that to go further. Flan also occasionally slashed blood sucking bats when she jumped between rocks.

And then we arrived at an open space with especially strong hot air.

“… There it is.”

The lord of this volcano was waiting angrily. A muscular Wyvern, with rolled bloodshot eyes as it breathed residual flame from its fiendish jaw.

There were a lot of corpses scattered around the Wyvern… those were the rude adventurers who tossed me a while ago. It would be easy to clear this dungeon if there were so many corpses like this.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. The correct term is “Flan and I” not I and Flan, it works if it’s me and flan for commoners whom are uneducated though; but still incorrect usage.

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