Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 06 Part 2

Yuri Necromancer

Volca Volcano Part 2


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver



The Wyvern raised a roar when it saw new food (me and Flan). Yeah, I can’t understand what it said so negotiation was impossible!

Sprinkling the blood of the Harawata kangaroo from the cylinder container, I started to chant the spell.

“Thou, corpse who hast lost thy life, thou, heartless desperate soul, be my retainer now! Bal Diad Bolteus.”

The dead bodies of the adventurers rose up while groaning. When I waved my sleeve, the adventurers who had become undead rushed toward the Wyvern.

“Yeah yeah, do your best! Fight!”

Not really like what I expected though!
Sure enough, the dead bodies of the adventurers were mowed down at once by the Wyvern’s tail.


Flan rushed to the Wyvern while screaming. She tried to strike the Wyvern but was repelled by its skin, making a loud metallic sound.

“That’s useless! Direct attacks won’t have any effect on this guy.”


Even using all of her power, Flan can’t even make a scratch on the enemy’s skin.

“That Wyvern, its existence is already merged with the volcano! It’s the real lord recognized by the spirit that residing in this mountain. It’s insanely very strong because it has unlimited energy supply!”
When the rampaging Wyvern breathed fire, Flan avoided it with a back flip.

“Just leave that thing alone! There is good material ahead!”


“Yeah! The best!”

I didn’t use it in my first playthrough (I was told like, your strategy is fucking stupid, like hell we will use it), however I can use it this time. Moreover, I perfectly understand the location of the material, so I can directly go there using shortest route.
Using the adventurers’ dead body to prevent Wyvern attacks, I and Flan went through the open space. We left the space and aimed for the center of the volcano, but after all, the speed of a girl can’t be compared with a Wyvern. Immediately the tremors were getting closer and flame came from behind.

There were some adventurers alive inside the dungeon, they were trying to escape from the Wyvern.

“Oi, get away! You brats should become bait!”


The warrior with a large build caught my hand and threw me toward the Wyvern then ran away.


Flan immediately rushed to me. The Wyvern was getting closer.

“…! This way!”

Gripping Flan’s hand, I rolled to the hidden room that I found in the first playthrough. Quietly hiding our self, the Wyvern passed by without noticing us. The adventurers who went ahead of us were burned by the Wyvern’s flame breath.


“Oohh. The pawns have increased~”

I poked out my head from the hidden room to watch. That’s helping me but, please don’t be burned too much. It will be hard to manipulate you if you became ash.

After leaving the hidden room, I and Flan aimed for the center of the volcano once more. Sniffing out our presence again, the Wyvern headed toward us, breathing out fire while its feet crushed stone.

“Thou, corpse who hast lost thy life, thou, heartless desperate soul, be my retainer now! Bal Diad Bolteus.”

Using necromancy magic, I manipulated all the corpses in the surroundings onto my retainer. The adventurer’s corpses made a meat wall to protect me and Flan. At that time, we rolled down and ran to the underground. The meat wall was destroyed by Wyvern in no time, with a terrific sound of flapping wings, its wind attack also being outrageous.

“Haa… Haa… Ha…”

“Are you fine, Nene-sama.”

Maybe, not.

In the first place, necromancers were not a physical type, they weren’t suited to run for a long time, and the Wyvern attack was getting stronger. If I didn’t settle this quickly, I will be burned alive.

At the end of the passage, I and Flan slid down into a pitfall, and arrived at an underground cavern.

“This is…”

Flan looking at surrounding scene with widened eyes.

Yuri Necromancer

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