Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 06 Part 3

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Volca Volcano Part 3


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Editor: Moonreaver


In that underground cave was a giant dragon skeleton. Sitting in the middle, it was big enough to fill the whole cavern. I wonder how many tens of thousands of years it’s been since it’s died. It already looked like a fossil, but the head, body, and limbs were still intact and connected with each other.

I was sure this one was the lord acknowledge by the spirit in this mountain long before the Wyvern. In other words, its attack had enough power to defeat that Wyvern.

The Wyvern ran to the underground cavern while flapping its wings and breathed out a flame with terrific power.

“I will protect Nene-sama!”

Flan immediately stood in front of me and spread her two arms. The flame directly hit Flan but her skin was not even burned or damaged.
“The fireproof ability was perfectly applied! Stay like that!”

I took a bottle from my pouch and used crock to open the lid. From inside, a lot of bat familiars came out and assault the dragon’s bones. Crushing their bodies against the bones, they soaked the Dragon bones with blood and eroded it. In that way, they made magic circles on the surface of the bones which were my foundation to start the ritual.

“Thou the ancient vortex, thou the great god of the dragon tribe, manifest and become my servant! Reveal the greatness of thy power! Andagulda Void Vulhachika!!”

The dragon bones started moving with a loud creak like they were breaking. A giant stone was crushed by the tail which came out from inner wall of the volcano. Seeing the ceiling collapse, the Wyvern raised its guard.
What was resurrected there was… a giant Skeleton Dragon.

The Wyvern tried to attack the enemy that suddenly appeared but was easily taken down by the Skeleton Dragon’s feet. Crushed in one strike. Skeleton Dragon crunched the wyvern and swallowed it. The crushed Wyvern body rained down from the gaps of the Skeleton Dragon.

“Yeah, finished~”

Even the brave party need three hours to defeat it in the first playthrough, but this time it was in an instant. However, there was one problem left. It seemed this dragon was the foundation of this cavern, in other words, if this dragon moved,

“Nene-sama! We could be buried alive if we stay in here.”

“I wonder if I went to far…”

After picked up Wyvern’s horn, I and Flan jumped on the Dragon’s (skeleton) wing and escaped from the volcano by manipulating it. Blowing away the wall, blowing away the ceiling, and blowing away the monsters, we escape.
There was a huge explosion that could be heard from behind, but I was afraid to take the responsibility so let’s pretend to not hear it.

And so, we returned to the village of fire.


As subjugation proof, I presented the horn in front of the village mayor. The mayor who was in the plaza opened his eyes wide.

“Wha, what did you… you really defeat it…?”

“Yeah. A new lord will be born after a few years, but it shouldn’t be ferocious like this Wyvern. If that happens, I will defeat it even if it’s rampaging like a demon king!”

“What… you… are you the brave!?”

“Please don’t put me together with them! I’m Nene! Nene the Necromancer!”


The mayor surprised and the villager in the plaza became noisy.


I held down my mouth. I’ve done it. I said it because I was angry. If they know my job then won’t I get no reward?

“Umu… so it’s like that huh. Then there’s no problem!”

“No problem!?”

“Whatever you are, necromancer or anything else, my village residents are more important than that! Tourist attraction! Hot springs! And also the volcano! You have my gratitude, Nene the Necromancer!”

The other villagers also nodded.

“You saved us Nene!” “Thanks for avenging our men!!” “You can enter the hot springs as much as you like from now on!” “Please stay in our inn as long as you want!” “It seems like a good idea to sell a special product called Nene manju!” “Let’s party tonight!”

I wonder how to say it… are they a very tolerant people? Or do they just have a strong captalist spirit? Even in the first playthrough, they barely recognized me and all the services went to the braves.
Flan was smiling beside me.

“Nene-sama, thanks for your hard work.”


I just slightly changed the route, but the result was very different. Even my necromancy magic could be appreciated so much like this.
That day, I was surrounded by overjoyed villagers at the party till late night.

[The Brave Side]

It was the next day after Nene left the Village of Fire when the brave party arrived there.

Like usual, the brave entered the village mayor’s residence without asking for permission. Looking down at the mayor, the brave talked with a self-important tone.

“I’ve heard about it, old man. Something like the volcano continually erupting or something terrible right? We will take care of it, so first, hand over the women and the money.”

It was too frank and made all of the mayor’s servants turn blue but the brave calmly said it. So far, they always did that and succeeded. At any rate they will receive rewards, so frankly saying anything they wanted would be quickest. The hero wanted to taste the village girls as fast as possible.


“I don’t know who you are, but we don’t need your help. That matter is already settled.”

“Hah? What do you mean? The cause is a fucking powerful Wyvern right? There is no one that can defeat it except me, the brave!”

“But it was defeated. It was just a little girl who defeated it. She is a lovely child wearing a frilly dress, but her strength is tremendous.”

“Don’t lie to me!”

“I’m not lying!”

When the mayor firmly denied them, the braves looked at each other’s faces.

“Who on earth is she…?” The warrior tilted his head.

“Dress huh… Nene-chan, not her right?” the priestess pondered.

“No way! It’s impossible for her to do that! Without me her only choice is to die somewhere, that sub-garbage stupid brat!”

While the brave made a grimace, the mayor silently stood up.

“By the way, that child made a prediction. After a while, some scoundrels naming themselves the braves will appear. Because they were bad guys, that would bring calamity to the village. It’s recommended to immediately put them in jail, like that…”

“Eh… what? Wait, that’s a lie right…?”

The priestess tried to step back. But then she noticed that they were already surrounded by the village guard.

“Catch them! And throw them to the crater!”

The mayor’s alligator like teeth glittered.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. i don’t know why scoundrels like them be appointed as hero. So, every time they come to save a village or town. He will rape a random girl as a payment? i’m so irritated.

    Thanks for the chaptee

  2. “Throw them into the crater” has me imagining that their jail mentioned earlier is just the volcano, and they just throw people into the lava instead of bothering with a real prison and such.

    1. it was Nene who recommend to put them in jail. I think they have actual prison but the villager don’t want bother with that and just want to throw them to the crater, well, they asking for village girls even before doing anything…

  3. Er, if the village was not strong enough to defeat the wyvern themselves but the hero party (with nene’s help) was strong enough, then starting a fight with the hero party is likely to end badly for the town.

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