Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 10

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Night Guard

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

After that, the town of Nald was attacked over and over.

In the first playthrough, we completely recaptured the town after the demon tribe fully occupied it. There was no worry about increasing casualties, so we could do that with carefree abandon. But this time, normal people live in the town like normal, so we can’t use the former strategy.

Tonight too, I secretly protected the town from outside the wall.

“Ah, I’m tired!!”

I dropped my body to the ground.

The demon tribe’s corpses which lose its manipulator crumbled down. The surrounding area was filled with corpses and silence. The town of Nald also slept peacefully, and all of the residents didn’t realize what had happened. What a carefree people. Such a thought appeared in my head.

“Thanks for your hard work, Nene-sama!”

Flan who was covered in the demon tribe’s blood approached with a smile.

“Isn’t this… endless? Moreover, there is no quest for this, I just doing my best for nothing, isn’t it the same as working for free?”

“Protecting the citizens of the town from the shadow, Nene-sama is so cool! I admire you!”

I felt uncomfortable when she looked at me with such an innocent sight. With hot feelings on my cheek I trampled down on my shoe to the ground.

“It, it’s not like I care about coolness! What I want is rewards and fame, and then to get my revenge on the Brave! I don’t have free time to do all of this!”

“I’m really sorry… it was because my stupidity that made Nene-sama have unpleasant thoughts.”
She shrunk away, even though she was shorter than me. Mou, stop it please, it feels like I was bullying you, you know. [TN: not sure about this] [EN: Seems fairly straightforward. Corrected.]

“… You don’t have to apologize. I mean, it’s scary if we stay too long and the Brave catches up with us.”

“… Nene-sama archenemy is the Braves huh. Immoral fiends who should not exist in this world, an ignorant and arrogant, worthless bunch who bares their fangs toward Nene-sama…”

“Ye, yeah, something like that.”

I never knew that this girl knew such difficult words.

“If Nene-sama gives me the order, I will clean them up, let’s do it.”

“No need to go that far! If they’re dead my revenge will end there!”

“But, isn’t it the best to eradicate evil from the world as fast as possible?”

“Tentatively those guys have divine protection from the heavenly God! They are the Braves chosen by the heavenly God! If we handle them poorly, the judgement Valkyrie could attack us!”

In the first place, that method wasn’t different from what those heretics did. Those guys must completely feel the thing called hell.


“My physical strength wouldn’t keep up if we stay like this. We have to crush the lord of the demon tribe group.”

“Does Nene-sama know their headquarters?”

“Of course! Because I know everything!”

I puffed my chest in pride. It’s flat though.

“As expected of Nene-sama! Nene-sama’s wisdom is magnificent, not even Sophia the Goddess of Wisdom could win against Nene-sama.”

“Stop saying such things. The Gods are really easy to make jealous and not quick to forgive you know. It will be troublesome if they got angry,”

Even so, I didn’t hate being praised by Flan. I was happy.

“There is a vampire mansion not far from the town. Let’s sneak into that house and kick the commander’s ass!”

“Yes! I will follow Nene-sama to the end of the world!”

Accompanied by Flan, I departed to the doll vampire mansion.

I have full knowledge from my first playthrough, about the secret mansion of the blood sucking noble.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. So, um, shouldn’t the Heroes be here by now? Seeing as they were already close by a few days ago…

    1. yeah, that’s why it’s weird, the braves not appear again at all… may be they sneak around looking who is the girl, and then join demon king’s army once they know it’s Nene… lol

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