Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 11

Yuri Necromancer

The Mansion of Blood Sucking Noble
Part 1

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

The mansion of the blood sucking noble was located beyond the dense forest. From the town of Nald, we had to pass through the valley road in order to get there.

Under the influence of the demon tribe’s dark miasma, the surrounding trees had completely withered. Weird colored mushrooms grew on the ground and skeletons were rolling around here and there. Even though it was daytime, there were black death birds cawing in the pitch-black sky. What a nice air.

It was similar to a certain place in necromancer village and it seems I can live peacefully here. Maybe it’s a good idea to stay here after I save the world.

When we arrived at the mansion, there were large amounts of detection magic techniques set up on the front door of the mansion to detect any intruder. I also can see the purple shining magic circle.

At the same time, there was also a brawny hobgoblin with dango-like muscles guarding the entrance with a club. Its eyes were crushed with big nails and like a watchdog, it has a collar which was connected to somewhere in the garden.

“Looks like a strong enemy… are we doing it?”

Flan who hid with me in the thicket asked while putting her hand on her treasure sword, Durandal. Maybe she already entered battle mode or what, but her beautiful eyes were glittering red.

“No, we won’t go through the front door. It’s easy to defeat that hobgoblin, but it will be troublesome if the alarm went off. If that happen all the retainers will gush out from the mansion and we can’t search for the blood sucking noble.”

“I see… as expected of Nene-sama!”

Flan took of her hand from Durandal obediently.

In the first playthrough the Braves were like, “Hah? Looking for the back door? Like hell we will do such a lame thing!” “That detection magic, I can easily disarm it if it’s just in that level.” “To not go directly through the front and use a cowardly method, as a warrior I can’t do that.” they opposed me like that. It was really terrible. We needed to run around the mansion once we had triggered the alarm.

“Emm… Certainly around here…”

In the shade of a rock I found a steel skull rolled down, and pulled it out. When I did that, the rock started to move with a noisy sound, revealing stairs led to the basement.

“A hidden passage in a place like this…”

Flan was amazed.

“Let’s go! Even though it’s a hidden passage, there are monsters wandering around, so prepare yourself!”

I went down to the stairs followed by Flan. The rock behind us moved again and closed the entrance. There was no turning back. The dim moonlight also being gone, I summoned a supernatural fiery ball to illuminate my steps. The floor was wet because of water dripping from the ceiling.

“It’s very slippery here, so be careful… kyaa!?”


Flan caught me who slipped, even though I was the one who said to be careful. The impact was nicely absorbed since my head hit her reliable chest.

“Are you fine?”

“Ah, yea, yeah. Let’s be careful or this will happen.”

I was so embarrassed that my cheeks felt hot. I can’t show that I was a good master if I was the one who slipped. Even so, how can this girl be so stable in this slippery place? Unfair.

After walking a while in the hidden passage, we remove a part of the ceiling and went out to the corridor of the mansion. We could hear some weird noises not far from where we got out from. The smell of blood and sound of wet footsteps.
When I tried to look at it, it was a Terror Doll that was almost liquefied. Walking, or rather wandering around looking for prey.

A grotesque walking doll. They didn’t have any intelligence but they were difficult to deal with since they will call their comrades over and over. Moreover, they can increase their number by splitting up. It was meaningless to secretly come to this place if I was found out right now.

“Come here!”


Grabbing Flan’s hand, we barged into a nearby room. Flan opened one of the lined up coffins and after we both entered together, she closed the lid.

“It’s a bit cramped…”

“Because it’s for one person and we use it for two…”

While leaking out a sinister long breath, the Terror Doll entered the coffin room.

Fshuu fsuu… gogyogyogyogyo…

While leaking weird sounds, it sniffed around to determine which coffin we were hidden in.

I and Flan firmly held our breath inside the coffin.

Yuri Necromancer

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