Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 12

Yuri Necromancer

The Mansion of Blood Sucking Noble
Part 2

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

After about thirty minutes of examining, the Terror Doll slowly went out of the room.

“Hah~. Finally it’s gone.”

Exhausted inside the coffin, I took a big sigh.

“Let’s go Flan!”



“… suya suya.”


I slap Flan who was sleeping on her cheek. She immediately woke up.

“I, I’m really sorry Nene-sama! Somehow it feels so cozy inside this coffin…”

“Well, that’s for sure.”

That’s undead instinct. In the first place, Flan should be sleeping eternally inside this thing.

We went out from the coffin room and continued to progress while avoiding drawing attention. There were walking armors or dark slimes, and also blood sucking bats in the passage, but since I knew the route from the first playthrough, there was no problem. We immediately climbed to the top floor and arrived in front of the lord’s room.

After Flan forced open the gorgeous door with her stupidly huge strength, we entered the blood sucking noble’s room. The door behind use closed again.

A fine working desk was setup under the stained-glass window. Before the desk, in the center of the room, twelve beds were arranged in a circle.

“These beds… what are these for?” Flan tilted her head.

“This is the place where the blood sucking noble lined up the captured girls. Putting them in a dying state and drinking their blood when he felt like it. Maybe it’s like a wine cellar for normal humans?”

“How inhumane! Fortunately, there are no victims right now!”

“Ye, yeah…”

It’s weird. There were some corpses of strong people in here in the first playthrough. Besides, I was expecting to get some new pawns for the fight so I sneaked to this room.

…Huh? Speaking of which, I didn’t see any corpse since I entered the mansion. In the coffin too, there was no corpse there.

No, not only corpse, I also didn’t meet any apparition, undead type monster too, I didn’t meet them, not even once. Vampires should be get along with undead, no matter how I think about it, it was abnormal. The retainer of darkness’ mansion — this place was spiritually clean, furthermore, it had become a clean field to the level of a shrine.

“Don’t tell me…!?”

“What’s wrong Nene-sama!?”

I tried to open the entrance door but the key couldn’t move. Trying to push the door also futile.

“Ah, Jeez, it’s a trap!”

A bold laughter resounded behind me, trampling down my frustration.

“Kukuku… hahahaha! It’s nice that you have come, necromancer girl! Welcome to our mansion!”
From the darkness he appeared like a ghost, laughing while being illuminated by moonlight from the stained glass. He was the lord of this mansion, the blood sucking nobleman.

Yuri Necromancer

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