Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 13

Yuri Necromancer

The Mansion of Blood Sucking Noble
Part 3

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

I glare at the blood sucking noble who suddenly appeared as if he was waiting in ambush.

“I see, isn’t this a big welcome? I never thought you would prepare this far ahead just for me.”

“Of course, in the demon tribe’s world, everything is based on power. Even if you are just a child, you will be greatly respected if you have great power.”

“Eh? Eh?”

When the blood sucking noble looked at me with a smile, Flan got confused.

He opened his two arms wide.

“And so, Nene… no, Nene-chan! You’re fit in our eyes! That courage, that magical power, those dreadful tactics… everything is suitable for you to be our servant! And here we declare. We will definitely make Nene-chan kneel down and obediently become our lovely doll!”

“Who the hell will kneel down!!”

The temperature drastically dropped.

Of course, it was scary when the blood sucking noble knew my name, but it was beyond scary when he called me “Nene-chan”. It was disgusting when he looked at me while playing with his whiskers.

“I admit that Nene-sama is very lovely… I also understand why you want to make her a doll… but I can’t give her to the demon tribe!!”

“You too what are you saying!?”

Drawing her treasure sword Durandal, Flan stood in front of me.

However, the blood sucking noble only sneered.

“I don’t dislike a young girl, but I don’t have any interest in a corpse. Do you think an undead like you can defeat our power…?”

Red drops spilled forth from the long nails of the airborne vampire.  One by one, drawing lines through the air. Sinister, shimmering, and scarlet.

“What’s that…?” Flan raised her guard.

“That’s a blood sucking demon’s weapon. Blood Inferno — blood magic. They freely manipulate the blood inside their body to tear up their enemies.”

“You’re right! And we just finished having a meal. We had to quickly suck dry the girl’s lifeblood in order to deal with someone who can use corpses. It’s a bit wasteful… but thanks to that we’re at full power now.”

A chain of blood circled around the blood sucking noble repeatedly.

Cutting through the air, that chain flew toward me with a terrific speed.



There was no time to stop it, Flan swung her sword in front of me and knocked the blood chain down. However, the blood which was splattered reformed into a chain shape and attacked Flan.


Flan’s left arm was cut into two. Abandoning that arm, she lifted me up and escaped from the blood chain attack. I don’t understand what she did but it seems that her skill as a warrior and her ability to detect danger was high.

“Blood Inferno can’t be stopped with a normal attack! You must attack the manipulator’s body!”

“That’s… we can’t get closer if it’s like that!”

The blood chain had already made a massive vortex around the blood sucking noble.  Our bodies will be cut into pieces by that attack if we get closer. But we also can’t leave through the door, and the window was blocked by the blood sucking noble who drew closer.

“Hahahaha! Come on, run away, run away, run away! There is nothing that can raise my appetite more except the scream of a little girl!”

The blood sucking noble laughed uproariously while the Blood Inferno attacked like a storm.

I and Flan desperately avoid it, rolling on the floor, hitting the wall, but even so we get up and run. And before we knew it, we had been driven into the corner of the room.  Surrounding us were the blood chains. Each of them strangely wriggling, shaking, and aiming for Flan and me.

“Hah… hah… hah…”

Flan breathed heavily. She had protected me many times. Because of that, her body was filled with wounds.

“Now, there is nowhere else to escape. Should we end it?”

Convinced about his victory, the blood sucking noble smiled.

“Yeah… you right.”

“Nene-sama!? You can’t give up! Even if this body becomes ash, I will protect Nene-sama!”

Losing herself, Flan tightly hugs me.

“Useless! You can weep as much as you want after being pierced by our blood!”

The blood sucking noble swung his hand down to make the blood chain tear us up.


Flan’s body froze.

However. The chain of blood didn’t move like the blood sucking noble commanded. It never attacks us.

“What is it…? Why can’t I manipulate it…? What is happening…?”

The blood sucking noble was confused.

I slipped away from Flan’s hug and puffed my chest while smiling.

“Unfortunately! I’ve already taken over your Blood Inferno!”

“Taken over…? What do you mean…?”

“You didn’t notice it? While I was running here and there, I was setting up necromancy magic in this whole room. Did you think I didn’t prepare any countermeasures?”

“Even though you set up necromancy magic, it should be useless… we already removed any corpse or soul that can be used for necromancy magic…”

“Ah, jeez, do I have to explicitly say it to make you understand? A corpse is just part of a human who is dead right? It’s not needed for there to be a whole body, just the limbs are fine. To be frank, as long as it was part of human body, then everything is fine…”

“Don, don’t tell me!?”

The blood sucking noble widely opened his eyes in surprise when he looked at his blood chain.

I was laughing while pinning my lips with my long sleeve.

“Right. The blood that came out from the dead body. There was a lot of it in this room. On the wall, on the ceiling, everywhere. Using that for necromancy magic, I can erode your blood chain. And incidentally you just finished eating right…? In other words, there is a lot of “dead blood” that I can manipulate inside your body…”

I didn’t run from place to place to protect myself. It was to set up necromancy magic in this room, it was to attack.

“Hahahaha… hahahaha… I never thought it would be like this… We should have acknowledged the strong… but it seems we still somehow underestimated you after all…”

The blood sucking vampire murmured with a face full of despair.

Stepping into the pool of blood on the floor, I draw the last symbol in the air.

“Be buried with your own blood, you warped being!”


Large amounts of blood in the room converge into one and attack the blood sucking noble.  The floating blood chain rotating and piercing him. The blood in his body, which came from his victims, gushed out and exploded, breaking his body into pieces. The shockwave broke the stained glass and threw me into the air.

Flan hugged my body and acted as my cushion as we fell into the garden.

“Nene-sama, are you fine…?”

“Yeah, somehow.”

Even though she was a warrior, this girl was unexpectedly springy.

Even though the age was different, it was annoying when compared with mine which was flat.

Because the lord spewing out miasma was defeated, the curse on the mansion also lifted. The black clouds disappeared and changed into a blue sky, with small birds also chirping and flying.

When I was looking for Flan’s left arm which had been severed to fix it, some poorly dressed people walked up from the forest. They must be the residents of a nearby village.

They were amazed upon gazing at the ruin that looked like a noble mansion with its revived garden.

“I never knew that there was a beautiful place like this.” “Next time I’ll bring my wife to have a picnic here” “It’s good, it’s good.” “Let’s take this flower as a present for my daughter.”

They were laughing together.

Really, everyone didn’t understand. Completely didn’t understand. I took a sigh.

“Aah, it was a place with a good atmosphere before. But it became so glittery now, I can’t use it as a villa for my retirement if it’s like this.”

“But everyone is happy! The town of Nald will no longer be attacked and girls will not be captured by a blood sucking demon! Everything is thanks to Nene-sama!”

“Aah, yeah yeah, that’s good~”

“It’s good! Nene-sama is an amazing and great person!”

The usual Flan with her sparkling eyes. The trouble was, I don’t really dislike this sparkling too much.

“Then, let’s go home. We already spent a lot of time here, we must hurry to the next town.”

“Yes! Let me be bold and princess carry Nene-sama!”

“Funya!? Why!?”

“Because Nene-sama is tired!”

“I’m not that tired!”

“Because Nene-sama is cute!”

“I’m not cute!”

Even though I was struggling, Flan princess carried me while grinning, dashed through the middle of the forest while basking in the sunlight.

Yuri Necromancer

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  1. “Ah, jeez, do I have to explicitly say it to make you understand? A corpse is just part of a human who is dead right? It’s not needed for there to be a whole body, just the limbs are fine. To be frank, as long as it was part of human body, then everything is fine…

    Wait, then what is the dragon?

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