Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 14

Yuri Necromancer


Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

Once I left the blood sucking noble’s mansion, I realized I forgot something very important.

Yeah, it’s plundering.

There was absolutely no meaning to fighting with my best and defeating the lord if I didn’t take the household goods. So I turned back to the mansion and searched for treasure, especially in the lord’s room.

“Is there anything we can take?… Something valuable!”

Opening the high quality chest, looking  inside a dresser, pulling out gaudy clothes…

Flan looked around restlessly .

“Ne, Nene-sama… you can’t just enter somebody’s room…”

“It’s fine, the owner already dead!”

“It’s stealing to take someone’s belonging for ourselves.”

“It’s fine. We won’t become thieves if we take the demon tribe’s things! Because they are the demon tribe and not human beings, it can’t be helped! That’s what everyone thinks.”

“Is that so…?”

It seem Flan was the overly serious type.

“That’s right! I guarantee it!”

“Nene-sama guarantees it! That’s mean it’s perpetual value! It’s good value! Flan will remember it… that there is no problem to plunder from the demon tribe as much as we want!”

“Good girl, good girl.”

Kyun kyun!

When I pat her head, Flan narrowed her eyes like a dog. At the same time, this girl’s personality was a bit  too honest. If this girl entered the Brave’s party, her personality would probably be distorted in an instant. It was a  good thing I picked her up.

“It’s not like I was thinking something like that.”


Flan was puzzled when I raised my voice because I was embarrassed. Well, of course she didn’t understand, she didn’t need to. Rather, I didn’t want her to understand.

“Hmm… the vampire was the type who spent money on furniture huh… as expected, even I couldn’t bring all of the  furniture to town.”

“No! If Nene-sama gives the order, no matter if it’s a drawer, a bookshelf or a bed, no, even the whole mansion, I will carry it even if it will crush my body! Please, crush my body! For the sake of Nene-sama!”

While declaring in a loud voice, Flan lifted a giant bed.


I clapped my hands. Her strength was amazing. But in the next moment, a dangerous sound could be heard and she was pinned down under the bed.

“…Are you fine?”

I looked at  Flan who was pinned under the bed.

“I’m fine! It’s not hurting or itching!”

“Well, that’s because you’re undead.”

I was sure she forced herself because I felt she was being crushed quite hard.

For the time being, let’s search for something light to take. After a while, we left the blood sucking noble’s mansion with a huge amount of goods on Flan’s shoulder.

“What will we do with this? Like this smoking pipe, will Nene-sama ever use it?”

Flan asked while walking.

“We will sell it of course. There was a merchant that the Brave usually used. It was something like a resale shop.”

“Resale  shop?”

Flan tilted her head.

Yuri Necromancer

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