Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second Playthrough 21

Yuri Necromancer

Lesson Time

Author: 天乃聖樹 (Amano Seiju)
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Translator: AYA Translation
Editor: Moonreaver

While holding Junior with one of his arms, The Mayor came closer and asked me.

“So, how you will undo the curse? Some curse expert already sprinkled holy water, offered sacrifices, and exorcised all-night for a whole month to lift the curse, but none of it worked.”

Maybe he thought that no one realized, but from his mouth, Junior stretched out a purple tongue and began licking all over the Mayor’s hairy arm.

Realize it Mayor, realize it! He is tasting you right now! That length is obviously not from something that’s blood-related to you!

“Because I know the source of the curse, exorcism is not needed.”

“What…? What is the source?”

“That’s… him!”

Junior jumped in surprise when I pointed my finger towards him. Meanwhile Flan leaned over and whispered into my ear.

“Nene-sama!? Is it fine to tell them like that?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, just shut up and see.”

I also answer Flan in a whisper.

The mayor raised one of his eyebrows.

“What kind of joke are you  saying! There is no way this cute Junior who is cute like me could be the source of the curse…!”

I thought it was a joke when he said someone who looks like a orc with glittering jewels  is cute. But the Mayor’s face is not a joking face!

“How I should say it, there is a monster inside Junior’s body. He’s possessed. That’s the source of the curse.”



It’s different though. Not only inside, but his outside is also a monster.

“That’s why, if I give this child private tutoring, the demon will be impatient and come out right? So at that time, I will quickly dispose of the monster.”

“I see… it’s my first time  hearing about such a method being used by a curse expert. Well, since there is nothing to lose, let’s try it.”

“Roger that.”

So it’s become like this.


And then I, who entered the children’s room together with Junior,



First things first, I thrust my skull staff into Junior’s mouth.

“Nene-sama!? Are you killing him now!? Aren’t you becoming a private tutor and giving him lessons?”

“This is a very, very fun lesson you know! The last lesson!”

I quickly chant a spell and begin firing a massive amount of ball-shaped  vengeful spirits from the tip of the staff. It’s speed oriented necromancy magic which compresses vengeful spirits into small bullet like shapes.

“Gehohohohoho!? Gehohohohoho!?”

When the bullets of vengeful spirits pierce from the mouth to the back of his head, Junior leaked out a voice that’s unfitting  for an eight year old boy. I don’t even know if he was really eight years old or not.

I keep firing vengeful spirit bullets.

“Hora, hora, hora, show your true identity! You’ll die if you don’t!!”

“Stop it!!!”

Junior kicked my stomach and escaped to the corner of the room.

Although blood dripped from his mouth, his wounds quickly healed. And with glittering eyes, he glared at me.

“This… fucking low necromancer! What do you want by coming into my territory!!”

A low, hoarse voice escaped from a very, very cute Junior’s mouth.

Yuri Necromancer

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